$5000 A Week System Or Is 7 Figure Dream Life A Scam?

Is 7 Figure Dream Life A ScamThere are a lot promised in 7 Figure Dream Life that makes me ask, is 7 Figure Dream Life a scam?  Could there be such a system that can give you “the dream life”?

A system where everything is automated and you hardly have to work sure sounds like a dream life alright.  But, how many of these “systems” I’ve seen?  Too many.

When looking for ways to make money online you need to be very careful at what you’ll get because so many of these sites will give you false hopes just to get your dollar.

I know my honest review of 7 Figure Dream Life will show you the whole truth about this site:



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Program Name: 7 Figure Dream Life

Website: 7figuredreamlife.com

Price: $49

Owner: Jeff Lerner

Recommended? No.

The 7 Figure Dream Life program is really just a site with a sales video on it that tells you everything you want to hear.

From making hundreds of thousands a month, to buying fancy cars, to going on crazy vacations, to being able to buy whatever you want, this guy wants you to want that dream life bad.

So badly that you will fork over your $49 so they can get you to the next steps! (More on this later.)


7 Figure Dream Life Home Page sales video


I mean, how enticing is that sales video right?  You will be able to make thousands a week without doing a lot of work, you’ll get a personal coach, and you won’t have to close any sales.

This is the life you all want right?  And the internet is the answer of course!

Well, I’m here to tell you that this may sound all fine and dandy but the truth is there are many more aspects to this hidden program than he wants to reveal.

You are being lured by the sales video to just want such a life but he will not tell you at what cost or what it really takes to make that kind of money.

There are many sites like this that I’ve reviewed and here are just some of them:

This is why I can tell without a doubt there is no real “7 Figure Dream Life” system, this is just a sales video ad for a system that can put you into thousands of dollars in debt!

That is why they don’t give you all the details of the real program, or else you wouldn’t join otherwise.

So by telling you what you want to hear which is fast cash, in no time, and everything automated, he hopes you will gladly join blindly with your $47.

But once in, you’re in store for much more spending.




The sales video used in 7 Figure Dream Life is the pretty much the exact video seen in Laptop Lifestyle Secret I mentioned earlier plus many others.

It’s all from the same guy “Jeff Lerner”.

When I go to this 7 Figure Dream Life’s checkout page, it goes to the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle checkout page which shows “Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System“.  This is also fake.


Profit Countdown - Jeff's 6 Figure Business System


So that’s already two layers of deception.

I know this is also fake because it was revealed in my Profit Countdown review (mentioned & linked above) that these sites all lead to a very expensive program called Digital Altitude’s Aspire product line.


Aspire Today - Aspire Products


This is a high ticket program that makes you pay to play, meaning you must buy into the memberships and packages before you can promote them to make commissions on.

Their products look like this:

Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month

The high end products are one-time payment:

  1. Base – $595
  2. Rise – $1,997
  3. Ascend – $9,997
  4. Peak – $16,997
  5. Apex – $27,997

In order to make money from all the memberships, you need to be at the Climber level or else if you bring someone in that goes to the Climber you won’t get the commission for it and it’ll go up to the next sponsor above you that is at the Climber level.

This works the same for the high end products, if you want to earn commissions on all levels or don’t want to miss any commissions, you must invest more than $57K!  YUP.


7 Figure Dream Life Millionaire Mentor


This is also why they give you a coach or mentor, this person is in charge of making sure you upgrade and pay thousands of dollars before you even earn a dime.

You think they will coach you to make that money back?  They have other “sales to close”… you see how this works now?

Sure you can try to make those thousands of dollars in commissions from the one-page website they give you but you will probably fail because you’ll need expertise to use such a landing page to get thousands of leads to bring enough people in to also do the same thing as you.

Knowing how much this costs and how it will probably end up you losing thousands of dollars or get yourself into major debt, would you really recommend such a system to others?

I sure wouldn’t.

Sure Jeff says:

Start Earning $5,000 Per Week After Watching This Video…

But, it will take a long while before you’ll see commissions like that, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You won’t get much support from them after you paid your thousands either because they are pretty much done with you and have moved on to close some other sales.

The training you’ll get will be very basic too and you’ll be left to fend for yourself.

I never join just pay to play systems because it’s way too risky.  Unless you’re an internet marketer who’s been in this business for years with a large following or email list, you won’t be making much money from it.

This 7 Figure Dream Life says that as well at the bottom of the site in it’s disclaimer:

7 Figure Dream Life disclaimer


Of course, they make it very hard to read but it says in the red underline:

The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results.

The Aspire success rate is very low and most people end up losing thousands of dollars or left with debt they need to pay off for years to come.

I would not touch such a high risk program myself, but that’s just me.




As you can tell, I’m going to deem 7 Figure Dream Life a scam because it is exactly what it’s doing.  It’s scamming you under that name and scams you again under “Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System”.

None of it is telling you the truth about the system, what’s involved and how much this all really costs.

I’m sure you don’t normally buy things without knowing what you’re going to get or what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Looking for legitimate programs to use to make money online should be the same, you should know everything about the system before you buy and not blindly go into it.

As for Aspire, is it a scam?  Not exactly because you do get some training for your money and you can make money with it if you have the expertise but what kind of business is this if they tell their affiliates to bring in leads by misleading people like this?

A very unethical one and one I would not have anything to do with.

I highly do NOT recommend 7 Figure Dream Life (cuz it’s not a real program) or Aspire (cuz it’s risky, expensive, and unethical).




If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to make money online, there is a very real and much safer way to do this.

It’s a business model I’ve been using myself since Sept ’16 and I haven’t looked back nor gotten scammed since.

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There will be no lies, BS, or smoke blown in your face.  Just a real way to making money online that is sustainable in the long run.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, as there’s no such thing, so get ready to pull your sleeves up for some serious learning and putting in real work.

The real way of making money online, as ANY successful person can tell you, requires real work effort and time to build.  This making money on the internet is not magical and miracles don’t happen.

You learn a real business model that’s been proven to work for years now, apply what you learn, and go for gold!

Sky’s the limit if you can take this and run with it.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 7 Figure Dream Life is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

2 Responses to $5000 A Week System Or Is 7 Figure Dream Life A Scam?

  1. Matt December 1, 2017 at 3:13 am #

    How can one be sure that this is not, as well, a scam of its own? No accusations, or assumptions. Just curious, and cautious! Lol

    • Grace December 1, 2017 at 7:37 am #

      Hi Matt,

      Great question, I’m assuming you’re referring to my #1 recommendation. You will know it’s not a scam because if you read my free guide here, I explain in DETAIL how it works, what it is, and why it works. You will also learn where you can get started for FREE that includes training, business tools and support.

      So because you can try it out for free, YOU can find out yourself if it’s a scam with no cost to you, you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for free.

      I assure you, it’s the safest environment to learn, experts at your fingertips (along with my personal help), and a blueprint to making money online that actually works!

      Also, it’s something I’ve been using since Sep ’16 and can’t see myself not continuing for many years to come. 🙂

      So, you have nothing to lose but to check it out for free and if it’s not for you, you can just logout and forget about it.

      I hope this explains it for you. 🙂 I look forward to you on the inside!


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