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Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to be here! I’m embarking on a new journey and I hope you follow along as you can really see what it takes and how to make money online. I’m happily married with two young girls and a pug living in sunny Arizona. I used to be in accounting and climbed the corporate ladder with my CPA designation until my first child was born.

My career stopped right then and there as we decided it would be best for me to stay at home with our baby and not have a job just to pay for daycare. Our second child arrived not long after the first, 17 months exactly. 🙂 Boy, was I busy! Never thought I would survive being a mom of two under two, but guess what? Us mamas are the bomb and we fight through everything!

The benefits of staying at home was great: breastfeeding easily, napping with my babies, having time to make them baby food myself, and best of all is being there for all their firsts! I wouldn’t trade that for any high paying job.

The downside of being a stay-at-home mom is not being able to contribute financially. This one aspect bothered me since the day I quit my day job to stay home with our girls. I’ve always really wanted to contribute financially because money is always tight when you go from two incomes to one income plus two little kids’ expenses. It would be nice to go out for dinners with no worries or buy our girls a little extra here and there, and provide them with fun lessons.

What I’ve Been Doing Online So Far…

In 2012, I tried dabbling in a blog but I didn’t have patience to keep it up and I’m really bummed I didn’t because that blog would have turned into something pretty great by now if I had put in more time into it and kept it going. It was already starting to make passive income, though tiny, but my attention turned into the handmade world. I started two handmade online shops, Yummy Baby Gifts in 2013 which I’ve now closed and Jessica Dolls in 2015 which is still opened.  The two shops are still earning me money online (I’ve only marketed online), but they take way too much of my time and there’s only one of me.  The businesses are scale-able but very hard to do as I found out.  I’ll definitely keep them going for now as those are my little babies since I created them all on my own, but I want to also start Internet Marketing as well to add to my online portfolio.

Why I want an Internet Marketing Business?

I want an internet marketing business because I want to create passive income in the long run.  I want to do all the work upfront and reap the rewards in the near future for many years to come.  I want to be able to work from a laptop and work from anywhere I want (something you can’t do with a handmade business).  As well, I want to be able to run this part time and work only two hours a day on it.  Of course, in the beginning here, I’m working on this a lot more than two hours a day but in time, I will be able to do this in maintenance mode.

What’s in it for YOU?

You can learn along with me on how I’ll build my internet marketing business so you can also make money online and have passive income to enjoy in the future.  There is no fast, quick, or easy way to build an online presence but once you have it, you’ll reap the rewards!  I’ll show you things to do and not to do, things to avoid and things to dive into.  I’ll do all the research for you as I’ve been researching online for a few years now.  You will learn what works and what doesn’t which will cut your time down and be successful faster.  If you want to make money online, and want to see how it’s done, then follow along with me and subscribe here so you can keep updated with my posts!  You can also keep in touch with me at Wealthy Affiliate HERE!

Thank you for visiting!!

Let’s make money online!


Nov 3, 2016 UPDATE:

My pug of 13 years named Merlot passed away on October 30, 2016.  To read more about him, please see this post HERE.

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