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2015 13" MacBook Pro with case and lap desk

Working While On Vacation & New Writing Toy

Continuing from where I left off on my last rambling post…   WORK LIFE Work life continued while I was away on my week long mommy-only vacation because I started a writing schedule which allowed me to schedule my posts out! It was very busy before I left but damn, how awesome it was to be […]

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Playa Del Carmen

Am I Not A Rambler?

I had reserved a little category for myself called “My Ramblings” and thought I would be writing about my thoughts or whatever is on my mind.  However, it seems I’ve only rambled twice in my 4.5 month old blog!  LOL  So much for me rambling?! Well, I want to change that a bit today and […]

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Merlot, My Pug

RIP Merlot

I was debating to whether to write about this on here as it has nothing to do with its niche.  This blog is a part of me and I am a real human behind it, so I think if you’re going to follow me to learn about how to make money online, you will sometimes hear […]

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My Beginning

Super excited to start my adventures in the internet marketing business!!  I have to admit I tried dabbling in this before and had little success but this time, I have much more knowledge and am DETERMINED to make $5,000/month from making money online!!  Will you join me and follow along? I hope you will because you […]

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