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2015 13" MacBook Pro with case and lap desk

Working While On Vacation & New Writing Toy

Continuing from where I left off on¬†my last rambling post…   WORK LIFE Work life continued while I was away on my week long mommy-only vacation because I started a writing schedule which allowed me to schedule my posts out! It was very busy before I left but damn, how awesome it was to be […]

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Playa Del Carmen

Am I Not A Rambler?

I had reserved a little category for myself called “My Ramblings” and thought I would be writing about my thoughts or whatever is on my mind. ¬†However, it seems I’ve only rambled twice in my 4.5 month old blog! ¬†LOL ¬†So much for me rambling?! Well, I want to change that a bit today and […]

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Merlot, My Pug

RIP Merlot

I was debating to whether to write about this on here¬†as it has nothing to do with its niche. ¬†This blog is a part of me and I am a real human behind it, so I think if you’re going to follow me to learn about how to make money online, you will sometimes hear […]

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My Beginning

Super excited to start my adventures in the internet marketing business!! ¬†I have to admit I tried dabbling in this before and had little success but this time, I have much more knowledge and am¬†DETERMINED to make $5,000/month from making money online!! ¬†Will you join me and follow along? I hope you will because you […]

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