Internet Millionaire Coach Review: Scam Or $82K/Month?

Is Internet Millionaire Coach a scam?Wow, Internet Millionaire Coach sounds awesome right to make you a millionaire?  Or is Internet Millionaire Coach a scam really? My review will show you the truth!

Sites like this always tempt you with ridiculous income hype that you’ll be making in your first year on autopilot.

They show you the high commissions you can make but really they don’t tell you the hardest part of the whole system or what’s really involved.

That’s why my review needs to show you the truth so you can make a better decision for yourself.

In my Internet Millionaire Coach review, I will go through the following:



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Product Name: Internet Millionaire Coach


Price: $49 + Thousands of Upsells

Owner: Jeff Lerner

Recommended? NO.

This Jeff Lerner guy makes a lot of sites like this and that all do the same thing, and in fact, the video is mostly the same except for the intro but the rest of it it’s the same sob story.


Internet Millionaire Coach Home page sales video


How he was flat broke in tons of debt and now he’s found this magic system that makes him thousands of dollars on the daily.

He claims that this system will just dump massive commissions into your bank account and all on autopilot.

You won’t need to do much work because the whole system is automated and you’ll be making sales without closing a damn sale.

Sure sounds enticing and most people would jump at such a shiny opportunity but don’t be fooled as you’ll be really taken for your money.

You see, there isn’t an Internet Millionaire Coach system, in fact, this site is just a cover up for a very risky company that can get you into tons of debt like one of my readers did here.

So if you’re not careful, you can be in the same situation but I’m hopeful for you because you’re here reading my review.

This Jeff Lerner guy has tons of sites like this, just look at the other ones I’ve reviewed:

They all tell you how you can make thousands of dollars in your first week even which is a total lie because you will need a week just to absorb all the training, at the very least.

Sites like these are just there to lure you with fancy cars, fancy houses, and makes you want that lifestyle where money just flows to you in the thousands.


Internet Millionaire Coach makes you want to be a millionaire


It claims it can even make you a millionaire but you have to make over $82K a month to be a millionaire and I highly doubt you can do that in your first year that the sales video pitches, especially with only 4 hours of work per week!

Let’s get rid of all the BS and take a closer look at the real system.




Awhile back, when I reviewed Profit Countdown as mentioned above, I found out that Profit Countdown wasn’t really Profit Countdown.

Their checkout page went to Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle’s checkout page which shows Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System but again, it’s not really Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System either.


Lifestyle Design International - Profit Countdown's checkout page


It’s a cover up under a cover up.  You see, the Profit Countdown site had an income disclaimer that goes to Aspire’s income disclaimer which is the real program all these fake sites lead to.


Laptop Lifestyle Secret Aspire earnings disclosure


Jeff has since learned that was a leak he doesn’t want anymore so the more recent sites like Internet Millionaire Coach and Laptop Lifestyle Secret doesn’t have Aspire’s income disclaimer anymore but their own.

However, those sites still all go to the checkout page of Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, which tells me it’s still going to the Aspire program.



The Digital Altitude’s Aspire program is one of the high ticket programs out there that requires you to pay to play.

Meaning you’re required to buy the products you want to promote which are products that Aspire has ready for you to sell.

You cannot make any commissions on these unless you’ve bought into that level.

Here is a list of the memberships you need plus the high ticket packages:

Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month

High ticket packages that costs you thousands of dollars:

  • Base – $595
  • Rise – $1,997
  • Ascend – $9,997
  • Peak – $16,997
  • Apex – $27,997

Theefore, if you are a Walker, you cannot make commissions on a referral you brought in who upgrades to Climber.  That commission will go up to a sponsor above you who is at the Climber level.


Internet Millionaire Coach High Commissions


Sales goes for the high ticket packages, you will need to buy and pay thousands of dollars, up to over $57K, if you want to earn those big commissions from all levels.

That’s the only way you can make those high commissions that they talk about in the sales video.

It is true that you will get a coach but I highly doubt that person is a millionaire but the purpose of that person is to get you to upgrade and fork out as much money as possible.


Simple Profit Secret Millionaire mentor


This coach is basically the sales team of the sponsor that brought you into the Aspire program, so that’s also true that you don’t have to close any sales yourself because these guys will do it.

So what’s left for you to do?  Bring in leads.

The hardest part of the program is getting other people to come into a program that takes thousands of dollars out of you!

That is why they need to trick you under layers of lies to get you into this program blindly or else you would never join in the first place if they actually told you the real program’s name and how much it actually costs to make any money from this system.

Oh yeah, also, this hardest part of getting leads is NOT automated.  You will have to put in some work if you know what you’re doing but most people don’t because their training is very basic.

You would need to be an expert internet marketer with a huge following to make any of those commissions that they talk about.

Most average people that join the Aspire end up with lost savings or get themselves into huge amounts of debt without any way of making that money back.

This system is definitely NOT as easy as they make it sound and Aspire (& other high ticket programs like this) has a very low success rate.




Yes, any site that doesn’t reveal the truth is a scam to me so Internet Millionaire Coach is a scam as there is no such system by that name.

Also, there’s no such thing as Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System either.

It’s all fake to lure you into a program that takes thousands of dollars from you instead of helping you make thousands of dollars.


Internet Millionaire Coach 4 hours a week BS


You think working 4 hours a week can make you a millionaire?  Think again.

These are all lies that they say so you will feel this is easy and will fork over your $49 to get you in the door and get all your personal info.

Once they have your number, they will keep calling you to get you to upgrade and give them your money.

I do NOT recommend any of this!




There is a much better alternative if you still want to learn how to make money online without putting up thousands of dollars.

In fact, you can start to learn the business model I use for FREE so you can check it out fully to see if you really like it.

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It’s a real, proven way that will help you build an asset that will be sustainable for the long term and can literally pay your bills for many years to come

You will have a safe place to learn without worrying about being scammed.

Just know that this is a real online business you can start and it’s not some magic system that will spit money out at your bank account which really does NOT exist.

Therefore, if you want to really earn some life changing amount of money, you will have to put some real work effort into it to build it to the level of success you’re looking for.

Stop getting scammed today and start something real!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Internet Millionaire Coach is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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