Is Limu A Scam Or Will You Be Driving A Brand New BMW?

Is Limu A ScamThere’s been some buzz about Limu and how you can make money from it but is this opportunity worth your time?  Is Limu a scam or your ticket to a brand new BMW?

The Limu website and their page for this business opportunity is very vibrant and attractive.  A lot more modern and professional looking than most MLM companies I’ve reviewed previously like Life Force.

They seem to promise a lot so I thought I’d write this review to go over what Limu is all about and if this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

In my Limu review below, you’ll find the following:



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Limu LogoProgram Name: Limu


Price: $500 – $1,000

Owner: Gary J. Raser

Recommended?  No

Founded in 2004, Limu prides itself on the products they bring to the market that are based on a nutrient called Fucoidan which is found in brown seaweed.

I don’t know if the seaweed I eat is the same kind but I love it and it’s in my regular diet since I love sushi and stock seaweed at home.

But enough about me…. Lol


Limu Home Page


Limu uses Fucoidan to make their products which promotes the following in people’s health:

  • Good for immune system
  • Help with joints
  • Gain lots of energy
  • Better sleep
  • Skin smoothness and softness
  • Promotes healthy blood cholesterol
  • Allergy relief

So as you can see, there are quite a lot of health benefits to this Facoidan and as a supplement, it’s been very popular as I’ve seen on the market.


Using this “super nutrient”, they have come up with three products:

  1. LIMU ORIGINAL® – They call this the “liquid gold” as it contains Fucoidan-rich anti-inflammatory & anti-viral nutrients.  A drink that is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals with a flavorful blend of organic fruits.  Take a 2 oz shot once or twice a day and you should feel the difference in your health they say.
  2. BLU FROG® & BLU FROG 2® – These are more drinks that are by the can that can be carried around with you.  Each contains a 2 oz shot of Limu Original® plus vitamin B, other nutrients, and caffeine for extra energy boost.  The difference between the two is that the #2 has less calories and more caffeine.
  3. LIMU LEAN® Protein Shake Mix – A shake for weight loss and weight management which includes also Fucoidan.  If you want to curb your appetite, accelerate weight loss and reduce body fat by enhancing your body’s burn potential in a ready-to-drink form, they have Limu Burn as well.

I guess they are keeping it simple with their 3 products essentially which is very similar to another MLM I just reviewed called Rain International which is also in the health products industry.

But, what’s more concerning about these products that Limu has is that they are very expensive.  A 1 litre bottle of the Limu Original costs over $50 from what I’ve seen.

Limu’s products are only sold by people who join their business opportunity and you cannot find these in stores.

If you do find it in stores, they are sold by their members (aka distributors, promoters, etc) on those stores and not Limu themselves.

So because they are selling their products through their promoters, they have a very in-depth compensation plan for those who join.

You will be able to make money from selling their products or recruiting others into the program.  This is what is called a multi-level marketing company when you can make commissions from your recruits’ sales and activities.

Let me now go more into how you make money in this system.


Limu Perks




As I was saying you can make money by either selling their products are recruit others so you can make money from their sales.

You can make money with their compensation plan in 13 ways:

  1. Customer Commissions
  2. 3 for Free Product
  3. Fast Track Bonus
  4. 2K VIP Bonus
  5. First Order Bonus
  6. Limu BMW Club Bonus
  7. Cash Bonuses
  8. Leader Development Bonus
  9. 100K Leader Pool
  10. 500K Leader Pool
  11. Reward Trips
  12. Level Bonus
  13. Lifetime Cash Bonus

I won’t be going through every single way of earning money on this plan since I have already linked all the details above but I will go through the main ones I find important for you to know.


Selling To Customers

You will earn 20% of all sales you make selling their products to customers and it doesn’t matter if that customer referred you more customers, you will still earn 20%.

If you have downlines (people you’ve recruited), you can earn 5% of their sales to customers and that accounts for 4 tiers down.


Three For Free

Not that you can buy anything with products but you can get 100 PV (personal volume) towards your Autoship order of the following month if your current month has 3 customers who have spent 100 PV each.

Of course, you need to be on Autoship in order to qualify.  Autoship is an automated order program that will charge and send you products every month whether you sell them or not.


The Money Is In The Recruiting

As I continue to look through their compensation plan, I see that there are way more benefits in recruiting than in selling their products.

There are also 13 Rank Levels you can qualify for and as you move up the ranks, the more money you will make.

The potential for big payouts are in building your team, having them buy the Fast Track packages initially, and getting your team to also grow their teams.

From #3 – #13 above, you’ll be making commissions from bringing people into the system and will be earning from them through various ways (their purchases, their sales, their Fast Track Packages, etc).

Ultimately, you move up the ranks as you increase your PV each month individually and as a team which means you and your team will have to buy products constantly.


Limu BMW Club


One of the big perks as you move up the ranks is when you hit 20K level, you will receive a Limu BMW Club Bonus where they will give you $600 a month towards your purchase or lease of a brand new black BMW.

As well, you will get major payouts called Cash Bonus in the amounts of $10K – $250K for the seven highest Rank Levels if you can maintain them which is paid monthly.

They also have Level Bonus where you can earn long term income from the your downlines.  As you move up in rank here, you will earn more from your downlines.

So when you first join, you get 5% of Level 1 (people you bring in), when you reach 1K Rank, you will earn 5% of Level 1 & Level 2 (Level 2 would be the recruits of Level 1), and by the time you reach up to 100K Rank & higher, you can earn from 8 Levels deep.

As you can see, there are lots of money to be made in this program and the potential is there to earn an amazing amount of money each year.

But, how long will it take you to grow your team that big that you can make some of those big bucks?

Most will never reach past the first rank level because they are not able to reach the level of recruiting that it takes to grow such sales levels and with the pricing of their products so high, it’ll be hard to sell these products as well.




With everything that I’ve researched, I will have to say no, Limu is NOT a scam.  They are a legitimate MLM business with products to sell and a system to make money from sales and recruiting.

A scam would be like a pyramid scheme where there are no products to be sold to the general public and you are just recruiting.

Although Limu has a very lucrative program, I still do NOT recommend this to you because of the following:

  • Heavy initial investment of $500 – $1000.  If you don’t buy those Fast Track Packages, you won’t receive any of the bonuses that require this.
  • You have to buy products every month (need to be on Autoship) whether you’re able to sell your inventory or not.
  • Their products are extremely expensive for what they are… I can understand paying a premium price for nutrition-rich drinks but over $50 per 1 litre bottle of juice is too much and it’ll be hard for you to sell.
  • To earn an income you can depend on, you will have to do a lot of recruiting as that is where the money is.  Most people will fail at this part because you would have to do massive recruiting to reach those higher Rank Levels and people usually run out of people to recruit.
  • You can only work for with one company, one group of products, therefore, you better like this company before you join.

People in MLMs usually don’t end up doing that well because the people who got in early are the ones that are the few at the top of a pyramid structure that doesn’t benefit the people on the bottom which is where most people are at.

Also, most people find that they are stuck with piles of inventory because they are forced to buy so much of it every single month to stay “active”.

There are better business models these days to use than a MLM business model which will benefit you way better.  Check out the next section.




With the birth of the internet, there are many other ways that are better than getting involved with a MLM company which I find is never a good business idea, at least for the members at the bottom of the structure.

One of the ways I love using to make money online is using a business model that doesn’t require me to recruit a single person or buy any darn products.

It’s a business model that I’ve properly learned to use in Sep ’16 and I haven’t looked back since I’m making a living online with it.

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This business model will use the power of the internet to make you money and you won’t need to sell anything, you’ll be helping others instead.

You can’t beat that!  Helping & caring for others will eventually get you an online income you can depend on.

As well, you won’t need to just work with one company, you can work with as many companies you wish, so never mind if one product is too expensive, you can find others to balance it out.

This is a business model that you must check out because I really love it and the potential is huge!

Stop joining MLMs and start building your own online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Limu is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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