Is Two Dollar Click A Scam Or Easy $1K In Your Pocket?

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is Two Dollar Click a scam or could you earn $2 per click?If you have come across Two Dollar Click and think you can make some easy money, think again.  I bet you’re here because you’re wondering if Two Dollar Click is really a scam and I’m glad you are here.

I will show you in my review of Two Dollar Click below that this is a site where the money only flows one way, and that one way is not to your advantage.

When things seem too easy and too good to be true, it usually is so I will show you what I mean.

Below, my review of Two Dollar Click will show you:



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Two Dollar Click Logo


PTC Site: Two Dollar Click


Price: Free + Other fees

Owner: Jordan Welsh

Recommended? No

People usually go to these sites called PTC (paid to click) to make some quick easy money but usually the money is not very good, meaning on average you earn about $0.001 – $0.02 per click and usually on the lower end.

So to have come across this site called Two Dollar Click, one could be very excited to earn $2 for every click which is way above average.


Two Dollar Click Home Page


How you earn money on this site is by clicking on advertisements and watching it for however many seconds it says for you to earn the rate specified.

You may earn $2 for clicking on an ad that requires you to watch it for 30 seconds, for example.


Two Dollar Click PTC ads


Another way to earn is by referring others to the site which could earn you 10-200% in referral earnings.

You can cash out when your balance hits $1,000 which seems quite high but you are also earning $2 per click so that’s just 500 clicks which is not that much to achieve.

Sounds simple and easy for anyone to do this.

On the flip side, you have people who may own businesses or websites that they want to get traffic on so someone like that can advertise on this site.

Business owners can buy ads for as little as $2.50 for 25,000 views for banner ads and $5 for 1,000 link ad hits.


Two Dollar Click Pay To Advertise


Two Dollar Click must be getting a lot of advertising dollars to be able to pay out $2 per click!

Or maybe there’s something else up their sleeves?




If you really think you can earn $2 per click on this Two Dollar Click site, you have another thing coming!

The owner of Two Dollar Click is Jordan Welsh, which is probably an alias, has been involved with other scam sites Six Dollar Clicks, Ten Dollar Clicks, NeoDollar, Bux Inc and maybe more so you know where I’m going with this.

Two Dollar Click Site Stats are FakeEarlier, I said the money only flows one way which is the money flows to the real owners of this site only and these guys NEVER pay out.

They get revenue from business owners who want to advertise on their site, but these guys never pay out to the people who are clicking on the ads.

The internet is plagued with complaints about them never paying out and all the stats on their site are fake including their payout schedule found at the bottom left of their site.

You could reach your $1,000 limit and when you try to cash out, they make you wait 60 days.

After waiting, then they will try to get you to upgrade your membership and make YOU PAY.

Even after upgrading, you will still not receive any payment because these guys never had any intention to pay out anything.

This site lures you into thinking you can earn a lot of money very easily by just clicking on ads but if you think about it, why would they pay $2 when their advertising revenue is only fractions of a penny per click?

Does that even make any sense why they would even have this kind of business model?  They would lose their shirts off paying out that high.

Like I said earlier, legitimate PTC sites only pay a fraction of a penny to, if you’re lucky, 2 cents, so having this site to say you get $2 per click is just ridiculous.

Also, to have $1,000 pay out limit is unheard of too.

With so many red flags, I wouldn’t touch this site with a ten foot pole!


Here are some real complaints I’ve found on other review sites (source: &

Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies


Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies 6


Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies 5


Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies 4


Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies 3


Two Dollar Click Real Testimonies 2




Absolutely Two Dollar Click is a scam because they are just wasting your time clicking away for nothing, you are NEVER going to get paid and they have never paid out.

It’s amazing this site is still up and running for so many years, there should really be some sort of regulation that needs to happen in this making money online area as there are so many scams around.

Forget about clicking for ads, especially on Two Dollar Click, stay away from it.

Even on legitimate sites like Swagbucks, you’re really wasting your time on these types of ways to make money online.

You are better off learning a new skill and build your own online business which I’ll talk about in the next section.

As for Two Dollar Click, I highly do NOT recommend it and hope you will stay away from it.




The best way to make money online is building an online business which maybe most people won’t do because they think it’s way over their head or that would require too much work.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Two Dollar Click is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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