My Review: Is Best Easy Work A Scam Or Easy $500+ Days?

Is Best Easy Work A Scam Or Easy $500 Days?It’s so tempting to get caught up with sales pages like the one on Best Easy Work because you really want those $500 days but is Best Easy Work a scam really or could this really work?

I dove into this program to see if this is any better than what I do and what I recommend so I did my research and have come up with my full review below.

This is written with you in mind to see if you can benefit from using this program or if this will just be wasting your time.

My Best Easy Work review will show you the following:



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Best Easy Work Logo


Program Name: Best Easy Work


Price: Free – $16,000+

Owner: Martin Ruiz

Recommended? NO

When you get to the Best Easy Work site, you are greeted by big cheesy flashing ads about how you can make $500 days easily without doing much work.

Even says $1,200 days up at the very top which is quite bold statements along with things being automated and having calls answered for you.


Best Easy Work Sales Home Page


Comes with free automated websites and instant setups, geez, why wouldn’t I sign up right?  It’s free too right?

Yes sure it’s free but you won’t make much money with free membership so that’s why they have other options for you.

Before I go into those membership options, what does this program really entail besides the memberships?

A product or a service?



You won’t be selling or promoting a damn thing but the membership to this “club” basically.

Which kind of puts this business into a category of MLM, or worse, a pyramid scheme.

Without a retail component, this business model is screaming to be shut down and it will fail as soon as the recruiting fizzles out and stops.

This Best Easy Work is no different from other membership sites like High Ticket Income System or Easy 1 Up that I recently reviewed.

That’s why this owner Martin Ruiz is connected to many other Ponzi scams previously and no wonder this Best Easy Work follows his other failed ventures.

I could tell this review is not going to be heading in the right direction for Best Easy Work but let’s see how this really works first.




On your initial sign up, after giving your name, email, and phone number, you are led to the next page that looks like the sales page with all the big flashing words everywhere and looks like another sales page.

I get a little confused about this page because it’s telling me join and sign up but I thought I just did sign up… I already provided my personal info (though fake).


Best Easy Work 2nd sales page


So this second page is still selling to me to join this program which I find extremely annoying.

I come to a part where they talk about the 1 Up plan that other programs use and how theirs is going to be different because you can earn something called overrides from each of your members, forever.


Best Easy Work Override program


Sounds exciting, but I still don’t know what this all means, then I come to the compensation plan.

To make money with this program you must recruit others to do the same thing you’re doing and the higher the membership option you have, the more you will earn.

There are essentially 11 levels you can join at:

  • FREE Option – you can join for free but you do not earn anything until you get a paid member recruited which pays $25 for each paid member you bring in, no overrides or anything else.
  • Option 1 — Cost $88 and pays a $50 commission plus no overrides.
  • Option 2 — Cost $188 and pays a $120 commission plus $30 overrides for each $188+ sign up.
  • Option 3 — Cost $288 and pays a $200 commission plus $30 overrides for each $188+ sign up.
  • Option 4 — Cost $500 and pays a $350 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 5 — Cost $1,000 and pays a $750 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 6 — Cost $1,500 and pays a $1,200 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 7 — Cost $2,000 and pays a $1600 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 8 — Cost $2,500 and pays a $2,000 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 9 — Cost $3,500 and pays a $2,900 commission plus $50 overrides for each $500+ sign up.
  • Option 10 — Cost $5,000 and pays a $4,000 commission plus $100 overrides for each $5,000+ sign up.

At the end of this sales page, you’re instructed to log in and so I do.

Then I finally get to the back end where you will send up for one of these options and fill out this form with details about you and how you want to get paid.

You only get paid two ways, by direct deposit or by manual check.

If you want to make money on levels 1 – 10, you need to BUY into that level.

You cannot promote Option 10 to earn $4,000 if you haven’t paid the $5,000 for it, also you must buy in at all levels if you want to earn from each level.

So if you don’t want to miss any opportunities of making money from your referrals upgrading to a level you’re not in, you will have to invest a total of $16,564 for all levels!

That’s a big chunk of money that you can put down on a house instead!

Is this the best way to make money online?

I think not.

As well, I don’t think the free websites and the techniques they show you how to market this system is viable.

You will to invest more money into these static free sites because search engines will not be ranking them so you’ll need to pay for these kinds of sites to be seen by anyone.

How would you even promote this membership?  Membership to what?

“Come join this thing of nothing and pay thousands of dollars to strangers in exchange for nothing?”

Who would join such a system to pay such high amounts to join a nothing club?

But oh, there is a free option to just bring people in, and if they pay for one of the options then you’ll get $25 for each of those.

Without a retail product or service, you will have a hard time promoting this to anyone as it has no value.




Some people may think this Best Easy Work is not a scam but without any retail products or services to sell, this is essentially a pyramid schemes, which I call a scam.

In FTC’s eyes this is illegal, it’s only a matter of time this will shut down and Ruiz will come up with another scheme.

I know this program will not work for you because:

  1. It’s not sustainable in the long term because you will soon run out of people to bug to join this membership and then you’ll have to fork out more money to buy advertising, and then you’ll run out of funds to buy more advertising because you’re not promoting anything of value so your ads don’t covert well.
  2. Any free methods you’ll use to promote this will not convert because all they see is a spammy sales page with cheesy, flashy words in your face that can’t be trusted.
  3. No one will want to just join a membership for no purpose and of no value.
  4. Passing money around is not a way to do business and it’s highly unethical.

The Best Easy Work program will not make you $500 days, $1,200 days, or up to $4,000 as they claim on their sales page.

You’re better off learning a real way of making money online that provides value and help to others.  I’ll show you how below!

Because of all the above, I highly do NOT recommend Best Easy Work to anyone who wants to earn money online.




Don’t waste your time and money on scams that won’t last.

You need to be building something that will be long term and that can make you money for years to come.

That’s the only way you’ll get out of the rat race and work from home for yourself for good.

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This business can be built with any topic of your choice that you can enjoy working on day in and day out.

This is how you will build a real online future and stop being scammed for good!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Best Easy Work is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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