5 Essential Tips on How to Find an Affiliate Marketing Niche

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5 Essential Tips on How to Find an Affiliate Marketing NicheLearning how to find an affiliate marketing niche is one of the essential steps you must take before you can start your own affiliate marketing business.

Choosing your niche can make or break your business. Some oversee this step, but make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Your niche is really important for the success of your online business, so you must invest time in determining which you’ll go with.

There are some niches that can be very easy to make money in and there are some that are really hard to break into.

To make it a bit easier for you, I’ve come up with some awesome tips on how you can find the best affiliate marketing niche.



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This video shows you more details on HOW to choose your niche while the rest of the article below are tips you should consider while you’re doing your niche search.

I hope you will enjoy this video and will find it easier to choose a profitable niche for your affiliate marketing business.


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Top 5 Tips On How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche

#1 Discover What You Love and Find a Way to Earn From It

When determining your niche, the first thing you must consider are the things you love or interest you, like a hobby, profession, or expertise.

When you have worked on that, do some research around and take note the websites that relate to that niche.

Make a bullet list of these websites and include the things you love and hate about them. Next, identify at least three common problems people deal within that niche.


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Once you have done this, it’s time you search for affiliate programs that could cater to those problems. Also take note of the companies you’re going to partner with.

Completing the tasks mentioned above will likely take you several hours or even up to a day. If it’s taking a lot of your time, it’s still not a reason to rush things.

It’s important that after you’re done with everything, you must have a full understanding of your niche but you don’t need to start as an expert in your niche at all.

You just have to love it enough to know how to research about it and in time, you will become an expert in your niche through your experience with building your online business.

Once you have a better idea about your niche, you’ll know what to do with your website, what type of content you’re going to make, and ultimately, how you can make money through affiliate marketing.


#2 Go With a Niche That Has Live Events, Courses, and eBooks

Choosing a niche will involve a lot of elements. Going for something you’re interested in may not be enough for your affiliate marketing business to thrive. It should also be profitable.

If something you love is in-demand, that would really be great! But, if it’s not, then you have to consider other options.

When choosing your niche, you must ask yourself the following questions:

“Are you willing to create content for this topic for a long time?”

You should be able to picture yourself working with this topic for a really long time.

Affiliate marketing is a lot like other online businesses, it could take some time to see results and so working on a niche that you like is very important.

It would hurt if you have to start all over again because you’ve realized you don’t want your niche anymore.


“What affiliate products can you sell in this niche?”

A good niche must have a variety of products you can sell. When choosing affiliate programs, you must also be creative.

You don’t really have to stick to products that best represent your niche. You can also choose others that are related.

When choosing physical products to promote, you will find that the percentage of these commissions are going to be on the lower end so picking products with a higher price point around $100 – $300 is best.

If you can find something where there are live events, ebooks, software, or courses involved, then that would really be great. These products often pay up to 50% of commissions, meaning you can make a lot more for each sale.

Also look for membership sites that offer recurring commissions, these are the best ones to go for as you can really build a passive income stream from it.


Problems & Solutions


“How is the competition?”

The presence of competition is a good indication that the niche is profitable. But, if you are competing with major companies, it might be difficult for you to market your affiliate products.

A good competition is always a positive sign, but if it’s too crowded already, there might no longer be room for you.

So, choose something that has some competition, but not too much that you have to compete with multi-million dollar companies.

A high competition niche is great to go in still because you’ll always be able to make money in such a niche, especially in pockets of sub-niches.

However, the only thing about going into high competitive niches is that it will take more work and longer to see results but once you do breakthrough, it’s going to be very happy for you.


#3 Check Google Trends and Affiliate Networks

The best way on how to find an affiliate marketing niche is always through research. Another way to determine your niche is by checking affiliate networks and Google trends.

Check out the different affiliate programs and see what categories they have. You can prioritize those that you have knowledge and experience since it will be easier to market something you know.

Make a list of these topics since you’re going to search them on Google after. First, check the search volume and competition of these topics through Google search results.

You can determine here if the niche is in-demand or not. Then, use Google Adwords Keyword Planner so you’ll know which keywords people are using when searching for that niche.


#4 Ask Yourself What You Can Offer to Your Audience

Finding the right niche for you also works when you can determine how you can help other people.

Think about what you can offer them that others can’t or something you’re better at compared to your competitors.

Why should people visit your website? What vital information can you offer them that they’ll have a hard time finding somewhere else?

You must take this seriously and don’t choose a random niche just because it’s “in.” Be wary of your audience’s needs and concerns. Find out how you can help them and everything will follow.


#5 Consider Micro Niches to Get More Traffic

A micro niche is a specific area of a niche that can target a more narrow audience. Having three or more micro niches related to your niche means you can target more people precisely.

It also means that in case one micro niche fails, you still have the other two to support you, and keep your business going until you can fix the problem.


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For example, if you’re going for the hairstyle niche, you can have micro niches, like hair extensions, hair colors, and hair wigs.

The hairstyle niche is quite broad, so having micro niches will make it easier to target a specific audience and convert them to customers.

This will also allow you to join different affiliate programs. You can promote different affiliate products on your website.

For example, you can promote hair care products, different types of hair extensions, and brands of hair dyes.

You just have to be careful that these products don’t serve the same purpose, otherwise people will get confused and might end up not buying anything at all.



What Happens After You Have A Niche?

Now you have seen my tips on how to find an affiliate marketing niche that will best suit you and if you have settled on one niche, then what?

Next steps would be to figure out how you’re going to build this affiliate marketing business which includes getting a blog website, creating content, using keywords, adding affiliate products, and then ultimately, making money.

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