5 Proven Ways on How to Advertise Affiliate Links for Free

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How to Advertise Affiliate Links for FreeIf you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s most likely that you’re looking for effective strategies on how to advertise affiliate links for free.

There are multiple ways you can get free traffic to your affiliate links but building free traffic is going to be a lot slower than paid traffic because you will need time to build it.

Building free traffic takes time and patience, most people don’t want to do this, but it’s actually one of the best things for you to have in your online business.

If you’re in this affiliate marketing business for the long haul, it’s definitely advisable to invest your time into building a free traffic source for yourself so you don’t always have to depend on paid traffic.

The best is to have a mix of both but you should be building your free traffic first and then invest your earnings into paid traffic.

If you start with paid traffic, you’ll always be paying.

Today’s your day as I will share with you how to get those affiliate links up and running without spending a single penny!



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I have used all of these traffic methods and they all work but some work better than others so you need to see what will work for you depending on your niche or product you’re promoting.

Check out my video on more free traffic sources:



Here are the 5 ways that you should consider when building free traffic:

1. Facebook

Before we go any further, let’s clarify this first, “Is it effective to post affiliate links on Facebook?”

Some are hesitant to use this approach as many have tried and Facebook marked theirs as spam.

First of all, yes it’s very effective to use Facebook as your medium for your affiliate marketing business when used properly.

Second, those that were marked as spam did not follow the platform’s regulations (although truthfully, Facebook does block certain sites).

With these being said, as long as you follow and understand their conditions when it comes how to promote things, then Facebook is really effective in getting your products out in the open.


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Facebook Profile

On your personal profile, you can promote your affiliate links in both ways – directly and indirectly. The direct approach is simply being straightforward.

For example, you’re going to share a post that you recently purchased – i.e., back support. You strongly recommend it so you include your affiliate link.

Meanwhile, the indirect approach is not being too obvious. For example, you’re going to make a post about the “Best Ways to Correct Your Posture” and you include the link that leads to your website/blog.

Both are really useful, depending on your purpose. The direct approach is recommended when you’re offering free trials and products.

The indirect approach is useful if you want to get more traffic to your site and provide further information to your readers.

Why you want links on your profile is because you’re going to use your profile to be helping others in your niche on Facebook.

When you genuinely help people a lot, they will check you out to see what you’re about and will go on your profile.

Once they’re on your profile and see links, they will click on it to see what you’re up to.


Facebook Pages

If you have a Facebook Page, you can also advertise your affiliate links here for free. Although Facebook allows you to post these links on your Fan Page, no one is going to see them unless you pay, so I wouldn’t use this too much.

This is just good to have because your online business should have a Facebook Page even though we know we can’t get any free traffic from it, but you never know.


Facebook Groups

Facebook GroupsBeing active in Facebook groups is a great, very effective way of how to advertise affiliate links for free because your core audience is nicely organized in these groups.

The first thing you need to do is to find active Facebook groups that relate to your niche. Join groups that are big and active, you’ll be able to see how many posts are posted per day.

When joining the groups, you want to watch out for posting rules so you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what you’re allowed and not allowed to do in these groups.

Once you become a member, take a look around and learn from them. After that, be active as well. Participate in discussions and provide helpful tips and pieces of advice.

Once you have established authority, only by then should you promote your links (if groups allow it) or you just continue helping people.

If you start promoting right away, it’s unlikely that people will trust you and won’t bother clicking your links.

Like I said earlier, people will check out your profile if you continue to help people in groups like that so you don’t need to actively promote inside the groups.

Being inside the groups is just to help others who are asking questions in there and giving them answers that either you already know or just look up for them on Google.

You are there to be seen as an “authority” in your space so that they will view your profile or privately message you for more info on what you do.

This is how you’ll get tons of highly warmed up leads going into your email list, website, and/or sales funnel.


2. YouTube

There is no doubt that Youtube is one of the largest social media platforms today. This is why it’s also effective to promote your affiliate links here which is still very much allowed as of this writing.

Create informative videos that people will be tempted to share. YouTube is still wide opened and getting yourself setup with a channel will only do you good for your online business.




Continue sharing these videos and share them as well to your blog and other social media accounts. If they are valuable, people will share them and look in your video description for your links.

There are three types of video you should consider for your campaign: education, engagement, and awareness.

With these considered, it’s a good idea to create vlogs, how-to/ tutorial videos, interviews, behind the scenes, product reviews, product comparisons, live talks, and announcements.

These types of videos usually get more traffic faster.


3. Pinterest

If you didn’t know yet, Pinterest now allows their pinners to insert their affiliate links directly on their pins.

This is really useful, especially for those who don’t have a blog. Pinterest has more than 200 million users, which gives your pins great chances of getting high traffic.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then starting here is really a good idea. It’s completely free and easy.

You will simply add your affiliate links to your pins. Just make sure you use high-quality pictures and provide a brief, yet valuable caption.

Also, make sure you filled out your profile with your link there too.


4. Instagram

Just like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is a giant social media platform.

Almost everyone has an Instagram account, which is why many marketers are using this network to promote their products.



Since Instagram allows marketers to post their affiliate links without that much restrictions, the best place to put your link is in your Bio.

To get your posts noticed, upload high-quality photos that relate to your niche and use the appropriate hashtags.

You’ll need to build a following so that means you’ll need to engage to get engagement back which means follow others, like and comment on their posts too.

The more you do that, the more you get back.

Slowly but surely you can increase your Instagram followers in a steady growth trend.  Check this post for more info on how to grow your followers on Instagram.


5. Blogging – My #1 Choice

As an affiliate marketer, I can attest that the most effective way to advertise your affiliate links for free is through blogging.

Sure, you can start your campaign without a website, but if you want to thrive in this business and earn an impressive income, you need to have your own blog.

Your blog is like the house for all your affiliate marketing endeavors. You’re going to create useful content here regularly.

Ideally, you should update it every day with fresh content. However, 3 to 5 times per week is enough. Each time you have a new blog, share it to your social media accounts.

Make sure to insert your affiliate links naturally to your content. Focus on providing helpful articles to your readers.

Don’t make it sound pitchy or salesy as this will automatically turn majority of your readers off.

Remember that in affiliate marketing, the way to make commissions is first by building trust.  The first place to build trust will be on your blog website.

This is also going to be the vehicle that will drive you free traffic automatically if you know how to write content with the right keywords.

I get 35,000 – 45,000 visitors a month coming to my blog without having to pay for any of that traffic and from that traffic, I earn a 4 digit online income with it.


How To Build A Blog?

Thumbs UpTo be completely honest with you, blogging is not as easy as it seems. It may be the most lucrative way for marketers, but it’s important that you have the know-how and this is where training is very important.

Affiliate marketing is also very competitive so you need to be at least in-line with your competitors so learning these important online skills will get you there. So, it’s always better to start right.

How to do that? Get proper training as it’s really helpful to be guided in a step-by-step manner and be in an environment of like minded people.

I had tried blogging on my own back a few years ago and it didn’t go anywhere that blog.

Fast forward to 2016, that’s when I found the perfect affiliate marketing training that taught me all about how to build this affiliate marketing website the way it should be built so I don’t miss any steps, you can check it out here in my free guide.

I’m still there today as I help others like you start their own online businesses.

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I hope you enjoyed this post about various ways on how to advertise affiliate links for free and I hope you will follow me to build a blog of your own to attract thousands of visitors to your blog for FREE (like mine does)!



If you have any questions about affiliate links or anything that relates to affiliate marketing, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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