5 Real Online Jobs That Pay You $50+ PER DAY! [Make Money Online 2020]

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5 Real Online Jobs That Pay You $50+ PER DAY!Are you looking for ways to make money online in 2020? 

Need to make some extra money to help with finances?

I think I can help you with that! 

I have 5 real online jobs for you that pay you at least $50 per day, let’s make some money online in 2020!

These are some great options for you to choose from.

And there are different varieties to choose from so I hope there is something for everybody.

So here are the titles of the options that you can choose from:






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You Can Work For SayABC

SayABC is a great option for anybody who is in the teaching field. You can find this site at sayabc.com

This site enables you to teach English to kids in China.

They already have a set general curriculum for you to follow so it will make things easier when you have to make syllabus for your student.

Their pay is $25 per hour which is a very handsome amount for taking online classes.

Each class will only be for 40 minutes.

You will get $17 per class which will be for 40 minutes and you will also get paid for attendance and productivity of your students in the class.

So if your students are enjoying your classes it is a big plus for you.

Also, they pay you $8 per student if you get students to take ‘Trial Classes’ and teach them those classes as well.

There are a few things that you should take into account before you try to work on this site, let me list them for you:

  • 10-14 Days Application Process: They have a lengthy process as they look into a lot of things before accepting people as you will be responsible for teaching to kids in a different country.
  • Class Timings: You have to figure out the class timings and schedule them properly as classes will be held according to China’s time zone.
  • Native English Speaker: It is required to be a native English speaker to be a teacher on their site.
  • Internet Stability: You need a stable internet connection with a good computer which has a good camera and a microphone to connect with your students.
  • Educational Requirement: You at least need to have a bachelor’s degree to apply and a teaching certificate is also required.
  • Experience: Minimum 1-year experience as a teacher and be able to show proof of that.



Liveops Is Another Option

Liveops provides services to other businesses and companies that need call-center support.

It is a network of virtual on-demand agents that deliver call-center type service.

When you go to the site which is found at liveops.com, you will be able to see in the top right corner ‘Become An Agent’ click on that and go to that page to learn more about their site and their offers.

They offer a variety of career options as an independent contractor.

You can also choose brands that you want to work with, so you will be able to choose businesses that you are a good match with, which can also be aligned with your skills, schedule, and goals.

It is a completely remote job and is available all over the US.

And you will be able to earn around $10-$16 per hour which is pretty decent for a beginner but they do mention in the site that you can make more with time and persistence.



Jobs At Apple

Are you a big fan of Apple products? 

Guess what? Apple actually offers remote-jobs so you can apply for them.

And not only that you can even get a free iMac in the process, as they will provide you with one of their own computers to work at home with.

You can apply to be a customer service agent for Apple, they will train you if they hire you but it helps if you already know a lot about Apple products and are an avid user of their products.

There are actually 3 different positions available that you can apply for if you want to work remotely for Apple.

One of them is being an At Home Advisor, here you will have to deal with customers and help them with their problems.

The second position is being an At Home Team Manager, you will be able to supervise advisors if you become a team manager.

The third position available is becoming an At Home Area Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating and supervising team managers. 

Not only will they train you when you get the job and give you an iMac, but you will also receive all the fringe benefits such as paid leaves, product discounts, and health insurance with your job.

You can apply for this job at applejobs.com.



Macbook air on wood table



Try PingPong

PingPong is the next site that you can check out and this website is found at pingpong.comThis is a site that will pay you to test websites and apps for brands and companies. 

When you go to the page, you have to scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on ‘Become A Tester’.

You will be paid around 40-100 Euros per hour for every interview and test.

All you have to do is voice your honest opinion to help companies build their apps and websites.

You will also have chances to gain rewards and earn around 20-100 Euros for each interview between 30-60 minutes.

There are a few requirements that you need to fulfill for joining this website and the approval process is quite lengthy, let me highlight some of them for you:

  • Computer: You will need a computer with a working webcam and microphone
  • Interview: They will conduct an interview via the internet.
  • Notification: They will notify you via email before conducting an interview.
  • Internet Stability: Chrome or Firefox is needed to conduct the interview also a stable internet connection.
  • How To Start: They will give you a website link and they will also ask you to share your screen.

During the interview, they will ask you simple questions and you have to voice your opinions about the website they shared with you. They will want your reactions after looking at their product.

Keep in mind that you cannot be silent and your recommendations should be honest and legit to become one of their testers. You will be notified 7 days after the interview if you are approved for being a tester.

This website is available worldwide and you will be paid through PayPal or your bank account.

Furthermore, some testing will require specific needs and they will pay you more for that.

Also, the website has a great rating in most review sites, mostly 4.5/5, which is really awesome and all in all this is a really good site to work with. 



Field Agent App

Field Agent is a site found at fieldagent.netThis also has an app on both IOS and Android.

You can download this app on your phone and do gigs around your area to earn money as a mystery shopper. 

Go to their webpage, scroll down at the bottom left corner and click on ‘Agent Link’.

They already have 1 million shoppers working for them which shows that it is a reliable website.

All you have to do is gather information about products displayed on shelves around shops, take photos and share your opinion.

Download the app, sign up, and click on ‘Complete A Job’, it is that easy.

There are 4 ways you can earn through this app:

  1. Mystery Shop: This helps shops to improve.
  2. Survey: This is the online method to earn on this app.
  3. Audit: This helps businesses see if their products are being properly displayed in the stores.
  4. Buy and Try: You can actually purchase the products and review them.



Keyboard with Online Shopping Cart Icon on Return Button



Each task will pay you around $3-$8 and it will take you around 10 min. So this can be summed up to around $20 per hour.

Around 11,000 people have rated the app, giving it an overall rating of around 4.8/5, which is a really great rating.

Also, some testimonials say that they have made around $100 by working for 5 hours, but those are really rare and will also depend on the city you are in, as some cities have more opportunities than other cities.

But people do make around $50 per day on this app.



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Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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