5 Ways On How To Make Extra Money Online: $100/Day Hustle!!

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5 ways on how to make extra money online $100:day hustleAre you ready to make $100/day online?  How about learning 5 ways on how to make extra money online today so you can get started right away?

Making money online needs your full attention and hard work.  The methods I tell you are not scams or schemes for fast money but are proven ways to make real money online!

You want that laptop lifestyle and earn extra money online?  Well, you also need to do the work!

People take it for granted or think money is fast on the internet, but that’s not the case so I warn you now.

Making money online involves work just like the way you do offline at a job.  The only difference is that you can do it from anywhere in the world with your laptop and an internet connection.

So you ready to hustle??


Here are the 5 ways I will go through:

  1. Sponsored Posts On Social Media
  2. Ghost / Content Writer
  3. Sell Your Talents Online
  4. Open An Online Shop
  5. Promote Other People’s Products

Then, I will close with My Final Thoughts, I hope you will learn something from my post below and will start your online adventure today!



The BEST Way To Making Money Online and
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MyMickeyLife Instagram accountBuild a large social media following and get sponsored posts on your accounts!  You can easily charge anywhere from $5 – $1,000’s if your account has high engagement from your followers.

Your account needs to be niche specific, whether it’s for puppies, travel, food, or whatever you pick, it needs to be a certain niche.  Don’t be all over the place.

The best platform for sponsored posts is on Instagram because it’s a very visual platform and have highly engaged audience.

So make sure your content is visually enticing and grabs people’s attention without having to read any of our caption because, guess what, no one really reads the caption unless it’s an intriguing image so it all starts there.

Besides having amazing content, you will need to do some engaging yourself in order to get engagement.

Therefore you will need to like and/or comment on other people’s posts so they will notice you and check out your account.

How do you find these people who would want to follow your account?  Well, simple.  You just need to engage on the followers of big accounts in your niche.

All those people who are already following these big accounts in your niche are people who would follow you, so all you have to do is find the big accounts (accounts with 10K – 500K+ followers) in your niche, go through their followers list, and engage with them.

Best thing to do is to follow those people too then do a like or two or with comment, you will get their attention for sure.

This is how I’ve grown one of my best accounts on Instagram (@mymickeylife) and I did the same for the account for this blog which is at 33K+ (@graceblogger).

Getting sponsored post on my Disney niche account has been the most profitable!

You can sign up for influencer networks to get an agent to help you connect to brands or you can directly contact brands yourself like I have.

I just DM small shops on Instagram and offer them my rates for a sponsored post.  I also get orders from posting gigs on Fiverr.com as well so there are multiple avenues to getting the sponsored posts once your account is thriving!

Contact me if you want me to grow your account for you.




If you’re good at writing, you can get hired on freelance sites like Fiverr I spoke above or you can try more freelance sites that are geared to hiring more professionals like Upwork.

Ghost / Content Writer

What’s great about writing is that you can charge per word count and there’s a big need for writers as well.  For me, I’m almost at a point to hiring myself so I can free up time to start other ventures I’ve been wanting to.

You an really make a good living writing for other people and you basically choose what you want to write.  You can specialize to a certain topic or look for offers that best meet your skills.

I would charge low to start so that you can build up your profile for the freelancing platform you choose so that you will gain some good reviews and experience.

I have a more detailed post about being a content writer here if you want more info!




How to Earn Money On Fiverr A Step-by-step GuideThese days you can really sell yourself in so many ways, especially if you have a service you can do over the internet or over a Skype session like consulting.

Besides writing above, there are so many tasks that people do for others.  If you go to Fiverr.com, you will see so many different things that people will do: transcribing, drawing, videos, voiceovers, and many more.

Don’t think that $5 is not a lot of money to make, that’s just the basic package.  You can also offer 2 other packages in one gig offer that have higher pricing.

As well, once you build up your profile there, you can even start your minimum at a higher price, you do not have to start at $5.

I have a lot more details on Fiverr and how they work on this detailed review post of mine here.  You can get set up pretty easily.

That’s just one freelance platforms, there are many others you can find on the internet and some are making a full time living just doing that.




Shopify LogoYou can be a shop owner if you have mad skills to make your own products!  These days you don’t even have to make your own products because you can easily buy from manufacturers like Alibaba.

You can also sell digital products like ebooks or e-courses so you don’t even have to create physical products.

An awesome place to get started for an online shop is at Shopify!  They will host your shop on their platform and get started to get your shop live on the internet in no time.

What’s great about Shopify is that they have a lot of 3rd party apps that can connect to your online shop to add many extra functionalities like print on demand, shipping requirements, and many other options.

With print-on-demand, you can sell t-shirts, totes, hats, mugs and more without having any inventory!  When you sell a t-shirt, the order goes directly to the fulfillment company who will then print them and ship them to your customer with your company contact info as the return address!

Isn’t that super easy??

All you need to do is design!  How fun is that part, you can do funny t-shirts and mugs and sell them all over social media or use paid advertising to scale it further.

This is a great way to get your online shop started because Shopify is easy to setup and their admin dashboard is very user friendly for easy navigation to get your product listings ready quickly.

If you don’t want to design yourself, you can easily buy them at Fiverr or other freelance sites.  It’s a good investment as you just pay one time and sell it forever, make sure the designer gives you that right though.

Having an online shop is fun and is profitable!




I love this method of making money online because:

  • It’s easy to get started
  • It’s super low cost to start, if any (I have a free option below)
  • No inventory
  • No customer service
  • No to creating your own product

When you promote other people’s products, you will make a commission on those products if your audience buys from your links on your website.  This process is called affiliate marketing!

The best way to use affiliate marketing and build this online business is by starting a blog website to talk about these products that you can recommend to others that will help them in one way or another.

You can pretty much pick whatever products you like to promote because nowadays there is an affiliate program for pretty much any product you can think of.

From baby toys to drones to even marijauna, there is something for everyone to promote.

You just have to pick a niche to start in and go from there.  Like the social media accounts, you don’t want to be all over the place.  You should pick a topic or a group of audience you can be of service to.

I mean, you should think of a group of audience that needs help, whether to fix something, to learn something, or solve some kind of problem for them…. this is the best way to promote other people’s products, but recommending these products to help them with their problem.

So whether it’s fixing bike tires or how to lose belly fat, you can help a group of people called a niche by telling them the right products to use.

When your readers see that the product does work, they will trust you and buy from your links.

There is MUCH more to learn about affiliate marketing so I will leave you with some links here:

You can build this business to make $100/day to even more if you want to!  The most successful bloggers using affiliate marketing make 6 figures a month!

Sky’s the limit on this and it’s all about how you get started.  You want to get started on the right foot and that is why I recommend above the best training course for you.

The place I tell you about is not just training but they give you two free websites to start plus includes highly secured and WordPress optimized web hosting for all your sites!

Plus they have other tools and weekly webinars that will be essential to your success!  Even more, you’ll be joining a huge community of members who are all doing the same thing and will have full support if you ever get stuck.

I hope you will check out my posts above and see for yourself.  I am a member myself there since September 2016, so I’ll be there to personally help you as well!




Well, I hope you have now learned more ways to make extra money online and will use one of these ways to get you started!

These suggestions are all lucrative ways to make money on the internet but again, things do take time like all business ventures you go into.  Some may take faster than others, but pick one that you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

I wish you the best of luck in your new venture!


Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions on any of my suggestions and let me know how you do!



Let’s make money online!

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways On How To Make Extra Money Online: $100/Day Hustle!!”

  1. Some great ways to earn some extra money, thank you. Now I have a better idea what to do, I want to find something that will make enough so I can quit my job, do you know which one will best do that?

    • Hi Cade,

      Yes, I would say affiliate marketing can do that for you, but it will take time to build as it’s a business and like any other business, it takes time and dedication. There’s no fast money on the internet, so building this affiliate marketing business is the way to go.

      You can learn about how to build this business right at Wealthy Affiliate and where I’ve been learning too since last Sept. It’s a small price compared to many other businesses but educating yourself is really priceless. 😉

      Can’t wait to see what you do, stay in touch!

  2. I enjoyed your ideas here, I will give affiliate marketing a try since it seems to make the most sense long term wise. I want to do something that will make money down the road too. How do you advice to get started?

    thanks for the info,

  3. Grace, this is a great post. I love the different ways you suggest on making money online. I also definitely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) is the very best place to learn all about affiliate marketing, including creating blog sites/websites using WordPress, picking a niche or subject area to promote, applying to affiliate networks, picking products to promote as an affiliate and creating content to go along with the chosen products. WA doesn’t stop there with training, you also learn how to drive traffic to your sites and then use analytica tools to monitor and learn from the traffic you get. Thanks again for this excellent post. -Shirley

    • Thanks Shirley for your kind comment and glad you checked out Wealthy Affiliate, glad you’ve been enjoying the training platform. 🙂

      I hope you will have much success like I have! Please let me know on WA how I can help you!

      Wish you much success in your journey,



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