7 Common Mistakes Amazon Affiliate Marketing Beginners Make

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7 Common Mistakes Amazon Affiliate Marketing Beginners MakeAre you struggling to make sales on Amazon as an affiliate and having a hard time?  

You don’t need to struggle and I have the common mistakes that Amazon affiliate marketing beginners make that is preventing them to really smashing it out there.

Affiliate marketing is harder than one think and, for beginners, they usually find this out in the first few months and usually quit before they will see any fruits of their labor.

The thing about this online business is that there are certain paths to take to make you a success but not everyone knows what those paths are.

I know one of these paths very well as I have been called a “Super Affiliate” because of it and in this post, I will teach you how to become an Amazon affiliate that makes 4 figures or more like I do.

Below I will tell you about the common mistakes that Amazon affiliate marketing beginners make and how you can avoid them to make your own success:



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7 Common Mistakes Amazon Affiliate Marketing Beginners Make

  1. They Don’t Read Amazon’s Terms of Service & Rules
  2. They Don’t Use Amazon’s Images Or Link Properly
  3. They Don’t Pick The Right Products
  4. They Don’t Know The Products They Promote
  5. They Are Not Helping The People In Their Niche
  6. They Don’t Use A Website
  7. If They Use A Website, They Don’t Do The Right Things


#1) They Don’t Read Amazon’s Terms of Service & Rules

As a beginner, it’s important that you read Amazon’s terms of service, any other policies and rules you can get your hands on.

They are very strict about their affiliate program and so you must abide by their rules or else they will shut you down very quickly.

You also should not sign up to the Amazon’s Associates Program if you are brand new because you only have 6 months to make your first sale or else they will close your account and you’ll have to reapply.


#2) They Don’t Use Amazon’s Images Or Link Properly

A lot of beginners think they can just screenshot Amazon product images and put on their site or use elsewhere but you certainly cannot do this.

You have to use Amazon’s image links or image coding which is readily available in your Amazon Associate dashboard.  You can get it there or install their SiteStrip to get any links, text or image, right from Amazon.com site.

You’re able to still edit the size of those images even with the links and image codes being used.

When using text links, do not cloak them or use any type of link shortener like bit.ly, Pretty Links, etc, it’s just best to use Amazon’s own shortener.

You must not hide the fact that you are linking to Amazon basically.


#3) They Don’t Pick The Right Products

When building your affiliate marketing business, you’d want to pick the right products and what I mean by that is price point and by category.

As Amazon changed their advertising fees from volume based to category based, it’s best to pick products from a category that has higher advertising fees like in the 6 – 10% range.

On top of that, you’d want to pick products that are in a good price range.

Sometimes affiliate marketing beginners pick products that are $10 – $50 but really, if you think about it, your work effort is the same whether you promote a product that’s $10 or $100.

It’s wiser to pick the higher priced products in the $100 – $500 range, so you can maximize your efforts.


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#4) They Don’t Know The Products They Promote

When picking your products as mentioned above, you need to pick it from a category not only from the higher earning commissions but also a category you actually know well.

You don’t have to have used the products yourself or have bought them, but it needs to be a category/niche that you know well.

Like if you’re a dog person, you’re not agin to promote stuff for cats because you don’t own cats, you don’t know cats, you’ve never used cat products before, etc.

But you know dogs, you know how they behave, what their needs are, what products would work and which wouldn’t even if you have not used that particular brand.

Just because you haven’t used the product yourself, you will have a good sense if a dog owner can use it and will use it, especially if you think you’ll use yourself.

Of course, nothing beats promoting products that you do use yourself and you love, the conviction will have over these types of products will be nothing compared to any other products you promote that you have not used.


#5) They Are Not Helping The People In Their Niche

Are you providing enough value to the people in your niche?  This is a big one, to be successful in affiliate marketing, you must provide tons of value and help.

This is because it will build trust between your potential customers and you.  You want to provide them with useful information that will help them solve something or make a process easier for them.

When you have trust, you’ll have more potential to earning commissions from your audience.

The more value you can give for free, the more likely they will buy from you.

This is why having an online presence is very important and it’s needed to provide helpful content to others so others can learn from you.

Not only having an online presence will greatly hinder you from providing valuable content to your audience.

So, having a website or a large following on social media will give you that online presence you need which can take some time to create and grow.


#6) They Don’t Use A Website

As I just mentioned already having an online presence is very important as an affiliate marketer as this is how you’ll establish trust with your audience so if you don’t have a website, how will any one find you and read up about you?

If you don’t have a website, then you’re also not taking advantage of the golden traffic of organic free search traffic.  My website here, Work Anywhere Now, gets 40K – 45K visitors a month without having me pay for any of it.

A website can also build you as an authority figure in your niche which will establish trust even more with your audience.

To be precise, it’s not just a static website, I’m talking about a blog format website where you can produce content for your readers to search out.

By providing useful information on your blog, your visitors will come flocking once these posts get ranked on search engines on Page 1!


#7) If They Use A Website, They Don’t Do The Right Things

Creating a blog website for affiliate marketing these days take no time at all, especially when you have a SiteBuilder like this here, but it’s what you do after is what makes the difference between a successful affiliate marketer and one who will fail.

The typical things people don’t do with a blog is:

  • Write Long Enough Blog Posts – The typical blog post these days should be at least 1,000 words long to get good rankings.  Anyone that blogs less than that per post will not be reaching that page 1 anytime soon.  It’s been proven over time and time again that the posts that rank on page 1 are those that have the longer content, even in the two to three thousand words or more.  Of course, not every post on your site needs to be thousands of words long, some could be just 1,000 and others can be longer or slightly shorter but I would not go any shorter than 800 words.
  • Use SEO Strategies – There are tons to learn in this space and SEO strategies is what will get your posts ranked on search engines.  You will need to learn on-page and off-page SEO to ensure your posts are optimized for search engines to find your content.  More importantly, using SEO strategy will have people in your niche coming to YOU instead of you looking for them.
  • Use The Right Keywords – Keywords are the traffic magnets that are needed to get ranked on search engines.  You need to know how to research them, how to use them in your posts, and how not to over use t hem as well.  Keywords are key to getting massive traffic to you website for free.
  • Stick To A Consistent Schedule – If you don’t blog regularly, whether it be 1x or 7x a week, your blog will go nowhere.  Search engines love regular high quality content, they want to be able to depend on your blog for the information that people are searching for.  If you can keep a consistent schedule, then you’ll be able to grow your website visitors.  The more you can blog a week, the more results you’ll see.


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What Can Help You Succeed

I was in your shoes as an affiliate marketing beginner not long ago, not knowing what to do to be a successful affiliate marketer but I am able to do it!

I make a consistent 4 digit online income and it’s not because I’m super talented or incredibly smart.  What the difference between me and someone else who’s not making money is education.

Here is my 2 year results so far in my journey:

Income vs New Posts Graph

The blue line is my income and if you do SEO right, that’s how your income will look like.  The red line is my work effort, as you can see, when I put in MORE effort, the results really showed.

I got training when I started my affiliate marketing journey and didn’t want to do it alone as I have tried previous years and failed.

I didn’t know how to blog, properly.

I didn’t know what keywords were or anything about SEO, I learned all that stuff with training.

You can do the same thing and learn HOW TO do this right so you can find success and results from your online business.

Nobody just wakes up one day and know how to do this stuff, like anything else, you need to learn it.

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Where I train, I also get networked into a huge community of like minded people who are all doing the same thing and are all willing to help me in my journey.

This one fact alone was all worth it!  It’s so hard to do this online journey alone, so if you have a ton of people there to help you, then you won’t feel so lost and will cut your time in researching for answers greatly.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 7 common mistakes affiliate marketing beginners make or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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