Best Recruitment Models to Use for Hiring

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Best Recruitment Models to Use for HiringCompanies of all sizes are faced with the burden of attempting to locate the right talent to build and maintain their organizations.

Recruiting the right talent takes strategy and diligence.

Understanding recruitment models help make this process much more manageable and effective.

There are obviously numerous strategies to incorporate during the recruitment process.

Here we will focus on the best recruitment models for hiring staff members.


Insource vs. Outsource

The various types of recruitment models are classified under one of two categories; insourced or outsourced. These methods are as they sound; internal versus external recruiting methods.

Insourced recruiting is typically the default model used by companies during their initial recruitment efforts.

This approach usually involves the organization’s Human Resources department or upper management.

Depending on the size of the company and the scope of the position, internal recruitment may present more difficulty in today’s job market.

Outsourced recruitment involves the use of external recruiters.

For organization’s that are larger or have specialized hiring requirements, the outsource model may prove to be most effective.


Retained Recruitment

In the retained search model, an outsourced recruiter will operate on behalf of employers to find the right candidate.  These recruiters required upfront fees and work until they fill the position.

Most of the time, these retained recruiters provide job seekers with the required skillsets; in rare cases, recruiters may conduct skill testing and preliminary interviews.


Contingency Recruitment

The contingency recruitment model is a no-risk outsourced recruitment model.

The recruiter performs recruitment services based on a letter of agreement to a percentage of the closing salary.

If the recruiter is unable to supply talent to your liking, they are paid nothing.

Most agencies offer a guarantee that they will fill the position in 30-90 days.



The on-demand recruitment model is increasing in popularity. This model consists of recruiters working on an hourly or project basis.

This means that employers are able to add or remove hours or recruiters from a project as needed.

This approach is more like leasing the services of a recruiter for an insourced recruitment project.


Digital Recruitment Platforms

There are a host of different online job posting and recruitment websites.

These websites charge employers to post jobs, and prospects are able to apply and submit resumes online.

These websites vary in services provided and charges for resumes and job posting.

There are also newly developed recruitment process software platforms that utilize massive database directories and specified algorithms to reduce the workload when insourcing substantially.



Filling vacancies at your company is never an exciting task. It is crucial that you find the person with the right skill set and energy for your team.

In the modern job market understanding your options as well as your needs is critical.

Whether you decide that outsourcing or insourcing is right for your organization, always be sure to stay abreast technological advancements like big data to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

You may have to try several models before you find the one that snags that recruit you are looking for.

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