Can You Make Money With Facebook? Easy Step By Step Guide!

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Can You Make Money With Facebook? Easy Step By Step Guide!“Can you make money with Facebook?” is a question I’ve been getting lately from my readers so I have put together this easy guide for you to follow.

Having more than 1 billion active members using the social platform each day, there is no denying that Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site to date.

This is why it’s no surprise that many businesses and people try to make money from it. However, even though there’s a huge potential for a wide audience, it can still be challenging to earn money on Facebook.

With its vast audience, the competition is surely high, and it will be hard to stand out. This is the reason why Facebook now only shows a few posts in a user’s feed.

In fact, it’s possible that the posts and status you have worked so hard for on your page will only reach about 2% of your followers.

So, how can you make money with Facebook without paying for ads?  This article will focus on free traffic from Facebook, not about Facebook ads.

There’s no secret formula to it, but here’s an easy step-by-step guide you can use so you can have a good start to your Facebook endeavors.


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Step 1: Choose Your Niche

How to Find the Best NicheBefore you start earning through Facebook, you must pick your niche first.

Why is a niche important? This will allow you to focus in one direction. Your niche will let you know what entices your target audience and how you’re going to approach them.

If you don’t know your niche, then how will you know which audience to target?

So, you need to pick a topic that you like and will want to work in for the long haul because you need to do this method for a few months to have it work.

This also keeps you focus on finding the right people to help.

Help, yes, this is what you’ll be doing on Facebook, helping people in your niche which I’ll share why and how this method all pulls together if you keep going through this guide.

But, choosing a niche that you’re comfortable in learning and researching about will help you a long way.



Step 2: Pick A Good Affiliate Program

Once you have determined your niche, it’s time to find affiliate programs to join and choose your affiliate products. This will let you market products that won’t require you to spend anything.

The business model we’re using to make money with is called affiliate marketing and requires that you only drive traffic to the products or services without having to create any products on your own.

How you make money is by getting people to click on your affiliate link which takes them to the product or service and if they buy, you will earn a commission.

Here are some affiliate marketing tips on choosing your affiliate programs and products:

  • Fits well within your niche – this is quite obvious, but it’s still worth stressing because I see people NOT doing this all the time. Choosing products that are relevant to your niche is vital for your success. When choosing products, you can be resourceful and creative.

For instance, if you’re writing about hair care, you don’t have to limit to promoting common hair care products, like shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizers. You can also promote safe styling tools, styling products, safe hair dyes, and anything related to hair.

  • Sell products you love or believe in – Promoting products that you love and have tried will make it way easier to promote them. It’s still okay to sell something you haven’t tried, but you have to read and learn about it as much as you can.
  • Desired or needed by your prospects – To achieve this, you must understand your target audience first. You must learn what they need or want. The best way to go about this is by creating a customer profile. Another way is simply asking your prospects what they want through surveys, emails, and comments from your blog posts.

3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing


  • Commission levels – When choosing your affiliate program, you must also consider how much you’re going to earn from your efforts. Keep in mind that higher commission rates don’t always mean they are better. Some products may offer higher commissions but are difficult to market. Meanwhile, other products offer lower commission rates but are easier to sell. So, you must weigh in all aspects.
  • Product quality – Never forget the quality of the product you’re promoting because this will affect not only your income but also how your prospects are going to see you. Take note of their return rate. If it is high, it’s likely that they are of low-quality.
  • Seller reputation – We fully understand that businesses have to start somewhere; however, it’s always better that you work with a company that has been around for several years, has a good reputation, and generating high traffic.
  • Seller support – We can’t really tell if problems will occur or not, but if they do, it’s comforting to know that you have support from the seller.


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Step 3: Set up Facebook Profile With Affiliate Link or Website Link and Your Own Facebook Group

To be on Facebook, you need to have an account profile. Completing your own will be an advantage to you so you can build your audience – trust, loyalty, relationships, and your brand – credibility, reputation, etc.

Your affiliate marketing activities will be effective on your Facebook profile if you have many active followers but the point of setting up your profile is that people will be curious about you when you start helping out people in your niche.

So if you helped someone out and they appreciate it, they will naturally jump on your profile to see what you do and see if you have a link on your profile to see what you do or up to.

Many affiliates and businesses post affiliate links on their Facebook profiles, which isn’t against Facebook’s guidelines. However, they do forbid links from certain sites.

When you add affiliate links to your posts, you must add the proper disclosures as per their guidelines, like #AffiliateLink or #Ad.

Two ways you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook: the direct and indirect approach.

Direct affiliate marketing will aim to promote the products directly in your posts. For instance, you create a post about a hair care product you’re using and you include the affiliate link from Amazon. Anyone who will click the link will be brought directly to Amazon.

Meanwhile, indirect affiliate marketing aims to lead people offsite where the affiliate links are found. For example, you write a post about the best shampoo for curly hair and you add a link to your blog post.

Here’s an example of indirect linking that’s on my profile:

Facebook Profile setup


If you do lead your target audience to your website, it’s imperative that it’s equipped with useful content relevant to your niche. Providing value will encourage people to revisit your blog and even invite others to do so.

Also, you need to create a strong landing page. Landing pages are essential to affiliate marketing because they are a follow-up to anything you promised your prospects in your content. Basically, it’s the next step towards making them customers.

Landing pages will let you make a deal with your visitors, like a special offer or a piece of vital information, and in return, they will provide you their contact information.

If you need a landing page builder, then check out this digital marketing platform here.



Step 4: Start Joining Facebook Groups in Your Niche

Here are the benefits you’ll get when you join Facebook groups in your niche:

  • You’ll be in an engaged community where there is a vast target audience already.
  • You can perform comprehensive market research absolutely free of charge.
  • You can build relationships with people within your niche.
  • It will give your credibility and reputation a boost by helping others.
  • Others see you as authority with time.
  • You can garner email subscribers.

However, for you to achieve these benefits, you must be active and engaging in your groups. If someone asks something, always do your best to provide the best answer, and give them tips and recommendations.

When you have helped a lot of people, they will become naturally curious and will take interest in you. They will eventually visit your profile, click your links, and will even share your posts, which will extend your reach further.

Setting up a Facebook Group of YOUR OWN will be wise to do too so people can start joining it and get leads from people joining your Facebook group.

Then, you can sell to your group and whatever you want since it’s your group.

When you’re in someone else’s group, you need to watch out for their rules.  So if you have your own group, then you can start selling to them directly in your own group.

Having a Facebook Group is way better than having a Facebook Page, but you’ll probably should have a Facebook Page anyway just to have it but they are pretty much useless unless you want to use it for Facebook Ads.

Otherwise, Facebook Pages are useless because you have to pay to get likes on your page and pay to get your page posts seen by the fans you just paid for.

But the trick to growing a group is to get out there to help others in other groups first and you can also put your group link in your profile as well because you can have more than one link.

Also, if your Facebook Group gets good engagement, Facebook will suggest it to others and you’ll get people coming into your group organically like that.




So, can you make money with Facebook? Definitely! But only if you do it the right way and put a lot of effort into it.

It will seem like an uphill battle at first, but if you have the right (and smart) strategies of helping others, then you will start getting some good leads into your Facebook Group and then you’ll be building your following.

If you want to build a bigger online presence though, having a blog website is best to do if you want to do this affiliate marketing business properly and learn how to drive massive traffic from search engines.

Here is the training platform I used to build this blog you’re on now,

Whatever you end up doing online to make money, you need consistency and sticking to one thing at a time until you’ve master it then go on to the next thing.


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If you have any questions about making money with Facebook, affiliate marketing, or anything related to this topic, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers!


Let’s make money online!

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