Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2019? Read on and Find Out!

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Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2019?Does affiliate marketing still work in 2019?

Even how fast affiliate marketing is expanding, some people are still doubtful about this online business. It’s no surprise as this type of work is time-consuming and challenging.

But, I can guarantee you that as long as there’s a need for reviewers, affiliate marketing will continue to thrive.

The continued advancements of technology have evolved all aspects of our society, from the way we communicate with others to how we work for a living. Almost all components of our daily lives depend on technology.

However, probably no action has been significantly overturned than the way we go shopping. Online platforms like Amazon has dramatically changed the way we perceive commerce and the companies that serve us.

It’s no wonder that brick-and-mortar shops are closing at a fast pace. I read from an online post that about 40% of consumers find physical shopping a burden. Others consider online shopping better as it’s more convenient and they enjoy more discounts and freebies.

By the look of this, e-commerce is anticipated to reach 15% of all retail sales next year.

So, does affiliate marketing still work in 2019? Yes! And, it isn’t going anywhere.


Because the rise of e-commerce means that companies need to step up, they have to excel in online market trends and stay ahead of the line among global competitors.

A very effective way to boost their companies and the products and services they offer is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliates like me will promote their products on their behalf and in return, I get to earn a commission from each sale.


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Affiliate marketing can be summed up with three steps:

  1. You promote a product or service to your audience.
  2. Your audience will buy a product or service through your affiliate link.
  3. You earn a commission for each sale you make through your special link.

The process may seem easy to achieve, but it isn’t. Someone may have told you that you get to earn money from this kind of business without doing anything. It’s not entirely true.

Affiliate marketing does make you earn passive income, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any work, quite the opposite is true actually. I will share with you on this post the basics of affiliate marketing.




  1. Pay per click

This campaign is focused on motivating the affiliate to turn their audience to the seller’s website. This means that as an affiliate, you must connect with the consumer enough for them to move from your channel to the seller’s website.

How you’re going to achieve this is by creating updated and useful content on your site. You will be paid based on the increase in traffic you can send to the PPC affiliate offers.


Create An Affiliate Marketing Online Business


  1. Pay per sale

This is the basic method of affiliate marketing. In this campaign, the seller will pay the affiliate a particular percentage of the product’s sale price or a flat fee after the consumer purchases as an outcome of the affiliate marketer’s efforts and methods.

Here, this is the main method I use and drive a full income with my website with.  This business model is one of the best out there I love using because it’s so flexible and does not need me to have any store owner headaches.


  1. Pay per lead

This is quite a complicated program. Pay per lead means the affiliate gets paid based on lead conversions.

The affiliate should convince the consumer to go to the seller’s website and finish the desired activity, such as signing up for a free trial, filling a contact form, downloading software, or subscribing to newsletters.




#1) Passive income

By no means is affiliate marketing a passive business. Let’s be clear on that. You must be active in creating content. But, the nature of the online world does develop realistic opportunities for doing work once and being paid for it various times.

All of us know about the idea of trading time for income. We do services for a specific number of hours and get compensated with a particular rate as agreed upon. This is the “active income” concept. But, affiliate marketing and blogging are entirely different.

As an affiliate, you work hard – researching, social media posting, writing content, etc. However, your efforts won’t be rewarded right away as you don’t have an employer or a compensatory value agreement. You post content online, and it attracts traffic over time.

You build your following through social network sites by ranking your articles in search engines, notably Google. Once you generate traffic, and they start reading your useful reviews and materials, the work of passive income will begin. A follower, wherever that person may be, will click on your affiliate link and will purchase something.

You’ll wake up one morning to find out that you earned money while sleeping. That’s how passive income works.

Did you work hard for those profits? Of course! You might even be working more for the next few months.

But, those first earnings are enough proof that this business works. It will all boil down on how you upgrade your efforts to earn more. I can assure you, persistence definitely pays off!




#2) Work anywhere

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can work at home, at a coffee shop, at a park, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Going to the office is routine and can be dull. As an affiliate, you can work even with only wearing your pajamas!


#3) Performance-based benefits

Affiliate marketing is primarily based on your performance. Enhancing your skills by joining training programs, developing winning campaigns, and always learning from your mistakes among others will convert to direct progress in your profits.


3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing


#4) Cost-efficient

Most businesses need costly startup fees and cash flow to fund the products and services offered in the market. But, in affiliate marketing, you don’t need much to get started. Many affiliate programs are free to sign up, and you don’t need to invest money in the products you’re promoting. If you need to use your funds, it’s usually because of your marketing and referral strategies.


#5) Flexible

Since you’re basically a freelancer, you enjoy full independence in making your goals, selecting the products that appeal to you, rerouting your path when you think it’s necessary, and even choosing your working hours.




  1. Build a relationship.

If you’re just starting, your focus must be on developing rapport between your audience. Never mind if you don’t make a sale right away. Your relationship is more important at this stage. Once you’ve earned their trust and confidence, your traffic will increase, and so will your profits.


  1. Begin reviewing products.

You also need to start reviewing products that are relevant to your niche. Then, using your stand as an expert and the rapport you built with your followers, share with them why they’d benefit from buying the products or services you’re promoting.

When reviewing products, it’s helpful if you compare them with others that fall on the same niche. Also, make sure that you’re creating content that is well-detailed and expressed.


  1. Select campaigns carefully.

No matter how skilled you are in marketing, you’ll earn fewer profits when promoting an inefficient product. Invest time to study and learn the demands of the products before you decide to promote them. Don’t forget to check out the company or sellers before partnering.


  1. Find various sources.

It’s recommended you focus on various campaigns. For instance, instead of concentrating solely on earning from a blog, spend time on email campaigns, cross-channel promotions, and connecting with your audience on social network platforms.

Experiment with different marketing methods to discover which your followers best respond to.


  1. Stay updated.

A downside of affiliate marketing is it’s very competitive. It’s no surprise since the opportunities in this business are almost endless. Because of this, you need to be updated on recent trends to make sure you’re on top of the game. Also, learning new techniques will keep your business rolling.




Affiliate marketing is an amazing way for people who aim to gain full control of their profits by concentrating on performance-based income selections.

By establishing a solid partnership with a company or seller, you can earn passive income while you sleep.

Although the fate of the business heavily relies on the skills and efforts of the affiliate, affiliate marketing has been proven many times to be an effective means to meet profit goals, whether as a main career or for an extra job.

Does affiliate marketing still work in 2019? I can confidently say yes!

If you use the things I’ve mentioned above as your guide and learn further vital information about affiliate marketing; you have high chances of increasing your audience, converting them to buyers, and enhancing your income.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether affiliate marketing still works in 2019 or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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