Earn $10-$18 per Hour Chatting with Strangers Work From Home Jobs

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Earn $10-$18 per Hour Chatting with Strangers Work From Home JobsIn this article, I’m going to show 5 ways to earn $10-$18 per hour chatting with strangers. 

You will be able to do all this from home and earn some extra cash online.

If you want to start working from home and you are good at customer service, these are all going to be good options for you. 

If you want to learn about another good way to earn money online I suggest you read this article till the end.

Let’s get started and see 5 different sites that you can do this from:





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The Chat Shop

The first site is The Chat Shop and it is found at thechatshop.com, this is a site that provides services to companies with chatting services.

If a company has a website that a lot of customers go on but they want to have a little chat on the bottom which provides the live chat agents.

So you could apply to this company, The chat shop, to be one of those live chat agents.

All you have to do to apply is go on their webpage and click on the top right corner link which says ‘Careers’.

Once you click on that, you are going to get to this page that will explain to you in detail about what it will be like working for The Chat Shop.

This website is known for outsourcing skilled live chat experts all over the US and UK and it also mentions on their website that they try to achieve 99 percent customer satisfaction. 

Along with providing customer satisfaction, they also try to provide a safe place for all their employees, no matter which location they are from, so you are not just going to be a freelancer, they will be responsible for you.

There are three departments that you can work for in The Chat Shop:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Company Operations

It is best if you read through everything and get all the information if you want to learn more about this website.

For people who are not comfortable talking over the phone, this is a great alternative to be in the customer service arena.



the chat shop webpage



So you could just check out the recruitment process which mentions that they hire the best and also that they have been doing this since 2012 so they’ve been doing this for a while.

Their webpage will provide you with all the information about their whole recruitment process.

There are some requirements for you to fulfill if you want to apply for this job:

  • Confident: You need to be confident enough to have conversations with strangers and take care of their situations and problems.
  • Typing: You need to be fast at typing as you are going to be chatting with customers.
  • Grammar: You need to have good grammar and language skills, so you can convey your messages properly to customers.

Once you apply, there’s going to be a live chat interview and then there’s also going to be a phone interview after you go through everything they will either hire you.

On Glassdoor, which is a trusted review website mentions that in The Chat Shop, you can earn about $9-$11 per hour.




Liveops provides services to other businesses and companies that need call-center support.

It is a network of virtual on-demand agents that deliver call-center type service.

When you go to the site which is found at liveops.com, you will be able to see in the top right corner ‘Become An Agent’ click on that and go to that page to learn more about their site and their offers.

They offer a variety of career options as an independent contractor.

You can also choose brands that you want to work with, so you will be able to choose businesses that you are a good match with, which can also be aligned with your skills, schedule, and goals.

It is a completely remote job and is available all over the US.

And you will be able to earn around $10-$16 per hour which is pretty decent for a beginner but they do mention in the site that you can make more with time and persistence.




Support is a company that provides tech support services and companies that needs this kind of solution come to this site, you can find their website at support.com.

For people who want to do who want to be one of their support staff, then you need to come down

to the bottom and look at their careers page.

There are a few advantages of working for Support:

  • Schedule: Flexible hours and you can work from home.
  • Promotion Opportunities: They mention on their site that there is a 90% chance of being promoted.
  • Vacation: You get paid vacation time.
  • Training: You will be put in an assistance program and you will be paid for training.

In addition to all of this, they will also provide you with bonus opportunities for you to earn money.

Keep in mind, that they will assign your hours and it looks like you don’t need much experience.

So it’s very easy for anybody to apply for this job.



support webpage screenshot



On Indeed, which is another trusted recommendation site, it mentions that Support pays about $9 to $11 per hour.



VIP Desk Connect

The fourth site I want to show you that will pay you to chat with strangers is at vipdeskconnect.com

This is another great company that offers customer service, they actually offer other great services for businesses such as customer care, social support, consultation, etc. 

They actually provide more virtual assistant services than the other ones. 

To apply you just have to go on their website and click on ‘Careers’ on the top right corner. 

On that page, they will provide you more information on how this site works and what they will pay you for. 

They have a lot of benefits which will include health insurance and life insurance policies if you become on their employees. 

In addition to the flexible work schedule that you will be able to maintain, you will also get paid vacation and paid leave. 

So this is a great site to apply for just because of all the benefits. 

On Indeed, this website has a 3.5 out of 5 rating, which is above average and a good sign that they are trustworthy. 

Their payments are also a bit more than the other sites I showed you, they pay around $10-$17 per hour.

So their salaries are one of the higher paid ones, as they are well above $10 per hour.  



Apple At Home Jobs

You can apply to be a customer service agent for Apple, they will train you if they hire you but it helps if you already know a lot about Apple products and are an avid user of their products. You can apply for this job at applejobs.com.

There are actually 3 different positions available that you can apply for if you want to work remotely for Apple.

One of them is being an At Home Advisor, here you will have to deal with customers and help them with their problems.

The second position is being an At Home Team Manager, you will be able to supervise advisors if you become a team manager.

The third position available is becoming an At Home Area Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating and supervising team managers. 

Not only will they train you when you get the job and give you an iMac, but you will also receive all the fringe benefits such as paid leaves, product discounts, and health insurance with your job.

Just because it is a remote job it does not mean that it is any less important than other jobs available on Apple. They require you to work in a peaceful and quiet environment with high power internet, where you can help their customers promptly. 

You can make around $11-$25 per hour. Not only this they have a huge benefits package that comes with employment including health care, discounts in Apple products, etc. Not only this they provide you with a brand new iMac and headset for working at home. 

If you are a big fan of Apple products, this is definitely a great way to earn some money online.



How To Earn A Full-Time Online Income

All these positions are excellent for you to be able to work from home but you are still trading time for money. 

This means that once you stop working you won’t be able to earn anything so it’s more of a job that you are going to be tied to. 

So if you do not want something like this but you want to learn how to make more money passively, meaning you can work at your own schedule but earn any time of the day. 

You can check out the link below, where you can learn about how to learn some high-income online skills that will generate you an online income: 


This is what I do online and what makes me a full-time online income every single month and you can learn from the exact training I used and still use today.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding 5 ways to earn $10-$18 per hour chatting with strangers or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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