Easily Earn $1K/Day Or Is Profit Wizard Pro A Scam? [Full Review]

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Is Profit Wizard Pro a scamProfit Wizard Pro claims to have the secret algorithm to make you $1,000 a day or is Profit Wizard Pro a scam that’s going to just take your money?

There are tons of these “trading softwares” out there claiming they have the way to making zero loss trades and that would seem awesome but is it really possible?

Does Profit Wizard Pro have the secret formula?

My review will show you not only they do not have the secret formula but this site is full of red flags that I will point out to you.

Check out these sections for my full review on Profit Wizard Pro:



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Profit Wizard Pro Logo


Program Name: Profit Wizard Pro

Website: profitwizardpro.com

Price: $250 & Up

Owner: Mark Hughes

Recommended? NO

The owner Mark Hughes has come up with a trading software called Profit Wizard Pro and it’s got such an algorithm that you can’t lose.

It promises to make the next 1000 people $1,000 a day which is quite enticing to most since in his example the one trade he did, he already more than doubled his money.


Profit Wizard Pro Home Page Sales Video


All you have to do is listen to his market signals and follow what the signals tell you to do to make your $1,000 pretty quick and easy.

Mark even tells you how you will be able to live a life where big houses, fast cars, and elaborate vacations with your friends and family are the norm.

The owner goes on to tell you that you don’t even need to know what “CAD” means or any of the assets you own since all you need to do is do what the signals tell you.

By following the signals, you’ll have no human errors to worry about and you’ll be making profitable trades every time.

However, this all sounds too good to be true and it usually is, even his example is a sham in the sales video.

If you actually believe this guy, I hope I can bring you some clarity by giving you all the red flags I see in Profit Wizard Pro which I’ll go through shortly.

You just have to be careful with products like this because they lure you with big profits and easy money but in reality, you’re falling for something you shouldn’t have.




I’ve been reviewing products like this for awhile now and nothing surprises me on how far some of these guys will go to mislead and deceive you.

At Profit Wizard Pro, there are tons of red flags to watch out for and usually are signs of a scam.  If you’re not careful, you can lose as much as over $15K like one of my readers did by chasing these types of shiny objects.

So let’s get to the red flags of Profit Wizard Pro:

#1 Red Flag – Fake Owner

Let’s start with this genius Mark Hughes who’s supposedly came up with this algorithm that will never lose a trade and can predict the stock market.

If he really did come up with such an algorithm, why would you hide yourself?  Wouldn’t you want everyone to know you’re the one that came up with it?

Oh how I know Mark is fake is because that photo is on many other sites all over Google because that image he used is a stock photo which anyone can buy and use.

Here he is on a different site as someone else:

Profit Wizard Pro Fake Owner


#2 Red Flag – Exaggerated Income Hype

Products like this will always want to lure you with high income hype and making at least $1,000 a day will make anyone want to put money into it.

Profit Wizard Pro Hyped Up Income

No software can make you that much money.

If there was, the software would be all over the news and it would cost you a pretty penny to get access to it, it certainly won’t be “free” as they tell you.


#3 Red Flag – His Algorithm Is FAKE

There is absolutely no “algorithm” that can predict the stock market and, again, if there was it would not be available to you and if it was, it would be in the millions to get access to such an algorithm.

Profit Wizard Pro Predicting Stock Market Is A Lie

This magic algorithm predicts the future.


Could you imagine if there was really such algorithm that can just win trades constantly?

This is all fake guys, and there’s really no such thing because I will show you why that is in #5 red flag below.


#4 Red Flag – Fake Testimonies

These guys will go to any length to make themselves look legit by putting video testimonials in their sales video but guess what?

They are all just paid actors like most of these types of products use.  They can just go to a freelancing site like fiverr.com and hire someone for as little as $5 to get this done.

Profit Wizard Pro is no different and here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Profit Wizard Pro Fake Testimonies

Profit Wizard Pro Fake Testimonies 2


#5 Red Flag – Fake Example

I don’t know how much more fake this can get guys.  It’s not even funny.

There’s a part in the sales video where he shows you how the software works and starts a new account to show you.


Profit Wizard Pro Fake Sample


He apparently listens to the signal (that is not shown anywhere on the screen) which tells him to buy CAD and he says you don’t have to know what it means (wouldn’t this guy like people to not know what’s going on here).

Then instantly after the “buy” he more than doubled his money.

Guys, sorry to bust your cover here but your example is so flawed.  You don’t make money when you BUY any asset.

You make a gain or loss after you SELL the asset.  This is like Trading 101, pretty simple stuff that’s kind of common sense.

As well, this is CAD/USD (Canadian dollar against the US dollar) and it’s never been what it says in the software which is trading at $17.252 to buy.

Wow, either these crooks don’t know anything about trading or they just don’t care.

As of this writing, the current exchange rates are as follows:

Profit Wizard Pro Real CADUSD

Profit Wizard Pro Real USDCAD

In the last few years, you can see the history that the CAD/USD is nowhere close to $17.252.  This is why he doesn’t want you to know what CAD means.



I can really go on and on about how fake this site is and show you more things but I think I have shown you the core of this product’s faults.

The very essence of the CAD/USD trade is totally wrong, let alone making him $309 from buying CAD.

It really makes me wonder if the owner of Profit Wizard Pro even know what trading means!




Thumbs DownAbsolutely I think Profit Wizard Pro is a scam.

There’s no way this software works and you will just end up losing your $250 or more if you send it to them.

You’re not going to see any money from this and, in fact, they are just funneling your money to some other crook and this site owner will get a cut.  Who really knows who will get your money??

There is no way anyone can predict the stock market, that’s why it’s highly regulated and strictly governed so no one can predict it.

Yeah and I’m so sure he predicted Facebook and everything else he said in the sales video.

I can’t see what good you’ll get out of this, sorry, I highly do not recommend this Profit Wizard Pro.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Profit Wizard Pro is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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