Finding A Cheap Guest Posting Service

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Finding A Cheap Guest Posting ServiceWhat in the world is a guest posting service? It is a tactic that is also commonly referred to as guest blogging.

Okay, but what is it?

In Layman’s terms, it is where one blogger contributes articles or posts to another person’s site.

Guest blogging is an essential practice for reaching a new audience, increasing traffic to one’s own blog, and growing relationships.

Keeping a blog fresh and new is quite the tiresome and trying task, but luckily, this is a great way to accomplish such a feat without wearing yourself thin.

While it does reduce the amount of time that you have to spend writing posts, the method can prove to be quite costly if the person isn’t careful.

A quick online search will reveal numerous names in the industry, and some of them come with a substantial price tag.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to find a cheap guest posting service. Of course, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality or value for the low price though.

So, read further to learn about some companies that offer cheap guest posting service.

Never just take another person’s word for something.

Research the organizations for yourself and do the legwork to ensure they are a good fit. With web-based scams lurking around every corner these days, it pays to be careful.

After all, nobody wants to get taken advantage of or flush their funding down the toilet. So, take care of the homework now and avoid the headaches later.



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Without Further Ado, Reputable Places With Cheap Guest Posting Service

1. Constant Content

This organization proudly boasts that it has served over 50,000 businesses, has over 100,000 expert writers, and that all of the content is 100% unique.

The company has an extensive catalog with loads and loads of articles covering broad topics on file. Hence, it is the ideal solution for when you need something in a hurry.

There is also the option of ordering custom content. Prices vary, depending on what you choose, but some are as low as 5$, $4, and even $2.

Therefore, Constant Content is worthy of being recognized as one of the best organizations offering cheap guest posting service.


Finding A Cheap Guest Posting Service


2. BKA Content

The company offers a self-service option that claims to be perfect for businesses that spend less than $1,000 per month on content creation.

This method is also suitable for small or one-time projects. There is a managed services section that tends to be a good fit for enterprises, agencies, and e-commerce organizations as well.

Prices of things vary, but since this post is over cheap guest posting service, I will stick to the ones for blogging. Standard posts start at $8.25, and specialty assignments begin at $14.25.

BKA Content is not a conventional freelance platform that gives writers projects on a first come first serve basis. Instead, it is different from competitors in that it is a fully managed content creation service.

Plus, you don’t have to haggle or deal with the authors as the company takes care of this aspect.


3. Text Broker

This company is one of the best organizations that provides cheap guest posting service for a few different reasons.

For one, the client gets to choose the author level rating of between 2 and 5-stars to determine the quality of the work.

This choice decides how much you pay too. Open orders start at 1.3-cents per word and go all the way up to 7.2-cents per word.

Meanwhile, there is also a direct order option where you commission the author while negotiating the price and delivery date.  People that choose this method should expect the cost to start at 2.4-cents per word.

Additionally, there is a team order selection as well that lets you hand-pick a group of experts and set the price, which starts at 2.4-cents per word too.


4. Writer Access

Writer Access is another contender for the best, cheap guest posting service title.  It is similar to Text Broker in that the customer gets to choose the price and quality of the work.

The content creators are general, copy, legal, and tech writers as well as industry experts. Rates for the basic marketplace are determined on a per word basis beginning at 4-cents and ending at $2.

However, there is an elite marketplace as well with small projects starting at $50 and larger ones running around $1,000.

Regardless of your content creation needs, this organization has a little something for everyone.

So, if you are looking for a cheap guest posting service for your site, give this place a peek.



This business does not price things on a per word basis. Instead, it has subscription plans to boost your content marketing game.

The starter program costs $99 per month while the professional plan runs $199 monthly.  The first is designed for businesses with a small scale content strategy.

Meanwhile, the latter option is built for organizations seeking high-quality writers and a host of added services. charges monthly to ensure that they can train and provide you with top-tier authors.


How To Pick The Right Writer

When you are going through the applicants and trying to decide who to choose, it’s important to start off with what you’d want.

You must provide clear goals of what you want your content to be about and keywords you want to target.  Sometimes a keyword can be interpreted in different ways as well so offer suggestions or the direction you want to take that post.

The more details about the content you want, the more likely you’ll be able to receive content that closely resembles what you think you’re going to get.

In my experience, it’s been hard to find the right writer but you must keep trying and training your writer is also important.

They will need to learn your style, your tone, how you write, etc.

Offering training materials and how you’d like your posts written will go far if you give them guidelines and what your expectations are.

Their first content may not be the best so you may have to go back to them for re-writes which is sometimes necessary so they can learn how you like to have your content written.

If you’re in a position to buy content from other writers, that means your blog is doing well and making money.

But, if you’re still trying to get to that point where you can just hire people to write for you, then you may want to take a look at my guide here for ways to get your blog making money for you.


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