Free Ad Cash System Review: Scam Or Make $3.6K A Day?

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is Free Ad Cash System a scamLooks easy to just make thousands of dollars a day with the Free Ad Cash System but is it a scam? Is it for real?

Many of you will fall for these types of programs because they look legit but they are far from it, especially this one.

I write this review so that I can show you the truth about this program and let you know what you’re in for because I’ve reviewed hundreds of these programs and can spot a scam a mile away.

This Free Ad Cash System will be broken down in the following ways:



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Free Ad Cash System Logo


Program Name: Free Ad Cash System


Price: 100% Free (Lie)

Owner: Simon Green (Fake)

Recommended? No

The Free Ad Cash System is a software that supposedly makes you over $3.6K a day “flipping ads” and make it big in the online advertising world.

Sounds interesting right?  Flipping ads, how much money can you earn by flipping ads?

How do you flip ads?


Free Ad Cash System Sales Video Home Page


Even the testimonial said he made $3,902.80 within his first 48 hours, sounds very amazing right?

The supposed owner, Simon Green, has made over $22 million with this method and all he did was make a few clicks with his mouse from the comfort of his own home.

In 2.5 months, he can make you a millionaire he says and he’s only choosing a few more members to join his close circle and then he will retire.

Unfortunately, this is all a big lie.

The Free Ad Cash System is just a website with a sales video on it that is telling you one big lie after another and misleading you with exaggerated claims of incredibly high income to make you give him your $250.

This system says it’s 100% free but not for long.

You think a real system that could make someone a millionaire in 2.5 months can be free?

No, this is all smoke & mirrors to make you deposit your money.  Once you do, say bye bye.




I have not given these crooks a penny of mine so no, I haven’t actually deposited any money and that’s because I can never trust this website since there are tons of lies that I’ll point out now.

All Free Ad Cash System does is give you a picture to make it look like you can really make a million dollars by just giving them your $250.

If it was so simple, wouldn’t everyone be rich by now?  Wouldn’t it be all over the news?

Let me show you the deceptions of Free Ad Cash System now:

#1 LIE – “Flipping Ads” Is NOT REAL

The basis of this whole system is that you’re “flipping ads” and making money with it by buying and selling ads but there’s no such thing.

Free Ad Cash System Flipping Ads doesn't exist

Ads are not stocks, mutual funds, future contracts, binary options, cryptocurrencies or any type of asset.

NOBODY flips ads.  You buy ads to promote your company or brand.  You’re buying space in the medium you want like in the newspaper, on tv, or online to display your ad so people can know about your product or company.

Nobody buys and sells ads to trade for a profit, this doesn’t even make sense.

There are other scams that also claim to use this ad flipping to make money like these:


#2 LIE – Free Ad Cash System Doesn’t Exist

When you try to sign up, you get to a checkout page that says “BannerBit” so you’re not even buying this “Free Ad Cash System”.

Bitcoin Millionaire Club Checkout Page is Another Product

On the checkout page, you will read nothing about “Free Ad Cash System” and that this BannerBit will be taking over but who’s BannerBit?

What is it?  Who’s behind it?

Scary to think where your money is really going to.  Many of the other scams I listed above also goes to this BannerBit checkout page, so there you go.


#3 LIE – Fake Testimonies

Both in the video and on the 2nd page of this site, there are testimonies showing how much money these guys have made but not so fast, they are fake as hell.

The two guys in the video are just actors from the freelancing site where you can hire people for as low as $5 to make you a testimonial video like these.

Just take a look:

Free Ad Cash System Fake Testimonial 1

Retired Millionaire Fake Testimony


30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies Fiverr Actor 2


Not only this, they have reused the same testimonial from another product for this one!

Quantum Ad Code Fake Testimonies


On top of this, they are using a photo that is not Gina M. of course, they are using this picture of a real person that is a director in Hollywood?!?

Quantum Ad Code Fake Testimonies Revealed as Hollywood Director


#4 LIE – 100% Free System


Free Ad Cash System 100% Free, not quite.

If it was 100% free, you wouldn’t be choosing how much money you are going to “invest” if it was free.

No real system or software that can make anyone money comes free.  This is a fact if you look at ANY thing in the real world that makes you money, how is it free?

Don’t fall for their BS.


#5 LIE – Limited Space

There are no limited spots, this video has been up on YouTube since July of 2017 so it shouldn’t take them months and months just to find people to take up those few spots.

Free Ad Cash System Limited Spots Open Is Fake

This is just a scarcity sales tactic that many scams use to pressure you into a hurried decision, buy now and buy today!

You are going to lose your money the same way if you buy today or buy months later.  You’re still going to lose all your money.


#6 LIE – Exaggerated High Income Claims

Earning so much money like being a millionaire in just 2.5 months is just not realistic in any kind of system here.

Free Ad Cash System Exaggerated Income Claims

It’s very rare to earn that much money that fast, unless you’re an actor that became a success overnight or win the lottery.

You really won’t be making over $800K in 2 months.  It’s just not possible with this system or any other system.

Especially on a system that claims you can flip ads!  Come on guys, who would fall for this kind of nonsense?

There are no magical systems on the internet I’m afraid.



There are more lies in their sales video and pages but I think you get the point.  They also duplicated this site to scam more people with Quantum Ad Code, look how similar they look:

Free Ad Cash System Is Same As Quantum Ad Code

Nothing can be trusted on this site, so I don’t know how anyone would dare to put in any money since this is based on something that doesn’t exist, flipping ads.

They make sound like you’re “trading” ads like stocks but nobody trades ads, what exchange would this be on?  Is it regulated?

You know any system that will make you this kind of money will be regulated by the government, and nobody has heard of this ridiculous claim of buying and selling ads.




Thumbs DownYes, this Free Ad Cash System is a big scam along with the other ones I’ve mentioned earlier.

There is nothing good about this product that I can even say.

This is scam in the purest form and you’ll never see your money again if you actually went for it.

Where would you even get your money back if anything goes wrong?  This site has no Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Earnings Disclosure pages which are more red flags that this site can’t be trusted.

You don’t know who you’re giving your money to, you don’t know where you would ask for your money back, and who knows what they will do with your personal information once they have it since there’s no Privacy Policy you can look at.

You will get nothing but a big hole in your wallet plus a bunch of sales calls and unwanted junk mail.

I highly do not recommend Free Ad Cash System.




Believe it or not, some of the legitimate methods that this Free Ad Cash System scam mentions in their sales video that they claim “don’t work” actually do work because they are real methods.

They are actually discrediting real, legit methods for their scam, just unbelievable.  That’s the scary part.

I have to tell you that I actually use one of those legit methods that they mentioned that they claim doesn’t work, and it DOES work because it’s a REAL method, unlike their fake ad flipping nonsense.

You can take a look at what I do and use everyday to make my living online in my free guide here:

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In my guide, I show you everything you need to know about what I do, how it works, why it works, what you’ll be doing, and where you’ll get started for FREE!

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You’ll have help, not only from me, but also tons of like-minded people in the community, making it easy for you to have a smooth start.

Don’t get sucked into shiny objects like making fast cash and be a millionaire in just 2.5 months, not possible with any system.

Anything real and worthwhile in life requires hard work, dedication, and time… so if you allow your business to grow, success will be at your doorstep.

Stop wasting your time with this nonsense of ad flipping and try something real that works!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Free Ad Cash System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Free Ad Cash System Review: Scam Or Make $3.6K A Day?”

  1. I am a member, and was never given the means to log in. I did get an email that said that I had to finish my set up, but kept on leading me to the enrollment page.

  2. The link i got thru a youtube ad on a video took mr to the ‘freeadcash’ site where the millionaire guy was promoting the system from ‘his’ private jet. the background there was a sign for ‘QuantumAd’. I decided to check for reviews and found yours…never watched to the end…initial interest went from high to skeptical as soon as he said ‘his team’ was going to show me how it’s done….pretty sure the ‘team’ doesn’t work for free and highly unlikely Mr. Millionaire ( Michael Crawford) was going to pay out of his own pocket! Supposedly he’s been written about in Forbes, The Wall St Journal, CNN, INC., PC Magazine and MSN.
    1st. Link…[link removed]
    2nd link: [link removed]
    3rd. This guy exposes Crawford and jet crew as rent a scammer:

    The worst part is these ‘actors’ must realize they’re participating in the creation of a scam at some point unless they’re complete morons! Why would they want their image associated with such nefarious deeds? !!

    • Hi CJ, thank you for your comment, you are right about this guy and this Quantum Ad Code is a horrible scam. Free Ad Cash System is part of the scam as well.

      I had to remove the first two links of yours because the first one just went to some YouTuber video that was not related to this at all, and the second is straight to the scam with affiliate codes.

      The third is okay and shows this is a complete scam, thanks for sharing this video with all of us.

      Stay away from these systems,


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