Free Biz Account Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $1,000’s A Day?

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is Free Biz Account a scamA fellow reader was asking if the Free Biz Account system is a scam or if it can really make her thousands of dollars a day so I checked into and my findings are in the review below.

I’m glad you’re here too to find out whether Free Biz Account is right for you, I will provide you with all the details I found out and will tell you what this actually is.

You may be surprised to find out that this is not what it seems at all but there are many sites that do this and mislead people to join something they were not really informed about.

I hope you will find this review useful and get all the questions answered for you.

My Free Biz Account review will be broken down in the following sections:



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Program Name: Free Biz Account


Price: Free? (Fat chance)

Owner: William Tellers

Recommended? No

Free Biz Account Sales video home page


The Free Biz Account site is apparently put together by William Tellers who has a way to make money online that can make people tons of money.

The sales video says they have the system that will:

  • quickly and easily get your site set up
  • show you what company they use
  • show you what to sell

All for the price of free because the owner William is going to cover our $2o0 cost for the training that we will go through.

They also emphasize on getting a coach for yourself to help guide you through your journey so that you can make big money they talked about in the sales video.

I mean, making $100 a day minimum, who doesn’t want that?  And that’s just the minimum, the goal is to reach $1,000 a day.

I could understand the excitement you feel with such an offer but you must be careful with these types of sales pages because they are very misleading.

There’s really not much info about the system in their sales video or what you’ll be doing or how you’ll make money with their system.

There are a few red flags on this Free Biz Account site that I will show you below but when a system keeps saying it’s free but then gives you a $97 checkout page, this is a sure sign that there’s gotta be more charges coming.




There are many red flags on this Free Biz Account site and I’m glad you’re here to find out what they are because these guys are literally lying to you from beginning to end.

In fact, how this really works is that there are those unethical internet marketers who build sites like Free Biz Account to lure you in by telling you that you can make massive amounts of money.

I come across these sites all the time and a couple of examples are Secret Society Of Millionaires and Money Sucking Website System.

It’s definitely not the right way to market and highly deceiving, like for Free Biz Account, you’re not even buying “Free Biz Account”, it’s not even a system or anything, I will show you below.

So let’s take a look at the red flags of Free Biz Account now, just the main ones, or else you’ll be here all day.


#1 Red Flag – Owner William Tellers Is Fake

I always find this scary that these types of sales video will just outright lie to people like this but this is the reality of the scams out there.

They tell you who they are on the first Free Biz Account sales video but it’s all a big lie:

Free Biz Account has a fake owner

That image is from Shutterstock which is a stock photography site where anyone can go there to buy these pictures for your own use.

If you can’t trust that they are the real owner, then what other info can you trust about this site?  Not much.


#2 Red Flag – Pricing Not Right

First they say the system is free and then they tell you that you need a coach so that’s going to be $47 but then the checkout page says $97!

Free Biz Account Coach Fee Is Wrong

So which is it?  I’d love to save $50!!

If you’re going to be tricking people, make your trick believable!


#3 Red Flag – Free Biz Account Is Not Real

At the checkout page, you’ll find that you’re actually buying something else and most people don’t notice this stuff but because I’ve reviewed tons of scams like Free Biz Account, I noticed right away and will show you here:

Free Biz Account is not the real system


Which actually is My Ecom Club and I just reviewed recently and it’s really a training system to show you how to make an e-commerce site using the drop shipping business model.

However, they don’t really show how to build the system, they mention the tools they use but they don’t have any step by step training to give you the actual how-to.

That’s because they want to upsell you to a $1,997 package:

My Ecom Club True Costs

They are basically offering you a done-for-you solution where they build the site for you filled with products you want and then you can just start promoting it to get sales for your store.

The done-for-you package is $1,997 plus a nice recurring monthly fee of $97 if you want continued ongoing support.

The way they tell you how to market your new online shop is through Facebook ads, so you’ll have to be ready to have even more money to be available to use for advertising.

The system they teach you also come with a few other recurring fees to keep your online shop going from the tools they are using for you and you’ll need to constantly promoted to get people seeing your shop.

Therefore this type of business model comes with many costs, not just the fee they are trying to charge you.


#4 Red Flag – Underlying Program Is Connected With Other Scams

I had proven in the My Ecom Club review I wrote that this is connected with other scams I had reviewed and I will briefly mention them here.

The My Ecom Club uses the name Rocky Lin as the e-commerce guru on their site but this was the name also used in My Secret Sites which I had reviewed as a scam.

You can see this connection in the email I got from this program below welcoming me to their program “Welcome to My Ecom Club Grace (My Secret Sites Order Confirmation)”.

Then when I looked up My Ecom Club’s corporate address, it was the same as Countdown to Profits another big scam that’s been shut down by now.

The real owner of My Ecom Club is actually Teo Vee:

Free Biz Account Real Owner

So that means that the owner of the Free Biz Account site is either Teo Vee himself or an affiliate for Teo Vee.

Either way, I don’t trust any of this, all I find are connections to scams as well as everything about this is highly misleading to anyone who’s looking for legitimate source to learn how to make money online.




Thumbs DownYes, Free Biz Account is definitely a scam because it’s marketing to you as “Free Biz Account” when it’s not even a system at all and trying to get you to join something completely different.

My Ecom Club is nothing more than a bigger sales funnel for you to buy into their $2K package, instead of actually teaching you how to use that business model of drop shipping and give you the know-how.

If they don’t teach you the know-how, that means they want to hold control over you and don’t want you to know how to maintain your shop, your business, which also means you need to keep paying them $97/month to make any changes to your shop.

On top of their fees, you have the shop fees too from the tools they recommend and use to build your online store with which all totals about $30 – $305/month, depending which plans you take.

On top of those fees, you still need people on your shop so you’ll need to advertise, the only way online shops are seen by anyone these days are by promoting them, no one will be able to find it otherwise.  Promoting online can easily run you into the thousands of dollars a month!

Unlike my online business, I didn’t have to spend a dime for you to come on to my site today, another reason why I stopped by online shops because the current business model I use is way better and cheaper.

With everything I have shown, I do not recommend Free Biz Account or My Ecom Club.




There are certainly many ways to make money online but where beginners get stuck is the know-how.

I’ve been making money since 2012 and have tried a few things including having online shops which I loved owning but, man, I hated the constant promotion of it all.

In Sep/16, I finally found a way to properly learn a different business model which I had known about and failed at because I didn’t know how to use it properly.

Ever since then, I’ve been able to build the online business I ever wanted and now I’m making a 4 digit online income and loving this business model way better than having an online shop.

With an online shop, you always have to promote it and of course deal with customer service, products, yes even if you’re drop shipping you have to deal with products, branding, etc.

With the business model I use nowadays, I don’t have any of those headaches and I just get to write about things I love to talk about which is helping others find ways to really make money online.  You can do the same thing but use a topic that you’d want to use and love to talk about.

And from this post, you can tell I’m no professional writer! Lol  So believe me, if you can write emails to a friend, you’re a writer.

Anyway, you can find out all about this business model and what I do in my free guide here:

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You will have complete understanding of how it all works, what you’ll be doing, and what’s all involved from my guide.

You’ll also see where you can learn the know-how with complete, comprehensive step-by-step training so you have full control of your business and learn from the ground up on how to build your online business.

Because you will learn the know-how, you will be in full control of what you want to do with your business at any time as well as build new online businesses once you got a successful one.

There is no need to pay for expensive programs, you can start learning this business model today for FREE even and I show you where you can get started in my guide!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Free Biz Account is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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