Free Guide: How To Create A (Free) Website For Affiliate Marketing

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How To Create A (Free) Website For Affiliate MarketingI’m glad you’re here on my free guide to show you how to create a website for affiliate marketing for free or on your own domain!

I’ve been able to reach Super Affiliate status on a particular affiliate marketing training platform so I’m able to offer you insights on how to get your new affiliate marketing business up and running in no time.

Creating the website portion is actually the easiest part of the whole equation.

It’s actually the building out of the website that has the bulk of the work and what will drive traffic to your new website.

In this guide, I will also provide you with insights on how an affiliate marketing business works and if you do it properly, you could really enjoy a full time income from working online at home.

I have built my affiliate marketing business up to a 4 digit online income so far, but my goals are not all reached yet.

This affiliate marketing business is so awesome and given me a life that others could only dream of.

I have helped many people start their affiliate marketing business and I hope to get you to the same place I am plus so much MORE.

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When building a new website for affiliate marketing, the best format to use is really the blog format and most people use WordPress to build your blog with.

The blog format is the best way to do affiliate marketing because this is the way you could establish trust with your visitors.

Building a blog allows you to write articles that will rank on search engines, when you rank on search engines, especially on first page, you will get tons of traffic to your website, and thus earning commissions if you set up your site right.

With a blog, your site will also be dynamic, and not just a static website where you just set up a few pages and that’s it.  A static website like that won’t rank on search engines and if you don’t rank on search engines, you will have no free organic search traffic (the best kind to have) for your business.

Building a blog also gives you a way to build an online presence for people to get to you know, follow you, and learn from you.

When you build such an online presence, you will build trust within your niche and that’s how you will get those clicks on your affiliate links and people will buy from you because they trust you.

This is exactly how I have built my site here at Work Anywhere Now, and because I write helpful articles that rank high on Google, last month I was able to have almost 48,000 people on my site without having to pay for any of this traffic.

My income comes from affiliate marketing and display ads, you could see my last results here.

There are also important things you need to know about before going into this business, so here are top 5 things to consider before going into affiliate marketing.




If you’re going to do affiliate marketing right, you will need proper training even after you have created your website.

I have been using Wealthy Affiliate since 2016 to help me build this website you’re on that generates a 4 digit online income every month.

When I tried blogging using affiliate marketing without proper training back in 2012, I failed and didn’t earned much so with my own experience, I know it’s important for any new person doing this to get proper training like I did.

Not only Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the tools like a website builder, keyword research tool, and hosting services all in one place for your online business but they will teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing with their comprehensive training.

You’ll also have a huge community to help you through any issues you will have.  Building an online business is a very lonely place, and if you don’t have yourself a network of support, it’ll be that much harder to do.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you could sign up for FREE so you can see how it works, how you like their training, and use their FREE sites!

Then, when you’re more comfortable with the platform, you could upgrade to Premium (very affordable with everything you get: $49/month or $359/year) and transfer your free site onto your own custom domain.

You see, the free sites that Wealthy Affiliate offers are on a subdomain and your URL will look like this:

These free sites are great for testing an idea or a way to give you a place holder until you have come up with the domain you want to buy.

Any domains like will have to be bought anywhere you want but Wealthy Affiliate provides you that option for you too and so you can buy your domain there as well.


Create A New Website In Under A Minute

I’m going to show you in this video how easy it is to create your website for affiliate marketing in under a minute, as well as how you could transfer it very easily to a new custom domain when you’re ready for it:



Not so scary is it?

You are very lucky to be building a WordPress website this way without knowing a single line of code!

I used to have to learn coding and now all you need to know is your domain name and website name, which most often are the same! Lol

So, count yourself lucky to have a free website builder like this and your website is live on the internet within a minute!

Now, it’s YOUR turn, you can give it a try right here:



How you will build out your website is by writing articles on how to solve problems for your audience or niche that you have selected.

You’re not just going to be putting products on your website and hope someone will buy them, no one will buy them like that, especially because you won’t get traffic to your website that way.

Why affiliate marketing works when done right is because you have created trust between you and your reader.

If you can create that bond between you and your reader, you could pretty much recommend anything to them and they will buy it.

Remember what I said in the beginning as well, you want a site that is dynamic, not static, and being dynamic means you should be creating, new and high quality content for your blog every week on a consistent basis, very important.

How you’re going to get that traffic is by using keywords in your content so you’ll need to learn where to use them, how to use them, and how to research them.

You will also need learn how to search engine optimize your posts and website for maximum potential to get picked up by search engines.

Then, to make money, you need to know how to use your affiliate links, where to place them, how to get them, etc.

ALL these things you need to know to create a successful affiliate marketing business is right there in the Wealthy Affiliate training under the Online Entrepreneur Certification course:

The Best Training On Affiliate Marketing Is The Online Entrepreneur Certification course


With your free account, you will get the first Level free so you’ll get 10 lessons along with the tasks that you’ll do on your site to get it going.

The way the training works, you will be learning at your own pace, each lesson has written instructions, usually with also a video to show you how to do things, and then a section of Tasks that you’ll take action on to apply what you just learned on to your website.

You will then check those tasks off as you do them and then move on to the next lesson when all tasks are done.  The lessons are also tracked so you can see what progress you’re making in the course.

This is the way I have built my online business today using affiliate marketing, using Wealthy Affiliate’s training that obviously works as you have landed on my page today without me paying a single dime on advertising.

See more details of Wealthy Affiliate HERE!




If you have guessed it, I am a very active member at Wealthy Affiliate and have reached Super Affiliate status on their platform.

They teach affiliate marketing so it only makes sense they have an affiliate program too right?  So that’s what I wanted to do for my website, and was able to make more than 300 sales in a calendar year!

Now I will get to attend their all expenses-paid private Super Affiliate Conference next Jan/19 in Las Vegas to meet the owners and learn more with other Super Affiliates (click image for full story):

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate Announcement


Of course, they will teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing in ANY niche you end up choosing!  Their training works with any niche and the principles are the same whether you promote them or something else.

Anyway, my point is…. Lol…. I want to help YOU.  I have already helped more than 4,000 people get started with affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate, and I know I can help you too.

If you go through the links and buttons on my page to sign up at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be YOUR Personal Coach!

That means you can ask me any questions, be your first to contact and offer you all my experience, insights, and where to find things easier.

This kind of help is priceless and I wish I had someone like me, but you know what, the community inside Wealthy Affiliate is how I got through my first 2 years and I’m still able to make a success out of myself.

So with my help, you will get on the success path much faster than I did!


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


This Business Takes Time

One last thing, before you leave, I want to tell you that this affiliate marketing business truly takes time to grow, just take a look at my two years results here:

My 2 Year Income Results


You really need to know that this is not a get-rich-quick thing and that you will be learning how to build a real business that you can really earn from.

I started earning a 3 digit income in my 12th month, 4 digits in my 19th month and has continued to grow since to $4.9K last month.

I can’t wait to see what my 3rd year will look like!


If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to create a (free) website for affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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