How Do You Create A Blog For Free? With An Easy Website Builder!

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How do you create a blog for freeHave you been thinking about creating a blog and wondering “How do you create a blog for free?

Well today, I will show you just that and it’s going to be easy too.

Nowadays, you really don’t need to know any coding to create a blog and I will show you the best place to do it at so you can create a blog for free!

Everyone likes FREE right?


So, here’s how I will tell you about how you can create a free blog:




I wanted to start by telling you some basic things you should know when creating a blog.

This will help you understand blogs and what you’ll need.


What is WordPress

Wordpress logoIf you want to create a blog, you will need to know about WordPress.  It’s the engine that powers blogs for millions of people all over the internet!

WordPress is needed to create a blog so it’s something that needs to be install onto a website.  Wordpress allows you to write your blog posts and build your blog how you like.

Without WordPress, you will just have a static website and will have to build your pages individually using landing pages or other expensive things.

There are other applications you can use instead of WordPress but WordPress is far more superior, widely supported, and highly flexible than any other application to house your blog in.

Therefore, I’m going to show you how to create your blog with WordPress.


WordPress Themes

WordPress also uses themes which gives you the look or design of your blog.  When first installed, there is usually a default theme or you can choose a simple one to start.

Themes can be changed any time, so it’s no problem if you start with one and decide to get a better later.

I just wanted to mention themes now because you’ll need it when I show you how to create yours.




There are actually many places where you can create a blog for free.

But I’m going to weed them all out for you because the one place I’ll show you will have:

  • The best hosting for WordPress Sites
  • You will get TWO free blogs
  • You will also get some FREE training to help you start building your blog once created
  • Plus a community where you can ask questions if you’re ever stuck building your blog


Okay, are you ready to create your blog?

You will need to do just a few steps:

  1. Think of a domain name you want in the URL address of your blog (this name can’t be changed so make sure you like it)
  2. Think of a name you want to call your blog (this name can be the same or similar to the name in step 1, this can be changed later on too)
  3. Pick a theme (just pick something you like, this can be changed whenever)
  4. Finally use the “Click Here to Build This Site” button to create your blog!


It’s really that simple, once you click on that button to create your blog, it will be live on the internet!

You will be creating your blog at Wealthy Affiliate because they have the easiest website builder and other business tools like training and keyword search tool for you to use.

Once you have Step 1 done, enter that name into the website builder below and click on “Build It Now” to continue the other steps:

NOTE: You will create your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate right after you click on the “Build it Now” button.  Your account will be free for as long as you want, it’s NOT a free trial.


Subdomains and Free Sites

Your free blog website will be on a subdomain of, you will have the chance to transfer it to your own domain later one when you feel like buying your own domain.

All free blogs are usually on a subdomain like this “” – that’s how blogs are able to be given away.

You could never get a free blog website anywhere because custom domains need to be registered under your name and so there’s a fee to buy your own domains.

No worries, Wealthy Affiliate has domain registration also available on their platform if you choose to transfer your free site to your own domain later.


Create Your Blog In Under A Minute

If you want to see how the above steps all go together and how a blog can be created so quickly, here’s a video where I walk you through it all and show you how easy it is to create your own blog:



I hope the video helped and now it’s your turn to create your blog in under a minute!

You’ll love it inside Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn things you never thought you could do.

I’ve been a Premium member there since September 2016, and I have built this blog from their courses, if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here:

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If you’re creating a blog with a goal of making money with it, I think you should take a look at my free guide to learn about the process of how to make money with a blog:


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My guide will take you through what the best business model to use on your blog and how to use to monetize it.

I will also show you in great detail more about Wealthy Affiliate and how they can help you in this process as well.

Even if you don’t want to make money with your blog, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to host your free blogs (you will get two with your free account).

I wish you all the best whatever you do with your blog.

So, how do you create a blog for free?  I think you know now. 😉


If you have any questions or thoughts about how you create a blog for free, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Yes there’s a lot less coding involved these days to build a website and that is why it’s easier than ever to build your own online business these days. With the right training like I show you in my free guide here, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great online income for yourself!


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