How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?“Is there money in affiliate marketing?”

“How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?”

“Is affiliate marketing legit?”

These are some of the questions I often bump into. Can you make money from it? Yes. How fast? That actually depends on you. Is it legit? 100%.

You see, affiliate marketing is one of the most productive ways to earn money online. I’ve read somewhere that this industry is expected to expand to more than $6 billion over the next few years. This proves that there’s a huge opportunity for us to earn from affiliate marketing.

Sadly, many people enter this industry with the wrong outlook. They’re seduced and misled by false promises of earning easy and quick money. If your goal is to get rich right away, this is not the business for you.

If you wish to be successful in this field, you must master several steps first. Affiliate marketing will demand a lot of your time and effort. However, if you aim to make financial freedom, I assure you, it’s totally worth it.

So, how do you start?

You start by determining your niche market. Then, you build a website and craft original content that will promote your affiliate products.

Is it really necessary to have a website?

Yes, blog platforms are the most ideal for affiliate marketers, and the most famous is WordPress. But, that’s for another post.

Let’s focus first on these following sections to see how you can earn money with affiliate marketing:



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Find Your Affiliate Niche

Most thriving affiliate marketers are focusing on a topic or market they are passionate or knowledgeable about (ideally, both).

Your target market need not have a massive audience or mass appeal. What matters is that it has an audience interested in the topic and the related products and services.


3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing


To see if your niche market has social and internet traffic, do SEO keyword research and check for related posts on social media.

If the keywords related to your niche have huge search volumes, and if you can find Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram posts with many followers, you definitely have an audience.

Determining your niche is one of the most important factors you need to consider. You need to have a topic that you can talk a lot about and help your audience in.

Helpful and valuable content is what gains trust with your target audience and gaining trust is what will convert your visitors into customers.



As a New Affiliate Marketer, Questions You May Consider

What is your passion?

The topic you read, write, and talk about most of the time is an excellent choice for your niche market. But, you must refrain from overly broad topics like “healthy diet.” You must aim for a narrow focus, like “a healthy diet for diabetics.”

I’ve covered in this post why it’s better to narrow down your niche.

Finding your passions can be a great way to find your niche as that will be something that won’t feel like work to you.  If you enjoy the topic you’re working on, you won’t have to work a day in your life, right?

With an affiliate marketing business, you must like what you’re doing or else it will be hard to come up with content or do research about it.


Can you identify at least 5 – 10 products related to your niche?

If you know your niche well, you must be able to identify at least 5-10 related brands. If you can, excellent! It’s highly likely you’ll find affiliate partners that handle products you wish to promote in your website.

You want to be able to find good products to promote in your niche, some tips about product finding are:

  • Don’t choose physical products under $100
  • Choose digital products if you can as they have higher commission rates
  • Choosing digital products that have recurring revenue is even better like membership sites

For more on which are the best affiliate products to promote, see this post here.


Can you find influencers?

Do a Google search on the keywords and terms related to your niche. Can you find informative content and blogs? Do these have authority? Are the readers participating and commenting on the posts? Or, do they appear to have a strong following?

Considering these questions will help you determine if there’s a good audience for your topic.


Laptop with 2 pens and phone


How is the competition?

I’ve mentioned in some of my blogs that competition is actually good. Why? Because it means that your niche market has a sizable audience. So, don’t let a few influencers discourage you.

However, if you see countless pages of blogs in the search results and it seems the niche is too crowded already, it may be really difficult for you to get to the top search results. This will likely hurt your time, effort, and money.


Choose the Right Affiliate Brands

After you answer these questions, the next step is to find affiliate companies that will let you promote their products and services.

This step is an on-going process. As you learn the proper way to do affiliate marketing, you’ll spend a lot of your time finding target partners, signing up for affiliate programs, and learning how they work.



After You Have Researched Your Niche

Build Your Website

Your website is an essential factor if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. Your site is the only affiliate marketing channel that you have complete control of your content and brand.

For many affiliate marketers, they consider their websites the central station. You can do this, too.

Then, your other marketing avenues, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and email, are the extensions of what is sheltered in your website.

Having a website also allows you to earn from different sources such as display ads, creating your own product, offering guest posting or backlinking services, etc.


Create and Organize Your Content

Once you have set up your website, you now have to begin crafting original content that will complement your niche and promote your affiliate products and services.

Some of the content types you could use to attract your readers/ visitors:

  • DIYs and how-tos
  • Product reviews
  • Recipes
  • Giveaways/ discounts

There are more content types you could use, check this post here for more types or things to write about. I’m just giving you some ideas on how you can attract your audience and convert them into buying customers.

To keep you updated, it’s wise to use a content calendar. This way, you can plan and schedule your posts in advance.


Add Marketing Channels

Once you have established your website, you need to find other ways to reach and build your audience.

Some marketing channels that will help extend your reach:

  • Social media
  • YouTube/ video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Mobile apps
  • Paid search ads


Learn SEO & Ranking Factors

In order to get your content ranked on Google search results, you need to make sure your blog is SEO ready and that each post is targeting a specific keyword.

You can create all the posts you want but if they don’t get on to Google’s search results, you won’t be able to get thousands of visitors for free which is the best traffic to have.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to do SEO, you must go learn it as this is essential to the success of your affiliate marketing business.



How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

I wish I could easily tell you that you’ll earn passive income within six months you started affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. No one can really tell as it differs from each person.

However, several factors will affect your affiliate marketing journey:

  • Your Niche
  • The affiliate programs you choose to promote
  • The hours you dedicate to your blog or website
  • How efficient your content is
  • Keywords you’re using
  • Where you get your traffic from
  • Your call-to-action or CTA on your posts

These are the major factors that will heavily affect how you’re going to turn your blog into a lucrative online business. There may be more.

Usually, an affiliate marketer can earn their first commission between three to six months after they’ve started. Some are luckier as they make their first income sooner.

But, you must not expect to earn a consistent income until you have been doing it for at least a year.

You’re likely thinking now that it would still take a year for you before you can experience success.

As I’ve said, it’s different for everyone. It will heavily depend on you. But, yes, the average is about at least a year before you start making consistent money.

The bright side is, it’s completely worth it!


Get Training For Better Chance Of Success

Thumbs UpAt the end of the day, what I found is best is to follow those who have done it before you by getting the right training.

I did just that when I wanted to try affiliate marketing again in 2016 because I had tried a few years before that and totally failed but I kept hearing about people making very good money with this business model so I persisted to find the best affiliate marketing training platform and found one.

In fact, this one training platform is solely responsible for my record month in Nov/18 where I hit $7.9K.

They have the blueprint to building this affiliate marketing business the way it should be built, using a blog website and then monetizing it with affiliate products.

I learned everything from keyword research to SEO’g my site, on page and off page, learning how to rank and what to write about to bring in the most traffic.

Without their training, there’s no way I would be making a monthly 4 digit online income which took me a year and a half to start making.

They have helped me so much that I reached Super Affiliate status on their platform!

It is so worth it to get trained the right way and gain the powerful skills that will help you earn as much as you want.

Check out my money making guide to learn more about this training platform and how it all works.


How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

One of the great things about this kind of business is that there’s no limit to how much you make. Still, it will depend on the time and effort you invest, as well as the methods you use to build traffic and convert sales.

Never stop learning and always make sure you’re the better version of yourself compared to yesterday. Who knows? You might be looking back two to five years from now with a huge smile on your face.

You will make mistakes. Many, even. But, you will hang in there and keep improving. The only way blocking your from succeeding is not getting started!

So, how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing? It doesn’t matter! As long as you do!

I hope this post has addressed your concerns about affiliate marketing.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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