How To Add A Youtube Video To WordPress: Easy Steps to Embed A Video!

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Want to know how to add a YouTube video to WordPress?  It’s not that hard and it doesn’t take long to learn how to embed YouTube video on your WordPress post.

Having videos in your posts is awesome and can give your blog a boost of traffic!

I will show you how to do this using these sections:


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Videos make your posts more interactive and provides a different medium for your audience to consume and be entertained by.

Videos are also becoming one of the most popular mediums to share on social media and use in ads so if you’re going to be in the internet space, you will need to start getting comfortable with using, creating and embedding videos.

Having videos on your blog also makes it easier for you to explain things to your audience.  Especially when something is complicated, using a video to show people how something is done will become more clear.

People really love looking at videos and it can help engagement on your blog if they have questions after seeing your video.




I will show you how to add a video to your WordPress post in this video here:

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I always provide screenshots of the steps just in case you’re not able to view the video for some reason.

So in your WordPress, make sure your post is already written and you just leave a space for the video to be inserted later.

When you are ready, go to the video you want to embed on YouTube.

Under the video, you’ll see some description, go to the part where you see a menu bar that includes “Share” on it like here:

Share Link on YouTube


Click on Share, you will have three options: Share, Embed, and Email – Click on Embed and you’ll see the embedding code open up to you:

YouTube Video Embedding Code


Before you copy this code, you may want to click on “Show More” at the bottom so you can see other options for your video:

YouTube Video Embedding options



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You can check and uncheck any options you’d like, the options are self explanatory and those highlighted in blue are the ones I use all the time.

Once your options are set, then go back to the embed code, highlight it, and copy.

Next, you will to to your WordPress post, since it’s all ready for your video, just go to the “Text” editor of your post and paste the code as seen here:

Paste Embedding Code in Text Tab


If you want to center your video, you will need to add extra code to your “Text” tab:

  • Add <div align=”center”> just before the YouTube embedding code.
  • Add </div> just after the YouTube embedding code like shown here below.

Coding you need to center the video

The other option I mentioned in the video was using <center> at the beginning of the embedding code and </center> at the end of the embedding code but not sure why this time it wasn’t working.

These coding works on other elements in your post as well, not just videos.  But use the WordPress alignment tools whenever possible so you don’t have to fiddle around with coding too much.




Remembering these tips will help you get a better experience working with videos:

  • Always add your video to your post last, just leave a spot where you want the video inserted.
  • Allow people to access the video player control options so they can go backwards or pause your video.
  • As long as the video as the embedding option, you’re allowed to embed it (video owners have the option to turn this off embedding option otherwise).
  • Try to embed your own videos versus using other people’s videos because:
    • You can get more traffic to your blog and YouTube Channel this way, cross promotion.
    • Your audience will have a better connection with you.
    • Gain trust with your audience.
    • You can always trust that your content is original.
    • Make money with your own video.

I hope these tips will help you with your blogging life and will use videos more in your content in the future.



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