How To Get A Free Affiliate Marketing Website In 5 Simple Steps

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How To Get A Free Affiliate Marketing Website In 5 Simple StepsAre you a beginner and don’t know where to start? Well, let me tell you how to get a free affiliate marketing website in just 5 easy steps but getting your free website is just the beginning.

In this post, you will learn what else you’ll need for your free affiliate marketing website for it to actually make money.

The only way to get a “free” affiliate marketing website is by building your own really.

There’s no way anyone will just give you an affiliate marketing website that’s already making money unless you buy it on or some other site selling place, so it won’t be free that way.

If you want learn how to get your free website for affiliate marketing and learn the elements you’ll need so it will make money for you, then this is the post you don’t want to miss!

I’ve been doing this for over 2 years and have been able to reach a 4 digit online income so far, so I can tell you what is all involved.

Let’s now check out the following sections:



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Getting a free website to get your affiliate marketing business started is one of the easiest part of this whole business.

It’s what you do with it after it’s created is where the bulk of your work is going to be.  If you think affiliate marketing is going to be easy then I’m sorry to tell you that it’s going to require some work.

This is why there are no free affiliate websites out there that are already making money.  You would need to pay for it.

Also, having a free website means that your website will sit on a subdomain, and not on your own .com domain.

That’s how free websites are built, on someone else’s root domain.

The place I’m going to show you where to get your free website is on Wealthy Affiliate, they are the leading affiliate marketing training platform there is in the industry.

Your free website will have this URL:

So before we start, you need to create your free account on Wealthy Affiliate HERE first, so do so before we begin.

Now that you have your free account on the training platform, let’s start creating your new affiliate website!


STEP #1:  SiteBuilder > Choose “On A Free Domain”

On the Wealthy Affiliate platform, look at your left menu, click on Websites, then SiteBuilder, and then select “On A Free Domain” for that first question you see there which is “What kind of website do you want to build?”.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder On A Free Domain


Step #2: Choose A Domain Name

For a free website, you’re choosing the first portion of your domain URL which I’ve bolded here:

It could be a domain name that you want when you’re ready to buy your own custom .com domain or it could be anything.

The point here is that you keep it short or else your domain URL is very long which will be hard for anyone to remember.

Remember that domain names can NOT be changed once created.


Step #3: Choose a Website Title

This website title could be the same as your domain, and usually this is the case with a lot of websites out there.

Having an affiliate marketing website doesn’t make it much difference.

The website title though could be changed anytime after you have created it so don’t spend too much time here.


Wealthy Affiliate SiteBuilder Steps 2-4


Step #4: Choose A Design Theme

The way Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing is in the form of a WordPress blog website, so that is what you’ll be creating too there, which means you’ll need to choose a WordPress theme.

A WordPress theme is what gives the look and design of your blog affiliate website.

Themes could also be changed anytime after your website is created so there’s no time to waste here either, just pick something initial you like and then research for more themes later.


Step 5: Creating Your First Free Affiliate Website!

This last step is easy, you just click that big green button at the bottom of the SiteBuilder that looks like this:

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder - Step 5


And within a few seconds, your website goes LIVE on the internet!

Congratulations!  That’s how easy it is to create a free website on Wealthy Affiliate.

I have a video here that shows you that whole process as well as teaching you how to transfer it to your own domain very easily:




Now that you have a blog website, how do you make it into an affiliate marketing website that makes money?

The next parts will be the hard work that you’ll need to put into building your website out.

This part is really not that hard but it’s just a lot of learning if you don’t know how already and these are skills that you will need to make be successful with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as most people think AND it’s going to take longer than most think to start making money.

This is why a lot of people don’t really succeed with affiliate marketing because it’s way more involved than most think.

If you treat it like a real business, then you’ll see your website as something you should take seriously and build it the right way with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the training I took and learned all I needed to know, now able to enjoy working from home with my laptop!

Check out my 2 year results from the training at Wealthy Affiliate:

Income vs New Posts Graph


The red line represents my work effort, how many posts I wrote on my blog a month, and the blue line is my income.

By 19th month, I broke 4 digits and it continued to soar after that and by the end of my second year in Aug 2018, I have reached almost $5K that month.

The above results are for this website you’re on, Work Anywhere Now, and I continue to work on it in my 3rd year to hopefully capture an even bigger year.


The following elements are what you’ll need to succeed in affiliate marketing:

Engaging High Quality Content

You will need to learn how to write on your blog to attract visitors to your website.  What you will write will be things that will help the people in your niche to solve problems.

When building an affiliate marketing website, your focus is actually about helping others solve problems because if you can do that, then it’s easy to recommend affiliate products to your readers to help them solve their problems.

For example, I love dogs, so if I created a dog training site, I can talk about all the different ways to train a dog and the equipment / dog toys and treats people will need to train their dogs with.

When you offer valued content, you will create trust with your audience and when you create trust, they will likely click on your affiliate links.

This is also where keywords come in, you’ll need to know how to do keyword research and know how to use them in your content to bring traffic to your website.

This is a crucial part of the puzzle that many beginners will miss if you don’t get proper training for this.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Know How

After knowing how to write and use keywords, you’ll need to know how to get indexed and ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I don’t pay a dime in advertising or any sort of paid promotions, I depend Google to give me my traffic and I get about 40K – 45K users a month on my site without paying anything for it.

This is the power of SEO and once your site has it, you can go many directions with your website.

So knowing how to use SEO is another important element to the success of your website.  From on page and off page SEO, to external and internal linking, and how you work with tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, you need to know all of this.

If you don’t, it’s best to just sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for the paid Premium membership to get the full training which I’ll speak more about below.

It’s always best to get the free account first to check it all out then upgrade when you’re ready.


Consistent Work Effort

If you can remember that you won’t be making money from your new affiliate marketing website for the first 6 months, then you’ll have a chance of making this actually work!

You could earn your first affiliate commission during your first 6 months, I did in my 2nd month of this site.

However, the first year of your earnings will be sporadic and won’t be consistent until your work has been consistent enough and high quality enough to be ranking on search engines.

It’s very easy to not work on your website, especially if you already have a full time job.  But you have to make room for this in your life, it’s big and has job replacing potential so treat it as such and be consistent with your work.

You must be able to schedule about 15 – 20 hours or more a week for your online business to make it work.

Yes, it could mean some sacrificing and it could mean you giving up social events on the weekends but if you can do that for a couple of years, you could have some serious business happening.

Doing what it takes for a couple of years is nothing compared to the freedom you will get if you build your affiliate marketing business right and be able to quit your job.

Being able to build this business successfully, means you get to enjoy having an online business that generates a 4 digit online income on a monthly basis, wouldn’t that be worth it?




I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016 and have accomplished reaching Super Affiliate and Ambassador status on their training platform.

I know what it takes to build a successful affiliate marketing website and I know the training at Wealthy Affiliate works.

You will learn all that I talked about above plus even more things you’ll need for your online business.

Their training is organized in a step by step manner that makes it easy to follow as well as tasks at the end of each lesson to help you take action on your own website and build it along side your learning.

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate with any of the links and buttons that lead you to Wealth Affiliate then you’ll be eligible for my FREE Coaching Services!

Yes, I’ll be YOUR Personal Coach with no extra charges, you will learn how to get my coaching service when I greet you on your profile after you sign up with this green button here:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


The proper way to build an affiliate marketing business is in the training at Wealthy Affiliate, I can guide you through anything you don’t understand and be there for you throughout your journey.

I have already made it work as you can see I’ve documented my progress on my “littlemama” profile here:

My Wealthy Affiliate Posts On My Profile


If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to get a free affiliate marketing website or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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