How To Make Money From Home On The Internet [Best Method]

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It has now been several years that I’m making money from home on the internet, and now I get to offer my knowledge to those who want to learn how to do the same.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help and mentor others to succeed online with my experience.

Whether you like it or not, the world today is currently going through a mandatory transition.

Knowledge is increasing and more and more people are getting to discover that working for a boss, the 9-5 tradition, the rush hour fiesta etc isn’t the only way to make a living!

There are many different ways to make money at home on the internet.

With some consistent effort and patience, you will make money sitting on your laptop.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the best way on how to make money at home on the internet.

You’ll learn how to build your online business in the following sections:


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Best Home Business?

The best way to make money at home on the internet is definitely through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of recommending someone’s products and services to target customers.

This practice becomes effective when sales are generated and commissions are earned.

There are a lot of bloggers and website owners already engaging in this type of sales tactic.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, affiliate marketing wins all the time and here’s why;

  • It doesn’t involve selling of anything. Your only job is to promote by driving traffic to an affiliate offer.
  • It doesn’t involve creation of a product or service.
  • It doesn’t involve product inventory, delivery, refund, cold calling, customer support / care etc.
  • Low cost to entry
  • Great for beginners

Affiliate marketing is by far the best business model to venture in as a beginner.


Start with Affiliate Marketing

Like I said, affiliate marketing is the best option to start with online and it is indeed what the majority start with.

However, not many actually succeed with it. And the main reason for this is not being prepared.


Laptop on table bright window background


It’s like when you decided to walk down the aisle, you spend weeks if not months selecting the right / perfect gown, choosing the best venue, the flowers, the food, the honeymoon… You get the picture right?

Same thing applies to making money at home on the internet using the power of affiliate marketing.

As simple as affiliate marketing seems, you don’t just dive in unprepared and expect profit off of it.

Rest on the following strategies to get you started and well prepared with affiliate marketing.



Choose A Niche

Without a niche, you got no agenda, no direction, no nothing. Your niche will make room for your business to grow.

So, what is a niche?

A niche simply refers to a specific topic, subject or category, usually of your choice.

Every website, blog and online sellers often sell in niche categories e.g. sports, finance, fitness, yoga, gardening etc.

A niche prepares you and helps you focus on your very own selected topic or interest (hobby) and gives direction to your business.

A well crafted niche has the potential to eliminate majority of the competition in your market section.


Narrowing Down Your Niche Is Very Important


Remember a niche is a breakdown of the bigger picture. It deals with specifics.

Therefore, it becomes much easier to drive high traffic numbers to your website or blog and you’ll also realize high profits in online selling.

A niche can be profitable, competitive, little-known, trendy or self constructed / formulated. Again, according to your choice.

The 3 biggest niches you can find online are health, wealth, and relationships.

The above 3 niches make up well over $1 trillion globally.

These are very broad niches which can be broken down further into sub niches.

For example, the health niche can be sliced down to:

  • Weight loss
  • Dieting
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Vegan
  • Joint pain

The wealth niche can also be sliced down to:

  • Make money online jobs
  • Gambling
  • Online courses
  • App development
  • Amazon FBA
  • E-Commerce shops
  • Affiliate marketing

And you can get sub niches inside the relationship or romance niche as well. They include:

  • Self development
  • Adult dating
  • Senior dating
  • Singles
  • Online dating
  • Marital problems
  • Bedroom problems

Note that no matter what type of niche you choose, it will be profitable if you and only if you are prepared to take it on and not quit.

In addition, a niche should be a topic you are familiar with. It can be a hobby or interest, a past experience, can be tragedy in your life that you can turn into niche or a learned experience.

Remember every niche is profitable and can make you a boatload of money.



Affiliate Products

Let’s take a closer look at affiliate products. These must be high quality products that you’ve used yourself and you’re confident they can solve problems or offer relief.

Every niche has got affiliate products for you to promote and make money.

In order to attain this, you should research the types of products your audience is looking for.

Once you’ve figured out the right products and services to sell in your niche, the next step is to increase the level of your reader’s trust and loyalty, establishing a good relationship and transparency with them.

From then on, affiliate marketing will be completely doable to you.

The following are some great websites you can find affiliate products to promote and make money at home on the internet.


Amazon Associates

Great place to start your affiliate marketing business is at using Amazon’s affiliate program called Amazon Associates because it is the biggest online marketplace with almost every niche catered for.

You’ll find millions of products and services to promote as an affiliate and make money.


  • Almost unlimited choices of products to select and promote depending on your niche.
  • Great commission structure (Up to 10% on every product sale). If someone uses your Amazon link to buy for example a backpack, and then they go on and buy other products, you still get compensated for that too.
  • Amazon has a 24 hour cookie, it means that when someone clicks on your affiliate link, you’ll get commissions from everything they buy in that 24 hour period since clicking on your link.


  • Limited payment options for affiliates. Amazon only pays it’s affiliates using cheques, or Amazon gift cards.
  • Limited cookie time. If someone uses your Amazon link and buys or perhaps doesn’t, when they return after 24 hours, no commission for you!



I bet you’ve heard of Clickbank. It’s a diverse marketplace circulated with digital products and services from hundreds of niches that you can pick and choose and promote.


  • Diverse range of products to promote. No matter what your niche is, you’ll find something to promote at clickbank.
  • High commissions. Since clickbank deals with digital products and services, they pay affiliate very high commissions, sometimes upto 100%
  • Clickbank is free for just about anyone to sign up and start with affiliate marketing no matter where are in the world


  • Limited payment options. Clickbank only pays its affiliates through wire transfer and cheques.



MaxBounty is much like ClickBank, but the only difference is that MaxBounty is more diverse and offer much more exciting offers such as CPA campaigns.

CPA offers are ones that don’t require you to sell to earn a commission, all you need is to get a sign up or lead to the offer.

Cost per action is what CPA stands for and so you’re paid usually a fix rate for a one time email submit for example so there’s no selling, you’re just asking people to sign up for things.


  • Digital payments. Unlike most affiliate networks, Maxbounty offers digital payouts to their affiliates
  • Maxbounty offers a great generous reward if $1000 to any new affiliate who earns $1000 in their first 3 months at the platform.


  • They are known to shut down accounts that uses free traffic or if you’re a low earning account. They would state “fraud” for the cause which is furthest from the truth.


There are many more affiliate sites to visit and promote but I won’t list them all here. I guess that will be a topic for another day.

You can let me know in the comment section 🙂

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of where to start from and monetize your website or blog and make some extra money at home.

But always remember that the most important aspect of your affiliate marketing business is what your audience is going to like.

So how do you achieve your audiences’ best interests?

Check out the next section.



Build An Online Presence

Building an online presence should be at the back of your mind the very first day you decided to get started with launching your online business.

This is mainly because you’re a stranger in a strange land so you gotta make people know who you are and what you do.

There are 3 ways to build an online presence:

#1) By Building a Website

Having a website is a great online presence strategy that allows you to market your business online.

Affiliate marketing toppled up with a website equals to passive income – That’s a proven fact!

Unlike in the past, now building a website take a few minutes to complete.

It is relatively cheap as well. All you need is an $11 domain name and less than $4 for hosting and you have a fully functional online business at your disposal.


Do You Write Blog Posts? Maximize Your Earnings


There are many ways to monetize your website and make money easily.

These include: building membership sites, email campaigns for clients, consulting, webinars, accepting donations, e-Commerce stores, local marketing for clients, selling websites for profit, the list is endless.

A website helps turn visitors into clients. A client is your regular customer because he/she is buying your products and services regularly.

So having a website helps you gain more clients and that will make your business grow.

So a website gives your business:

  • A home for your clients and target audience to visit
  • Credibility, authenticity and professionalism
  • Helps build trust and loyalty


#2) By Creating a YouTube Channel

YouTube is free join and creating a YouTube channel is so easy these days.

All you need is a valid email address and video recording software.

YouTube is king when it comes to affiliate marketing and starting any web based business.

Just like a website, a YouTube channel also helps you get traffic and market for your business online.

It also helps you build your brand authority and creates a lasting relationship with your audience / viewers.


YouTube Subscribe button


The only difference is that you’re gonna be creating videos rather than articles but the two go hand in hand.

This is because you can easily transcribe your YouTube videos and make blog post versions of them.

You can also embed your YouTube videos into your articles and make them more exciting and engaging.

You will be surprised at the power of video marketing, the way it influences and engages people on a very large scale.

Video marketing through YouTube is the fastest way to build your online presence.

Marketers who use video easily become popular and are more likely to influence their audience in making a purchase on social media, search and on their website.

If you want to learn more, check out these YouTube tips that will grow your channel!

And lastly…



#3) Get Training

If you’re still beating yourself up for failing to make money at home on the internet, perhaps you should consider getting training.

If you have weeds growing in your garden, you gotta go back and deal with them.

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all need training. All the successful affiliate marketers out there making millions a year still get training.

As the old saying goes, learning never stops. Every year, a new tactic is unravelled, a new technology is released, an updated is required.

Trends are everywhere and if you’re left behind, you business will suffer.

My point is, training is very essential in any online business journey.

When I first started out online 2.5 years ago with affiliate marketing, I tried to do it myself without training but it didn’t last long.

But after I had the privilege to take on the best training on how to make money at home on the internet, I’m able to generate a consistent 4 digit monthly online income.


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Do you have any questions or inquiries regarding how to make money from home on the internet or anything else? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below because I always answer my readers!


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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