How To Make Money On ClickBank Without A Website: Step By Step

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How To Make Money On ClickBank Without A Website- Step By StepI can certainly give you many ideas today on how to make money on ClickBank without a website but you have to know that if you do it this way, you’re always out there chasing the money instead of the money coming to you.

This goes for any affiliate marketing program or network you choose to use, ClickBank is just one of many out there.

In this post, I will show you how to make money with ClickBank without a website and then I will show you the reasons why you should just create a website, especially when you can get it for free and get training on how to build it out.

Here are the topics I will cover:



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ClickBank LOGOFor those that don’t know, ClickBank is an affiliate network where you can choose to promote any of the products that are listed on there and make a commission if you can get someone to buy from your affiliate link.

An affiliate link is the link that you’ll need to send to people to check out the product with.  This affiliate link tracks the people going from where you promoted your link at to the website where they will buy the product.

Once the people who you promoted to buy the product you, you will make a commission.  The commission can be whatever the vendor offers.

Because most products on ClickBank are digital products (downloadable products), the commission rates are usually higher than usual.

ClickBank offers products in a variety of categories and they rate the products by how many affiliates have been able to make money with that product called the Gravity factor.

Per their website, Gravity is:

The gravity performance statistic is an approximate, relative measure of how many affiliates have successfully promoted products from an account, with a higher number meaning more conversions.

Most people will use Gravity to search their product but there is also a “Popularity” scale you can use as well to find the most popular products to promote.

Unlike some other affiliate networks, once you sign up at ClickBank, there’s usually no other approval process you have to go through (there are a few vendors who do request further approval).

This is what attracts a lot of newbies to ClickBank as most of them don’t want to start with a website and this is one way to get away with that as they don’t require you to have a website or the need to be approved to start using this network.

Other affiliate programs and networks that require approval usually check out your website before they approve you.

At ClickBank, you just sign up and start promoting products that don’t require further approval, so let’s get to the steps on how to get started!



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Sign up with ClickBank here.  Follow their sign up screens and fill out all the information asked of you.  Once you are set up, you can start getting affiliate links.



Make sure you’re logged into ClickBank, click on Marketplace on the very top menu bar which will start listing products for you to promote.



Choose a Category you are interested in which is listed on the left side of the page, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll start seeing all the categories there.

ClickBank Categories



Once you’ve chosen a Category, pick a product you want to promote.  You may look at the “Avg $/Sale”, its Popularity, and Gravity scores to determine which promote you want to promote.

You can promote anything you want and can promote more than one product at a time, there are no restrictions on this.

ClickBank Product



To get your affiliate link, click on the “Promote” button of the product you want, and if it’s a product that doesn’t require further approval, you can just add a Tracking ID if you wish before they give the affiliate link.

ClickBank HopLink Create


A Tracking ID is useful to see where your promotions are working or not.  You can have an affiliate link for Twitter let’s say and another one for Facebook, so each of these will be created individually and you will enter the name in the Tracking ID box for the link you want to create.

So if you’re creating an affiliate link to promote at Twitter, then enter in “twitter” in the Tracking ID box.

If you don’t have to put anything there and just get your affiliate link by pressing the “Create” button below the Tracking ID box.

Once you hit the “Create” button, you will see your “HopLink” – the first URL you’ll on this screen is your affiliate link, ClickBank just has a different name for it.

ClickBank HopLink


If a product requires further approval, there will be a link for you to click on to go to the page where you sign up directly with that vendor.  Your affiliate link for this process will be emailed to you.


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Once you have your “HopLink” or affiliate link, you can copy that and paste it to a bunch of different places to promote that link.

You can use the following ways to promote your affiliate link:

  • PromoteSocial Media – this is the most popular way to promote your affiliate links without a website because it’s free.  You can find people needing your product by searching the terms that would describe the problem they are having.

For example, if you’re promoting a stress relief product, search #stress or #stressrelief on a social media platforms and find people how are stressful or stressed out.  Then you can reply to those people with a few words that tell them that you found an awesome solution to their problem and then paste your affiliate link with your message.

You will find that you can get sales this way and the best social media platform for this is on Twitter, Facebook & Facebook Groups, Google+, and maybe Tumblr.

Instagram is not as good as you can’t have clickable links in the comments, and you’re only allowed the one link in your profile.

  • Email List – If you’re someone new at this, you probably don’t have an email list and this can cost you a lot to build one.  You first will need a website for a landing page and then you need traffic to get to the landing page.  Therefore, unless you already have an email list, I wouldn’t go for this option because if you try to build this for free, it will take you a very long time.

Also, certain affiliate programs like Amazon’s do not allow promotion of affiliate links in emails, it must be online.

  • Online Communities & Forums – this is a risky route as you need to be a contributor to be able to be a good standing member of these online communities and forums.  Therefore, if you want to join a community where they talk about crafts for example and you enjoy it, then that’s great.  Eventually, you’ll probably be able to paste your affiliate link in there.  However, if you start spamming your links, you’ll be kicked out pretty quickly.
  • Offline Promotions – You can do this if your affiliate program allows it, not all affiliate allows offline promotions so you need to be careful and know the rules before you do it.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you are following all guidelines because you don’t want to be kicked out of any affiliate programs or networks, or get kicked out from the places where you can promote your links.

By using this method, you’ll always be searching and looking to see where to promote your links.  You are also not providing much value to anyone if you’re just saying a few words and then trying to sell to strangers.

You will find that this method won’t yield you much money and you’ll always be the one doing the chasing!



Once your affiliate link is out there, you will collect money from the commissions you’ve earned from the few that actually bought something from your affiliate link.

Your money will be shown in the “Dashboard” of your affiliate account at ClickBank.  The “Dashboard” link is the link button in the second menu from the top.

Once you have collected enough commissions, you can withdraw with the method of your choice of what they have available.

If you don’t earn anything, you will have to keep promoting your link out there.


I hope you liked the steps I’ve laid out here!  In the next section, I’ll let you know why having a website is much easier in the long run plus you will be able to make a full time income with this.



Smart Thing to do- having a websiteHaving a website in a niche that you love to work on day in and day out is a much better way of using affiliate marketing to make money.

Your website is your hub and home on the internet, a great way to direct people to and share the knowledge that you have to help others.

The best way to make money from affiliate marketing is having to share valuable information to others and help others solve problems they are searching solutions for.


The reasons for having a blog website are:

  • More Affiliate Programs – You will be able to apply to any affiliate programs you want when you have a website, especially when you have written 10 – 20 posts, you’ll start to gain trust from your readers and affiliate programs like sites that are more established.
  • Branding Yourself – Having your own website will help you brand yourself and make you different to stand out from others.  You will create something unique that will set you apart!
  • More Trust – When someone has a website, you’re seen as more trusted by others because you are someone responsible and not someone that just spams links everywhere.  The more you give on your website, the more people will trust that your advice is sound and so they will use your recommendations and buy from your links.
  • More Value – As you share more of your knowledge with others, you will become the authoritative voice in your niche as you are creating more value to others.  More people will come to your website because of it.
  • Money Will Come To You – Instead of chasing the money always, the money will come to you if you have a blog website.  This is because you will be creating so much value, gaining search engine trust through time and great content, your blog posts will rank better and better as time goes on.  This means your posts will be on page 1 of search engines giving you massive traffic.  There’s also a technique of writing that you can get even more traffic and earn top 3 rankings if you use keywords correctly.
  • You Create From One Place – Instead of you trying to promote your affiliate links everywhere, you just need to work on your website and that’s it.  All your links will be there and if used properly, you will be able to rake in a full time income blogging!



Having your own website doesn’t have to be daunting task!  These days, you can create your very own website and have it live on the internet within a minute!

It doesn’t take long but the work is really building it out, which is easy to learn if you have the right in-depth step by step training.

This website you’re reading is a result of this training place that I highly recommend, especially if you’ve never had a website before but even if you have, you will be learning how to make money with it and learn all about affiliate marketing!


wealthy affiliate logoThe online training place that I recommend is at Wealthy Affiliate!  They truly have the best business tools and training to help you create a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in training people on affiliate marketing, how to use it, how to write your content, and help you how to build your website out properly.  The training is totally all hands-on and encouraged to build your website along side the lessons so you can see the progress as you learn.

They have awesome tools like:

  • An easy website builder to use
  • Highly optimized hosting for WordPress sites
  • Keyword search tool
  • Live Chat
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars outside of their main courses!

Wealthy Affiliate offers so much to learn on there, if you are thinking of using affiliate marketing to build your online business, this is the place to be!  Hands down!

They have two memberships:

  1. Free Starter Membership – 2 Free Websites & 10 Free Lessons of each of their two main courses.  You can test drive some of the Premium features during your first 7 days, but you can choose to upgrade to Premium or stay as a free member as long as you want.
  2. Premium Membership – access to everything!

Read my full detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate which includes a video tour of the platform:

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I’ve been a Premium member there since September 2016, so I’ll be able to help you when you sign up there, along with the huge community inside comprised of over 850,000 members!

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain!  You don’t even have to sign up with any credit cards…. so go check it out and click the green button above to see more details!


If you have any questions or thoughts about how to make money on ClickBank without a website or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my readers. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



22 thoughts on “How To Make Money On ClickBank Without A Website: Step By Step”

  1. Yeah I was looking into Clickbank to see how I can make money without having a website and you’ve just given great ideas. I guess it’s always a chasing game if I do that huh? I will see about getting help from Wealthy Affiliate then to build a website instead. The free websites and lessons, is this for real? How long do I have it free for?

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for visiting!

      Yes, it’s really best to have a website and use affiliate marketing to build your online business this way. Your website will be your “home” and hub on the internet so people can come to you instead of you going to people.

      Although you can do both of course, but eventually, if you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, your website can potentially earn a full time income from traffic that comes to your site and you won’t have to chase after it, the money will come to you! That’s the huge benefit of having a website.

      As a free Starter member, you will get 2 free websites on the SiteRubix domain and yes the first 10 lessons are free but there are many more lessons for you to learn from if you can upgrade.

      You can stay a free Starter member for as long as you want, but you will only get to test out some of the Premium features for the first 7 days.

      Start your FREE account here!

      Upgrading to Premium will open the entire platform to you and the only cost left after that is IF you want your own domain, then you would need to either buy that on the WA platform or you can buy it elsewhere but still host it on the WA platform since hosting is included in your membership. Your own domain name is never free anywhere you go, but it’s a small cost.

      Remember you are building a business, and any business costs some money. This one costs a LOT LESS than any other offline business, that’s for sure. The affiliate marketing business model is great for online businesses and you will be able to earn as much as you put into your business, meaning your hard work and dedication.

      I hope this helps your decisions and I hope to see you on the inside!

  2. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for sharing ! Your post is very enough about promote Hoplink with Clickbank’s product. I’m going to try it.

    Hope it works,

    Tung Le

  3. This is a wonderful post indeed and like you said having a website is vital to online marketing. I have just learnt this the hard way after chasing the link I have been spamming. Thanks for the share, I wish I saw this earlier. Let’s Make Money Online.

    • Thanks for your comment and glad you agree with what I wrote. You do need a “home base” sort of speak on the internet and having a website is how you’ll have a bigger presence on the web.

      That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, how to build this type of affiliate marketing website, and it’s important to build this type of site properly and know how to write your articles so you can attract the right audience for free on your site. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Grace, it’s a very informative post especially for beginners.

    Thanks for letting us know the right way to use Clickbank, I will try it out.


  5. Grace,

    So I would have a website that can also host a blog? I am an affiliate with Clickbank and am just starting out. They have some good training for driving traffic but don’t really give any advice in the website side. I have a domain with Go Daddy and Network solutions. If I want to drive traffic toward my affiliate pick, do I have to have a page for each product?

    Anything you can tell me will help.

    Dan r

    • Hi Dan,

      Yes having your own website is the best way to promote affiliate products but in order for it to be successful you need to know how to build it properly and that’s why in this article I talked about getting the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I have used their training and now making a 4 digit online income with it and that’s why I recommend them since their training actually works if you apply it closely to your site.

      It’s not just about making a page for each product, yes you do that, but you need to know how to use SEO to bring traffic to your site for free. That’s what you’ll learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Check out my free guide here for more info!


  6. Hi grace martin here can I ask you iv not done anything like this before but I do know its where I want to be in affiliate marketing I have no website or anything yet but roughly would you know at a guess how much I will need to set everything up as I don’t want to start something if I’m gonna run out of money as iv just lost my job so I’m on shoe string at moment thanks

    Hope to here from you soon

    PS you can email me if you wish

    Kind regards

    M worrall

    • Hi Martin,

      Where I learned everything about affiliate marketing is on a comprehensive training platform specifically for affiliate marketing training, I found in 2016 and responsible for my monthly 4 digit online income that I earn from this website you’re on, Work Anywhere Now.

      The cost of such a program which includes everything you need to start and making money, from free websites, to web hosting, to buying domains, to learning how to create your website with their easy SiteBuilder, to building the foundation of your blog, then learning how to write and use of keywords, then all about affiliate links and making money, is only $49/month or $359/year.

      However, they have a FREE Starter membership that you can sign up with to check stuff out first and test out the platform. All the details are here in my guide.

      If you buy a personal domain name, which is highly recommended, then it’s $15/year.

      That’s all the costs to start.

      When you start to get traffic to your business and earning some money, then you may want to add an email autoresponder to collect emails with and build an email list with Aweber, they start at $19/month with a 30 day free trial.

      Remember building a business take time and you’re not going to earn right away. So if you need money more immediate, you may want to try getting a job.

      It took me 1.5 years to build mine to a monthly 4 digit online income just to give you an idea how long it could take, and I’m in a very competitive niche.

      I suggest you check out my free guide here to find out all about there and then you can sign up as instructed to get my help, you’ll be then eligible to have my free coaching services that are available for limited time.

      Once you get in though, I will help you as long as you’re a Premium member on that training platform, even if I have stopped offering new coaching services.

      Check out my FREE guide now!

      Best of luck to you!

  7. Grace, thank you for imparting your knowledge onto us. A blog I read states it is quite mandatory to have a website. They say in order to pull in the big bucks, you need a website.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Yes I also agree that it’s best to have a website and that is what I recommended above, did you not read that? or just wanted to drop your link which I deleted?

      Next time, do your blog commenting somewhere else if you’re not going to read my content.

  8. Hi Grace I love your ideas. It’s interesting the angle you took since it’s similar to mine someone actually recommended that I take a look at your website to see your thoughts. I really think that you can make money without a website but then like how you stressed that you should use a website. What about sales funnels and CB? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts since you’re an expert in making money online

    • Hi Dawn-Marie, thanks for coming on my blog here and checking out this post. Yes you can make money without a website but that means that you are always going out there to get traffic and leads. Same with sales funnels and CB, you’re always going out there to find traffic or buying traffic.

      I haven’t needed to pay for a dime of advertising or leads in my entire 2018 and I had almost 370K visitors on this site. I don’t go out to get any traffic. I build my online assets and people come to me. They come to give me money, I don’t go out to get it.

      If you’re not making money with your blog, you need to checkout Wealthy Affiliate, their training works! I’ve proven that over and over again.

      See my guide now!

  9. I see Clickbank now has their own niche storefront websites. Do you think it be better to use one or more of theirs or build one of our own? Thank you, Robert


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