How To Work From Home Online With No Experience Like I Have!

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How To Work From Home Online With No Experience Like I Have!Working from home online is only a dream to many but this is absolutely possible for anyone who wants to learn even if you have no experience.

I don’t think anyone starts off knowing how to work from home online, no one just wakes up one day and know how to do it.

So if you have no experience then that just means you need to learn how, like anyone who’s been doing it already, they all started like you with no experience.

Don’t let that deter you from working hard towards achieving your goal of being able to work from home.

I will go over the types of things you can do online and ultimately tell you which one has worked for me the best.

In the following sections, I will go into how you could work from home with no experience:



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I will go over the three types of work that’s available online, why some may not be possible for you and why others may be the best thing for you to do.

#1) Remote Employment Positions

The first type of work is remote employment from companies that offer such positions. These are highly sought after and offers a reliable source of income for the job at hand.

Remote jobs are very hard to come by because of the accountability factor that companies can’t really control when you’re not working in their office.

Depending on the job, most of these types of positions will need some sort of experience in the field that you’re looking in.

Unless they offer training, you will have a harder time finding a remote job without work experience here.

The best places to look for real remote employment positions is on or


#2) Paid Surveys & Get-Paid-To Sites

After employment jobs, you’re pretty much on your own if you want to work from home online but there are online tasks you can do with no experience.

There are websites that pay you for your opinion and you could make some money from filling out surveys.

Paid surveys are usually offered by research companies who have clients that are brands or companies who are willing to pay to get data on what their potential customers think about how they spend, what they like, what they don’t like, and even some pay to test out products.

Get-paid-to (GPT) sites are similar where you can get paid for doing various tasks online such as surfing the web, doing online shopping, filling out a trial or signing up for something.

The surveys and online task sites offer an easy way for anyone with no experience to start earning a little.

The best paid survey site is Pinecone Research but they are hard to sign up for because of the high demand is.

There are other ones like Opinion City, My Survey, and Survey Savvy, if you want to check those out too.

GPT sites I like and recommend are Swagbucks and Clixsense because they are legitimate and actually pay out.

I have used both of these sites myself and like how they work.

With any of these survey or GPT websites, know that the work is easy and the pay goes with it which is very low.

You will not be earning much from these sites and you could spend 15 – 30 minutes on a survey for as little as $0.50 – $3, you may once in awhile find a higher paying one but these are usually low paying.

This is a big reason why I don’t usually recommend them because you don’t have any potential for any higher earnings that you could really depend on.

You must be careful of these types of sites as well, use the ones I mentioned above, or else you will find that you’ll waste a lot of time as most of them are very unreliable and may not pay for the work you do on them.

I have reviewed tons of these sites which you could find here, and most of them I don’t even recommend because I have found reports of them not paying out or they are real scams that just steal your time.

Don’t go for any websites that offer you anything greater than the amounts I have mentioned above because those are usually scams.


#3) Your Own Online Business

Creating your own online business is really the best way to go if you want to work from home and you don’t need any experience because I’m going to show you a way to learn it like I did.

If you’re willing to learn and willing to put in the required amount of work it takes to make it work, then you are going to really love what an online business could do for you.

There are definitely a few ways you can start an online business but most of these ways require that you have your own products which is very involved and may even require a huge amount of money to start it.


Laptop with hands, plant, and phone


This is why the affiliate marketing business that I do is best for anyone just starting out working online because it’s really minimal what you have to spend and with the training platform that I use to help me, I know you could build this too.

Starting your own online business takes some learning for sure and I am telling you from experience.

I tried building this business on my own before back in 2012, but without knowing all the techniques required to get traffic to my website, I wasn’t able to make any money.

Fast forward to 2016, when I found the training platform that taught me everything about blogging and affiliate marketing, then I was able to building and building up to a point that my business finally started making 4 figures a month.

The success with this training include achieving Super Affiliate status on that training platform as well as being an Ambassador.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me explain in the next section what affiliate marketing is and how my business has affected my life.




How An Affiliate Marketing Business Works

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions from driving new sales for brands and companies  by promoting their products and services.

Many companies you know like Amazon, Nike, Best Buy, Apple, and many more have affiliate programs you can join to be an affiliate of theirs.

Once you get accepted, you will be given affiliate links that will track the person that clicks on your link to the merchant website where they would buy the product or service at.

When they buy by going through your affiliate links, you will earn a commission for that new sale.

How much you earn per sale varies widely depending on the product price, % of commissions, niche, physical vs digital products, etc.

How you would promote these affiliate links you get is where you can really succeed or fail.

Most people would just spam the internet with their affiliate links through posting on social media, online forums and such but this is certainly not the way to generate a full time income with affiliate marketing if that is your goal.

You can make some sales like that, but it won’t be the kind of money I’ve been making.

In order to do affiliate marketing right, it’s crucial you build a large online presence like having a website that will provide people with lots of valuable information about a certain niche/topic.

You see, in affiliate marketing, the way to be successful at it is by establishing trust between you and your readers.

In order to earn their trust, you will offer advice on how to fix things or solve problems for your audience, this is how you provide value.

If you could offer people value, you will earn their trust, and then they ware more likely to buy from you or click on your links.

One example is having a dog training website where you would offer tons of tips on how to train your dog doing various things.

In the process of teaching others, you will then recommend certain dog training equipment, tools, or dog toys in your content.

These will be the affiliate products you’ll be promoting on your dog training site, if your visitors click on your affiliate links and buys, then you’ll make a commission from that sale.

Therefore, the best way to earn in affiliate marketing is by recommending people products through providing value to them and so you’re not really “selling” to them.

This is what I’ve been doing to earn my monthly 4 digit online income from my website here, Work Anywhere Now.


What An Affiliate Marketing Business Could Do For You

You will be able to enjoy many aspects of this type of business like I have.

For one, you will be able to work just with a wifi connection and a laptop, so you don’t have to tie to one physical location.

This past summer, I was able to write about a news story that broke out while I was in Mexico on vacation.

It only took a couple hours out of my time to do it and I was able to capture tons of visitors from that one post because I was able to be one of the first to blog about it, which also of course resulted in sales.

The second thing is that every article you write, you’re not just helping one person, that one piece of article could help hundreds if not thousands of people.

Therefore, building your website right is crucial to be able to earn over and over again from each of your posts thus creating a stream of passive income for you.

The third thing you can enjoy from this business is the ability to have very low monthly costs and so can enjoy high profit margins.

When I made $4k+ a month, my monthly expense is now at $200 and most of that comes from my email list since my list is over 10K subscribers now.

To start, you simply just need about $50/month + $15/year – what other business could be built with such little cost?

Not many, I know because I have had 2 online shops and they both required investment in inventory and many other materials needed for those shops.

I truly love the simplicity of this online business but it does require hard work and consistency for it to work.

So your time is where you’ll need to invest the most as it takes time to build this business to a point where it will attract its own free organic search traffic.

Has it been worth it for me?  YES, check out my two year results:

Income vs New Posts Graph




It is absolutely very hard to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business without proper, comprehensive training.

Like I said earlier, I failed at this when I tried this on my own years ago, but with Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to learn how to build it properly, step-by-step, and learn through their lessons.

You will be able to build your online business along side your learning because each lesson has tasks you can apply to your website what you just learned.

You will learn:

  • How to create your website
  • What to put on your website
  • How to write content
  • How to set up your website so it can attracts its own visitors
  • How to use social media
  • How to convert your visitors to your customers
  • plus many more techniques…

Besides their main course, Online Entrepreneur Certification, there are also tons of features and tools to use as well to support your online business with like:

  • Live Chat
  • Live Weekly Webinars
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Thousands of Tutorials
  • Community for Support
  • plus much more…

The best part is that you can sign up for FREE with their Starter Membership and check it all out before you even have to pull out your wallet.

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I will provide you with tips, appropriate tutorials, and guide you to the path of success and continue keeping you on track throughout your journey.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to work from home online with no experience or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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