Internet Income Online Review: Scam Or Legit $379/Day From Home?

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Is Internet Income Online A Scam?Have you come across Internet Income Online and wondering if you could really make $379/day posting links or is Internet Income Online a scam?

Glad you’re wondering and smart enough to do a search for my review for it so I can tell you so many things about this site that you can’t trust.

You see, I’ve been doing reviews for awhile, and this is not the first time I’ve come across an offer like this and I will show you some of the red flags that’s on Internet Income Online that will make you shiver.

In my Internet Income Online review, I will go through the following:



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Internet Income Online logo


Program Name: Internet Income Online


Price: $97

Owner: Kelly Simmons (Fake)

Recommended? No

Internet Income Online sure makes it sound really easy and exciting to be able to make $379/day ($11K+ a month!) from just an hour of work a day from the comfort of your own home.

With the internet these days, who doesn’t want to find an opportunity that will let you work from home and be free of a 9 to 5 as well as a boss you don’t like.


Internet Income Online Sales Page


That’s what Internet Income Online is hoping you will feel and she, Kelly Simmons, sure makes her story convincing and lists what her dream job would be.

Don’t be misled by the way, there are no jobs here.

But then again, you’re being misled from the beginning of the sales page to the end of it, so this Internet Income Online really can’t be trusted.

I’ll tell you more on that later but what Internet Income Online really is about is a program that tells you that you can earn up to $379 a day posting links on the internet.

She says how there are companies desperate to get people to post links for them.

But the truth is, this is really affiliate marketing they’re talking about, where you can earn a commission from promoting other people’s products if they buy from your affiliate links.

It is true there are a lot of companies providing affiliate programs for you to join so you can promote their products but no one is “desperate” and in fact, you need to go through an approval process most times to be able to enter these programs.

I know a lot about affiliate marketing as this is what I use everyday to make money online but these guys are absolutely not telling you how to do it right.

You cannot post affiliate links all over the internet as you’ll get banned on social platforms or forums for spamming and you don’t get to make any money until someone actually takes action and buy something from your links.

So just posting your links won’t get you any money and there’s a lot more involved than what they’re telling you.

There’s a proper way of using affiliate marketing and there’s an unethical way, and this Internet Income Online is definitely using the unethical way as I’ll provide some other proof below for you to support this.




I’m going to show you in this section how Internet Income Online is really deceiving in the way it works, not only the essence of what you’ll be doing in this program but all the lies on its sales page.



I’m going to start with the the very essence of what they want you to do.

There are three easy steps they show you on that sales page of what you’ll be doing and I have a big problem with step 1 & 2.


Secure Job Position Step 2 completely wrong


Internet Income Online will be providing you links with unique coding to use to post with but like I mentioned above, you need to apply to affiliate programs, so because they are providing the links, it sounds like you’re being schooled: THOSE ARE THEIR LINKS.

What I mean is, no one can provide you with your own affiliate links, everyone must apply to the company of the products you want to promote.

So let’s say I want to promote iPhones, I would apply to Apple and they would approve or disapprove me.

If Internet Income Online is giving you links, they are giving you their links so you can post it on their behalf and you’ll never see 100% commissions.

Sure they probably will give you a portion of it, but not $379/day worth.

You’ll never know the true clicks and sales you’ve gotten since you don’t own those links, you don’t have access to the real affiliate accounts.

You also don’t even need them to do affiliate marketing and they sure are not helping you make $379/day, they are making themselves $379/day.

Simple Income Strategies wrong affiliate programs

Oh and by the way, Netflix doesn’t even have an affiliate program and Block Buster is obsolete.



There really are so many things wrong with this program that if I listed it all, you’ll be here on this page forever.

So I will give you the 3 top obvious ones:


Kelly Simmons seems to be the owner of this program as she’s telling you how she found this opportunity but guess what?

She’s also found so many other opportunities that does the same thing!  So which it is?  Also, is she really Kelly Simmons?

Internet Income Online Fake Owner Kelly Simmons


Here she is again but on Simple Income Strategies:

Simple Income Strategies Fake Owner


Another one at Secure Job Position:



Oh here she is as “Linda Wilson” on Home Online Profits Club:

Home Online Profits Club Fake Owner


There are actually even more but I think you get the point, this Internet Income Online can’t be trusted if we don’t even know who the owner is.

I sure would not give them my $97 when I don’t know who I’m giving it to.



They try using news logos and the news video reel to create trust that this program has been in the news but the truth is no one is talking about them.

Online Income Fake NewsOnline FastCash Fake News Video

If you look closer and listen closely, it’s just “work from home opportunities” have been in the news, not Internet Income Online themselves.

The news logos don’t even link to real news stories and that news video has been used hundreds of times!



These types of products don’t stop deceiving you, they will keep doing it til the very end.

When you go to their checkout page, you will see that you’re not even buying Internet Income Online!

Internet Income Online Not The Real Program

What the heck is Home Income Program?!

Why is this not Internet Income Online? And if it’s not, how do you know “Home Income Program” will still promise $379/day?!




Yes, Internet Income Online is a scam for sure and a site you can’t trust.

You are not even buying this program, it’s a cover up, and everything on their site is fake or are lies.

As well, the core of the program is so unethical and you’re being tricked into posting their affiliate links for them.

The way they are telling you to post links everywhere on the internet is also wrong and not the right way to use affiliate marketing.

You will surely not earn $379/day with buying “Home Income Plan” and you’re better off saving that $97 for a real program.

There are just so many things wrong with Internet Income Online that I really can’t tell you to go for this program.

So I must conclude that I highly do NOT recommend Internet Income Online.




I use affiliate marketing the right way and I love what it has to offer.  I’ve tried many things over the years but have gone back to affiliate marketing because of the opportunities it brings.

If done properly you can really make a nice online income that can even be job replacing and $379 days are possible if you work hard enough to build your online business to that level.

Internet Income Online makes it sound very easy to make $379 a day but the truth is, you can’t get there by only doing an hour of work a day.

This is a real business you’ll be building so time and real work effort are needed to have success.

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All details and the truth are laid out as I have nothing to hide.

You can learn how I’ve learned (which I’ve been using since September 2016) and you will be fully supported by not only me personally, but also a huge community of like-minded people.

If you want to learn how to really make money online, this is it!  Stop getting scammed today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Internet Income Online is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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