Is 700 Profit Club A Scam? Can You Really Make $700+/Day?

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is 700 Profit Club a scamUPDATE 7/1/2018: They have recently released a new version of this 700 Profit Club but my review still is valid because they are using the exactly the same video but their background has changed.  I’ve updated for the new version below.

Wow! Have you found the magic system?  Will 700 Profit Club make you $700+ a day?

Not so fast guys, if you’re researching 700 Profit Club, then hats off to you because 700 Profit Club is a total scam, a hosting scam specifically.

In my 700 Profit Club review below, I will show you how manipulative these guys are and show you how you will not make that much money, if any at all.

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, don’t fall for their scam.


I will take you through the following in my 700 Profit Club review:



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700 Profit Club Logo


Product Name: 700 Profit Club


Price: Free (not)

Recommended? No.

I find it amazing how these products continue to scam people with the lies they say in their sales video.

From the beginning, 700 Profit Club tells you nothing but lies.

This lady first tells you how you can just take 10 minutes to set up your account and then bam!  You’ll be making $700 a day at least.

If such a system is real, why would they give it away like that?

She says it’s because she makes money when you make money but the owners behind this website are the ones making money, not this fake person narrating a script, and certainly not you because there is no free website that can generate $21K/mo from no work.


700 Profit Club Sales page


UPDATE 7/1/18:  New version of this 700 Profit Club:

700 Profit Club 2nd Version


Online businesses do not work like the way they say at all.

I know this because I build websites myself and I know how they work.

No website will just get tons of traffic from doing nothing to it.  I know how to get traffic to my site and it takes work, there is no magic website that can just “get” traffic without doing anything.

Of course they don’t tell how their magic websites will attract that traffic or tell you anything about the websites because they don’t exist.

Then they tell you they have partnered with CoolHandle to host your sites and how they don’t know why partnering with CoolHandle will make their site attract such traffic and money.

But the truth is, web hosting has nothing to do with getting traffic to your site.  Web hosting just allows your website to be stored on the internet.

How your website gets seen or gets traffic is by using techniques such as writing using specific keywords and using SEO (search engine optimization).

So partnering with CoolHandle will have nothing to do with the fake results they’re getting.




There are several factors why this won’t work for you so I will go through them and hopefully you’ll see that this is all a big sham.



700 Profit Club won’t work for you because they are not in the business of helping you make money.

They just want you to buy their product so they can earn a commission and then get you on your way to figuring it all out on your own.

They are interested only in one thing, making money for themselves.

They don’t show you how anything works and in fact one part of their video says something like what’s CoolHandle? Who Cares? You just need to know it will make money for you.

Says who?!

Like I was saying above, CoolHandle is a hosting service, it has nothing to do with how your website will make money.

They just want to impress you with how much you can make, how everything will be super easy because they will do all the work for you.

But this will not help you because once you sign up, they will say bye bye.



You were supposed to get their system for “free” but in the end, what are you doing?  Paying!

Not just a small fee like they had said but hundreds of dollars for hosting, what a scam!

You don’t need to pay for such expensive fees because hosting has nothing to do with your website generating an income and it should be cheaper than what they wanted for CoolHandle.


700 Profit Club Coolhandle has bad ratings


CoolHandle is nothing but your average hosting company and in fact they may be below average from the complaints I found about them around the web.

Of course they want you to pay everything in advance on the 1 or 2 or 3 year plans, this way they make a bigger commission.



Like I told you before, no website is magical and you cannot just make $700+/day just by turning an “on” button.

The way they are telling you that you just have to set up your website in 10 minutes and it’ll start making money is complete lie.


700 Profit Club Lies


Websites don’t work this way, it requires work and time for it to make money and certain techniques applied to it for it to make money.

It also takes continuous work to keep it up and running, because this is an online business and businesses don’t just get set up and it runs on 100% autopilot.

The lady who voices the videos is a lie too as I found her picture on the internet in over 100 pages but have screen shot some to show you:

700 Profit Club Fake Owner


If the owner is fake, then the testimonies are also fake and they are:

700 Profit Club Fake Testimonies 2


700 Profit Club Fake Testimonies


So basically, instead of her saying there’s no BS in their system, 700 Profit Code is the BS:

700 Profit Club BS real




Yes, 700 Profit Club is absolutely a scam full of lies and you will not make any money buying into their “free” website and system.

There is no “team” behind the scenes to do everything for you, as soon as you give them the money, they will vanish into thin air and you will get no support or know what’s going to happen to your cloned website.

Your cloned website will not make a dime because you will be missing so many pieces to it that I can’t even begin to explain here.

I just know this, building a website and setting it up to make money requires many steps and these are steps that anyone can learn how to do, but no one can do it all for you because there are certain things that must be done by the owner like applying to affiliate programs.

There are many aspects to a website that 700 Profit Club doesn’t want you to know about or care for you to learn about either because if you knew, you would stay far away from this crap since you’ll know what they are talking about is total nonsense.

Don’t buy into their hype, don’t buy this product which I highly do NOT recommend.




The best way to make money online is using a website and if you have that kind of knowledge, there’s really no telling how much money you can make.

But no website will make money in the first 30 days like the way 700 Profit Club is telling you, and certainly not $21K in those early few months.

If you want a website to earn $21K a month, it will take about 3-5 years to build a website to that level and I think that time is actually pretty quick.

Some really successful people in this space can make $100K/month in 5-7 years.  Would it be worth it to spend that time to build it to that level?  Yes of course!

But, it all starts at earning zero.

If you’re willing to start learning, I can show you how I’ve been doing it, what business model I use, why it works, and how it will be sustainable in the long term.

I explain all of this in my free guide here:

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You will learn where you can get the best training to learn what I know and start building your online business from the ground up.

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This is the real way of making money online and if you’re hard working enough, apply what you learn and stay committed to your online business, you can take your website to any level you want.

There is no quick riches on the internet folks and the earlier you realize that, the earlier you’ll stop getting scammed!

You can stop that cycle today and learn how to really make money online with my free guide.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 700 Profit Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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