Is AWOL Academy A Scam Or Make Mad Cash? Must Read Review!

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is AWOL Academy a scamOh man, have you seen the snazzy sales video for AWOL with the fancy mansions and fancy cars but wondering is AWOL Academy a scam really?

I don’t blame you for wondering because this type of flashy sales tactic is sure often seen in scam products to lure you in but I wanted to see what this program really was so I dived a little deeper to bring you this review.

I’m often put off when I see those types of sales videos too but wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so in my review, you will see what I have found in the following sections:



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AWOL Academy Logo


Program Name: AWOL Academy


Price: $99 to Major Deep Pockets

Owners: Keala Kanae and Kameron George

Recommended? No

The owners Keala and Kameron are no strangers to the internet marketing space and AWOL Academy is a spin off of Project AWOL that was part of Empower Network before.

AWOL stands for Another Way Of Life and this Academy teaches people how to make money online using their preferred business model which is using a sales funneling system.


AWOL Academy Home Page


If you join AWOL Academy, it comes with many training packages you can choose to learn from and it’s suited for people from all backgrounds and beginners as the training is catered to anyone who wants to build their online business from scratch.

This program promises big income results as they say their training works but at what cost.

When you start at AWOL Academy, you will have to spend a hefty $99 right from the start with their AWOL 101 Coaching which is really the “Pro Academy” but it won’t stop there.

Your spending has only begun.

There will be many that will be misled and won’t know that there will be much more spending after the $99 for training I feel that can been bought for much less elsewhere.

Their system of using a sales funnel system is nothing new and a lot of internet marketers do use this business model to make money online but there are many products out there that cost way less like on WarriorPlus or JVZoo.  Those places are always selling products that uses this same sales funnel system.

Their sales funnel system consists of:

  1. Buy Traffic
  2. Landing/Squeeze/Capture Page to collect emails
  3. To Sales Page of Promoted Product => Then To Upsell Sequence
  4. Send Follow Up Email Series to Promote Same & More Products

This kind of system will forever make you pay for traffic which is highly risky and there’s not much in their training that will teach you safer less risky methods.

This system is also limited to certain big niches like make money online or health and you will have a hard time using this for a niche/topic you want to choose on your own.

While people do make money with systems like this, to get all the training will cost you almost $6K and actually even more.

The complete and full training is necessary as well because like I said, this is very risky, so you will want to follow along closely and learn from what they do.

Without it, you’ll be at a lost as this is more complicated than it sounds because of all the testing you have to do with every part of that sales funnel and you can lose a lot of money in paid traffic if not done right.

But to get all the training, it’s going to cost you big time!




When you join AWOL for $99, you are just getting part of the training, there are a lot more for you to buy which tells me this whole system is really to profit themselves as you will see the prices are vastly and unnecessarily high.

They break down all their training into separate packages so you will have to buy everything if you want “complete” training.  Let’s take a look at the different packages and the real costs to this whole system.



PRO Academy

  • $99
  • Everyone begins here where you’ll learn how to build your own sales funnel.
  • It’s step-by-step how to set it up and then also integrate the necessary tools you’ll need with this system (more extra cost).
  • This training is just to set it up and you’ll have a working sales funnel at the end of this training but you won’t be able to work it, since you still don’t know how to buy traffic, what emails to send, what products to promote, where to find the products, etc.


INBOX Academy

  • $297
  • This is for the email marketing portion of the sales funnel.
  • You will learn how to write effective emails and make sure your emails are seen and convert.
  • You will learn strategies on how to increase open rates to maximize your conversion.



  • $997
  • This will offer you strategies to ensure your whole sales funnel converts and turn your leads into customers.
  • If your leads don’t convert, all the leads in the world won’t make you any money and you’ll be wasting all that paid traffic, so this is crucial to your business.
  • You will learn how to psychologically convert your traffic into paid customers.



  • $997
  • This package will teach you how to buy the most targeted traffic for best conversions.
  • Without traffic, any online business will be in big trouble but because this is based on paid traffic, this package is even more crucial to have to limit your risks with buying traffic, thus is priced high.



  • $3,497
  • “Masters Create Their Own Success”
  • You will have the complete business training here where you’ll learn strategies on managing your money, taxes, investing, etc.
  • You will be trained to be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

But wait, that’s only $5,900 you’ve spent, there’s still more you can spend.





They have one more package called AWOL Elite that is the Mastermind package which will include ALL the packages above.


AWOL Academy Elite Package


This package is for people who want it all and be coached by experienced marketers on a week by week basis and therefore will guarantee your success with this package.

But how much does this cost?

I had heard it was $10K and my eyeballs almost fell out but then I tried looking for the current information on this Elite package for this review and you will not believe what I found:


AWOL Academy Elite Package's Cost


YES, That’s $17,997 PER YEAR!!!!!

Now that’s $17,997 as of this review, I’m guessing this will go up because this was not this expensive on older reviews I’ve seen.

I thought $10K was high and I think that was a one-time payment, now they not only increased the price to almost $18K but it’s an annual payment?!

Is a Mastermind group really worth that kind of money or can you be successful without it?  Of course you can be successful without it!

Yeah, too rich for my blood, how about you?

There are people who pay into such programs that lose their shirts off and I have one reader who told me her story here where she got herself into $15k in debt.




Although the way the packages are set up may seem like a scam to many, AWOL Academy is not a scam because AWOL Academy is offering you training that you can use to make money with their system.

You just have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

I also want to go over some major concerns I have with this system that should be pointed out.


The Major Concerns:

  • Highly Overpriced – As a beginner in this industry, I’m never a fan of blowing that kind of money on training that you can truly get for much cheaper elsewhere.
  • Sales Funnel System – I always find that this system is highly risky because you’re using cold paid traffic to try to convert them when they don’t know you or have any trust so why would they buy from you?
  • There Are MORE Costs – As mentioned before in the Pro Academy, there are actually more costs involved for the system to work because of the necessary tools you’ll need to integrate into the sales funnel which AWOL will make money off of since you’ll likely use their links to buy it in their training.  You will need things like Lead Pages (capture page creation), Get Response (email auto responder), and ClickMagick (tracking of links) – all monthly costs.
  • Geared To Promote AWOL – The training and this system is geared towards promoting limited niches and one is make money online so you’ll be promoting what you have joined yourself which is fine if that’s what you want to do and you find absolute value with this program.  However, if you’re one that want to go into your own niche, the training will not take you there successfully.
  • AWOL Set Up For Affiliates – Their affiliate program is lucrative at 30% and is two tiered as well so that is why the packages are so highly priced so their affiliates can earn mad cash, especially if you sell that last Elite package at almost $18K, your commission would be a cool $5,400, every year.  So, if you’re not an affiliate, there’s no point buying this training from AWOL because there are many other products that teach this same sales funnel system for much, much less.

Because of these concerns, I highly do NOT recommend AWOL Academy, especially for beginners.




The program I use and my #1 recommendation surely does not cost thousands of dollars.

I also like the business model they teach too because it builds trust in your audience and you get to learn how to get free organic search traffic to your online business.

Organic search traffic is the most targeted you can get and that’s the type of traffic that will convert best.

I have put together a free guide so I can explain to you what this business model is, how this business model works, and where you can get started even for FREE:

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I’ve been using it since Sep ’16 and you get to be supported by a community of like-minded people for help and you will have industry experts at your fingertips (and not have to pay $18K for it)!

You will even have access to the owners of the program which is usually unheard of anywhere else.

You will be able to learn how to build your own online business from the ground up and in a niche/topic of your choice!

There is really nothing like it and truly a one stop shop for your online business needs because your premium membership will get you everything you need for ONE LOW PRICE, not several prices, not high prices.

But you don’t even have to bring out your wallet, you will get to use it for FREE to see if you see any value in it so what are you waiting for?



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether AWOL Academy is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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