Is BTC Clicks A Scam Or Click Your Way To Crypto Windfall?

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Is BTC Clicks a scam?Everyone wants a bit of Bitcoin these days and BTC Clicks is a way for you to earn some but is BTC Clicks a scam?  You’ve come to the right place to find out the answer.

In my BTC Clicks review below, I will show you everything you need to know about this site and how it works.

One thing I know for sure about bitcoin is that it’s super volatile and extremely risky but also could be very rewarding so I see the appeal to try to earn some for yourself.

However, is BTC Clicks the best way to get your bitcoins?  I will answer this below.

Let me take you through the follow sections of my review:



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BTC Clicks Logo


Program Name: BTC Clicks


Price: Free

Recommended? No

BTC Clicks is a paid to click (PTC) site where you can click on ads to view them for 10 – 20 seconds and then earn some bitcoin for your time.

You don’t have to interact with the ad, you’re just basically looking at a website that the website owner wanted views on so they advertise on BTC Clicks to get people to look at their site in hopes of finding people interacting with it but you don’t have to.


BTC Clicks' Home Page


You can just leave that browser open until the time lapses and then you can go back to click a different ad.

Most PTC sites allow you to earn cash but here at BTC Clicks you will earn bitcoin for every ad you view.

You can also earn from referrals as well so if you know how to send leads or recruits to their site and get referrals, this could be a good option too.

You usually can’t earn much from these types of sites, BTC Clicks is no different and very similar to CoinBulb actually.

Now let’s take a look at how it works in greater details.




You will set up your account as an “Earner” and then you will click on “Surf Ads” to see what ads are available.

You’ll have a timer that will start counting down as soon as the website finishes loading which can add some extra seconds to your time.


BTC Clicks' View Ads


Once the time is finished, you can go back to BTC Clicks to view another ad and check to see if your account got credited the amount you were expecting for that ad.

You can only view about 25 ads per day and you’ll have to wait until more ads are available which can take hours or the next day.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin but this may not be worth your time at all as you’ll be earning very little per ad.

You will earn from 0.00002 mBTC to 0.00003 mBTC per 10 – 20 second ads, but their measurement is in mBTC, so you’ll be earning way less than you think.

You can be paid out at 0.1 mBTC instantly but you will take awhile to accumulate such a balance.

There’s an option to buy a Premium membership to earn faster since your rewards are doubled when you upgrade.

But, just be careful about upgrading, this can easily make you lose money since you will have pay way more for the membership than what you’ll be earning there which I still don’t see as something worthwhile to do but the option is there.


How Much Are You Earning Really?

Let’s calculate in USD terms how much you are really making here.

1 mBTC equals 0.001 BTC, and vice versa, 1000 mBTC = 1 BTC.

So if you are earning only 0.00003 mBTC per ad, that means you’re earning 0.00000003 BTC per ad.

At the time of this writing, BTC is worth $10,560.01.

That means each 20 second ad will earn you $0.0003168, less than a penny per ad.

Bitcoin would have to skyrocket to a price close to a 7 digit figure for you to actually earn a whole penny per ad.

While that is very possible, the time it will take for bitcoin’s price to rise to such a high level will could take years.




From the looks of BTC Clicks, I conclude that it is not a scam as it is paying out to people who have made the minimum payout balance.

However, I still see various people’s account being closed down for whatever reason, and you may be violating their terms of service without knowing it.

Some PTC sites do close down accounts just so they don’t have to pay people but here may not be the case but just warning this can happen…. this is something to look out for in the future.

Even though not a scam, BTC Clicks doesn’t seem to be worth your time as you are earning very little here, less than pocket change which is ridiculous.

Earning from referrals aren’t much better since you’re earning a percentage of fractions of pennies so you’re earning even less but with no work.

I do not recommend BTC Clicks after all, even though legit, and suggest that you use a real method of making money online first then investing your fiat currency you earn to invest in bitcoin.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether BTC Clicks is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



11 thoughts on “Is BTC Clicks A Scam Or Click Your Way To Crypto Windfall?”

  1. SCAM – BTC CLICKS. You do not believe ? It is enough to request a payment.In response, you will receive this:(Sorry your account has been suspended for breaking our terms of service).Check it out yourself.Try to withdraw.SCAM – BTC CLICKS

  2. Bitclicks is a scam and I have found hijackers and Trojan on many of the ads as well as the main page.
    And if you have protection from there attacks you will be branded as violating there rules. So use at your own risk.

  3. BTCCLICKS is a scam. I reached withdrawal limit and after even getting 4 referrals, they closed my account and indicated i violated the terms of service, that my referrals were my emails. Thanks Grace for bringing in this article and exploring the penny payments made and then stolen by same btcclicks provider.


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