Is Cash From Home A Scam Or $379/Day In Your Pocket?

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is Cash From Home a scamLooking for ways to make money online and have come across Cash From Home?  You must be wondering is Cash From Home a scam or can this really work to make $379/day?

Well, I’m glad your internal bells are ringing off to get you to my Cash From Home review page so you can get the truth about programs like this.

I can tell you right now that I’ve reviewed countless programs with sites that look exactly like this, in the way it looks, the same simple 3 steps, and the same person telling you her “chilling day” story, but just in different names for the site and the person telling you the story.

So, you can already get a sense of where I’m getting with this one.

In my Cash From Home review, I will show you the following:



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Cash From Home Logo


Program Name: Cash From Home

Price: $97

Owner: Mary Roger

Recommended? NO.

Here’s another program called Cash From Home that tells people that you can make $379/day by posting links on the internet.

They make it sound super easy to do and you only need to work 30 mins a day to earn that much money.

They say to just post your links all over the internet like on social media, forums, and online communities but if you do that, you will banned so quickly, you don’t know what hit you.


Cash From Home home page


The links you’re posting is actually called affiliate links which is what you use to promote other people’s products when you use the affiliate marketing business model to make money.

While affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, as I use this myself every day to make money, the way this program works is completely scamming you.

You see, nobody can get these affiliate links for you, you need to apply personally to the companies that have these affiliate programs.

Because these are provided for you, that means these are their affiliate links and you’re doing the work for them.

You will never know if your efforts really worked because you won’t have any data to look at since those are not your personal affiliate links!

They could tell you anything, they could tell you you had no clicks this month or they can say you earned $0.50 for your month of work.

Who knows, all I know is that affiliate marketing doesn’t work the way they explain it on their webpage.

These scams are all over the place, just look at these other reviews, the sites are all the same except for the names:

And there are plenty others, but I think you get the point.




Cash From Home won’t work for you because there are just a bunch of lies to get you to fork over your hard earned $97.

Once they get your $97, good luck to you, you will not get any support from them and you’ll never see that money again.

Then you’ll get the links that you won’t be able to make real money from because those are not your own affiliate links.

The entire site is full of red flags which are also the same ones as the other products I’ve mentioned above.

If you’re not careful, you will get upsells too once you sign up and sometimes you can be sucked in spending thousands of dollars on upgrades that you have no idea what to do with.

Look at one of my readers that told me she got scammed over $15K from programs like this over the years, you really need to be careful and know how to look for red flags.


Red Flags of Cash From Home

I won’t mention everything but you will understand what you’ll be looking for as most scams do the same thing:

#1 Red Flag – FAKE OWNER

So for Cash From Home, they call her “Mary Rogers” but this girl has been named so many different names and here are some examples with the same “Friend” letter about her chilling day:

Cash From Home Mary Rogers Fake Owner


Online Income Fake Owner



Of course if there is a fake owner, there’s only fake testimonies on their site because they won’t show real testimonies like this one I found on another review site:

Cash From Home Real Testimonies


#3 Red Flag – FAKE NEWS

They always show the news logos as if this particular program has been in the news but if you look at it carefully, it just says “work from home opportunities” have been featured on the news, and not Cash From Home.


Online Income Fake News


If Cash From Home was actually in the news, they would have linked the real new stories to the news logo icons… not here, there are no linked stories and they just want to trick you into giving them some trust.



This is a scarcity tactic these types of programs always use to make you buy right away.


Online Income Limited Space Availability


It doesn’t even make sense that they have limited spots as this is the internet, and if you’re working online, you can work from anywhere and companies would not limit the number of people that will promote for them because they don’t need to pay them until they get a sale.

So this limited space crap is just BS and you can prove it by going back to the site other times and other days, you’ll get the same amount of spots left.



The biggest red flag of all, which you may not know since you’re not in this business, is that link posting is absolutely the wrong way to do affiliate marketing.

Unless you have a huge following on social media or find some forums that allow spamming, you won’t get very far like this.

The fundamental of this program is completely wrong too how they will give you customers’ records to post links from?  This doesn’t even make sense and like I said, any links you’ll be getting won’t be yours and you won’t be earning 100% from them.




Absolutely, with all the red flags and telling people how to do affiliate marketing the complete wrong way, Cash From Home is a scam for sure.

They just want your $97 and run.

These sites don’t last long and that’s why there so many of them with different names.

They do this so they can re-market this scam to a whole bunch of new people.

These scammers won’t stop unfortunately and this is the only way I can help is to keep revealing the truth about them.

I hope for your sake you have not given them your $97, and if you did, not more than that.

I highly do NOT recommend this Cash From Home and I hope you will want to learn the right way to make money online.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Cash From Home is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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