Is Copy My Commissions A Scam? A Very Dangerous Product!

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Is Copy My Commissions A Scam? A Very Dangerous Product!Welcome to my Copy My Commissions review and this review will answer the big question, “Is Copy My Commissions a scam?”

I’ve seen a lot of internet marketing products that are not very well put together and then there are those that are just pure scams.  I must warn my readers about Copy My Commissions as they literally will just take your money!

If you’ve been researching around to find out more about this product and what I come up with is astounding!  I hope you read through to see what this guy does and how you can protect your wallet!


I will take you through the following for this review:



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Product Name: Copy My Commissions


Owner: James Johnson

Price: $7 + Upsells of $100’s

When you purchase a product, you usually know what you’re buying.  Not in this case, when you land on Copy My Commissions, you will get to see this almost one hour long video about nothing.

It’s about nothing because James never tells you what you’re buying.  It’s all about hype and telling how you’ve been wrong and doomed from day one because you don’t have his system.

He goes on and on about how much his system has made him so much money even up to $57K in 29 days:

Copy My Commissions $57K


Don’t fall for this scheme guys, these are lies because this same video is used elsewhere even though he had claimed in the beginning of the video how you can’t find it anywhere else.

He claimed his website is so secret that you won’t find it on Google, Twitter, Facebook, or the likes so you are lucky if you have landed there.

Well, hate to debunk this but his sales video is found on another website – first here is the video on Copy My Commissions:

Copy My Commissions Video


Here’s another website, Instant Income Code, using the same video as his and actually it’s available on YouTube:

Copy My Commissions Video On Someone Else's Site


Not only that, after digging around for a long time, I finally found what the system is, it’s a software that I found on another website which sells it for around $20.

The software is for lead generation but you won’t know how to use it because the training that you get is a load of garbage and will not train you to make the money he promises you.

I know this because I have seen many REAL testimonials from people who actually bought into this and has lost a lot of money.  I will show you these below.

What Copy My Commissions really is, is just a way to get you give them your credit card so they can charge you and recharge you.

The “system” they sell you will not make you any money as shown by the people who got scammed below.

You will end up being charged for things you did not authorize and this is a big reason why I wanted to do this review.

He is selling a system alright, a system that makes HIM money, not you.

Beware of this product and please do not spend a dime on this because once they have your credit card, that’s it!


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From all that I’ve shown you already, you’d think that’s all the red flags right?  Wrong, and I want to make it clear what red flags to look for in other products so you don’t fall into these traps.

Copy My Commissions uses the usual sales tactics that are found in these types of products and that you should watch out for:

  • Scarcity – This website will be shut down in 24 hours and you won’t have access to it again if you don’t act now.  Any legitimate business will be around for a long time and this is just used to get you to give them your credit card.

Copy My Commissions Scarcity Tactic


  • Very Little Work – The video goes on to say how you don’t have to do much work and that everything is very easy.  Just pushing a few buttons and everything will run on autopilot.  It’s products like this that makes making money online a bad name.  Anyone that actually makes money online can tell you it takes A LOT of hard work and consistent hard work to make their online business successful.  Money does not just spit out from the internet to you, you actually have to know the proper way to build an online business and work on it day after day.
  • Hyped Up Earnings In Very Little Time – This cannot be further from the truth.  There are no businesses that can make you that much money that quickly and if there are, they are probably illegal.  I mean, really, if there was such a system that you can make $57K in 29 days, wouldn’t everyone be rich already?
  • Upsells – Once you pay your $7, you will be asked to upgrade for something else for $97 and then $197, don’t do it because I saw that someone did and immediately regretted and tried to get their money back, more on this below.  Any product that has so many expensive upsells are not good!
  • Look At The Fine Print – After entering my email to get past the sales video page, I get to the payment page which only tells me the few things I will get, but there are bonuses and one of the bonuses is a major red flag:

Copy My Commissions Bonus Insider's Income Circle

What this bonus actually means is that you are actually going to be enrolled in this “Insider’s Income Circle” for “free” initially but guess what?  They will start charging you $38.64 per month after your first 7 days without you authorizing this.

So once you hand over your credit card for the $7, you’re in for a full ride as they will start charging you month after month after your first 7 days so you don’t remember this and the amount is odd like that so you think it’s just something you bought.

By the time you actually notice this recurring charge on your credit card bill, he would have already charged you several months maybe if you’re not checking your card statements in detail each month.


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The worse scam product that I have seen is right there in the last point in the previous section.  They make you think you’re getting “a bonus” but really they are going to start a recurring charge a week later.

Also, because it’s under the heading “bonus” you probably wouldn’t have even read it before you paid your $7 and if you read it afterwards, it’s too late, they got your credit card number.

Copy My Commissions is one of the biggest scams I’ve seen yet, and here are so many testimonials I’ve found on other review pages of this product.

These customers are complaining unfortunately on the wrong websites as the websites these complaints were found are on pages that were telling people to also stay away from this product but they are so desperate and have nowhere to go that they had to say their peace somewhere.

Here they are one after another:

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 2

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 1

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 3

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 5

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 4

Copy My Commissions Negative Testimonial 6


I hope you can see that once you give them money, they will NOT honor their 30 day money back guarantee.  This is the sleaziest tactic I’ve ever seen!

Usually the products that I’ve bought, they honor their 30 day money back guarantee no problem, no questions asked, they just refunded.

But wow, Copy My Commissions will just stall and stall until your 30 days are over and then say your guarantee period lapsed.

I hope you will not pull out your credit card for this product!!




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Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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