Is Home Internet Income Club A Scam Or Make $379/Day?

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Is Home Internet Income Club A Scam?It may sound easy to make $379/day from posting links but you really should be asking, “Is Home Internet Income Club a scam?”, because it sure looks familiar if you’ve been around.

If this is your first time seeing something like Home Internet Income, you may think this is a great opportunity but I’m glad you are doing some research first.

My honest review of Home Internet Income Club can literally save you lots of money!

I will point out several things wrong with this program as I’ve reviewed many other ones that look exactly like this.

Let me take you through the following sections:



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Home Internet Income Club Logo


Product Name: Home Internet Income Club


Price: $97

Owner: Lisa Cadwell

Recommended? No

This is another link posting program that “teaches” you how to post links on the internet to make money from home.

I have “teaches” in quotations because they don’t really teach you the right way to do affiliate marketing which is what essentially link posting is.


Home Internet Income Club Home Page


Home Internet Income Club talks about promoting products of big brand companies with links they provide you which you can earn $15 per link posted.

You don’t need any experience and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

It sounds super easy as there’s only 3 simple steps to follow their way of getting started but there are so many things wrong with this program that I can’t even begin to talk about because there’s so much.

First of all, you don’t make money just by posting the links, people need to actually click on it AND actually buy something or sign up for something, an action that is required before you can earn any money from that link.

Second of all, the affiliate links can’t be provided to you by someone else like this program.  You must sign up for each affiliate program you wan to work with or that has the products you want to promote.


Home Internet Income Club Links Given To You


So, if this program is telling you “…the unique linking code the system automatically gives you”, that means those links are actually THEIR affiliate links and you’ll not be earning 100% commission from them since they are not yours.

You’ll essentially be helping Home Internet Income Club make money, not you.  They may give you some portion for your help but how do you even know if the links you posted even earned a penny since you don’t have access to those affiliate accounts?!

Home Internet Income Club could essentially say you earned $10 this month but in fact you earned $50 for them.

Not that you would earn even that much from the way they teach you how to post these links but that’s just an example what this program is doing.

I know affiliate marketing well as this is what I use everyday to make money online and it’s a legitimate business model to use, but these guys are teaching you all wrong because they prey on people like you who don’t know what’s going on or know how affiliate marketing works.

These guys are just out to get your $97 and then give you their affiliate links to make them even more money.

This is no better than the MANY other programs that do the same thing:

Now let me point out some other obvious things that make Home Internet Income Club a very untrustworthy product.




How all these types of products work is that it makes you believe you’re going to make money easily by posting links on the internet.

They lure you with the promise of making $379/day working just 30 mins from home each day.

They also make you think this product is trustworthy with news logos and news videos but they are all fake including all the testimonies they post on there.

But all of this is just a rouse to get you to pay the $97 which is usually just the start.

They will then get you to upgrade and upsell you many other products after that and you may end up spending hundreds more, if not thousands if you’re not careful.

I’ve reviewed so many of this type of product, I know this is the same thing.


Let’s take a look at some of the red flags found:

#1 Red Flag – FAKE OWNER

Here is Lisa Cadwell which is a picture of a woman that’s been used so many times with different names, these types of products just re-brands itself multiple times.

Here she is as Lisa Cadwell on Home Internet Income Club:

Home Internet Income Club Fake Owner


And here she is as Kelly Simmons on Simple Income Strategies:

Simple Income Strategies Fake Owner


And here she is again as Kelly Simmons again but on Secure Job Position:

Secure Job Position Fake Owner



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If the owner is fake, of course the testimonies are fake with other stock images found on the internet.  Check out these testimonies:

Here are their stock images being used all over the place searched on Google:

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 2


#3 Red Flag – Affilaite Programs Don’t Exist For Companies They Referenced

Now, this is just plain lazy of them to not even check if the companies they reference even have affiliate programs.  If they don’t have them, then you can’t promote them to earn money.


Simple Income Strategies wrong affiliate programs


Netflix used to have one long time ago, but they closed their affiliate program and don’t have any plans to reopen it either.

This is confirmed when I went on their site to talk to a customer service to make sure of this:

Freedom Cash System Netflix does not have an affiliate program

You can do the same thing and verify for yourself.

Then there’s also Blockbuster which hasn’t been in existence for God knows how long!

These scammers are just plain idiots to have this brand on their list of companies to promote!  Blockbuster became a part of the Dish since 2011.

Makes me wonder if these people even know anything about affiliate marketing?!  Maybe they need to look up some training themselves!


#4 Red Flag – Limited Space Available

Home Internet Income Club is using the usual scarcity sales tactic which is a sign that the product can be a scam and it’s used to get you to buy today or right now.

Home Online Profit Education Bad Sales Tactics

Don’t believe it as the number is always the same no matter when you go to it.

It’s just a gif image that makes the number flash, it’s not live, or real.


#5 Red Flag – Fake News Stories

The news logo on the top right are always on these types of sites to make you think they are trustworthy.

Home Online Profit Education Fake News

They do play on words as they use “work from home opportunities” are in the news to make you think their program is in the news but they are not as none of the news logos are linked to any real news stories.

Then they also use the same news video in every single one of these types of sales pages, I don’t know why they don’t change it up but if you click on all the reviews I mentioned above, you’ll see that this sales video being used in all of them:

Home Online Profit Education fake news video

And again, it’s not about Home Internet Income Club in particular but just about working from home in general.

So, watch out for these signs in other products as these are sure worrisome.




I have no doubt that Home Internet Income Club is a scam and you won’t be making $379/day from it.

If anything, you may probably lose money it’ll be very hard for you to make money from the method they teach you which is to post these links all over the internet.

That is definitely not the proper way to use affiliate marketing and these scammers aren’t even teaching you how to get your own links.

No one can “provide” you with your links to promote, you must sign up for each affiliate program for the company or products you want to promote.

Without signing up yourself, you’ll never know what kind of traffic you’re getting on your affiliate links or how many people have bought from you.

This is a very unethical way for Home Internet Income Club to do business and therefore I highly do NOT recommend this to anyone.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Internet Income Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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