Is Home Online Profit Education A Scam? Don’t Fall For It!

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is Home Online Profit Education a scam?Here’s another link posting site called Home Online Profit Education (HOPE) and if you’re wondering if this is a scam, you are smart to do so!

I’m glad you’re on my page to read my review on Home Online Profit Education because I will show you how this really works and why you should stay far away from it.

I have done many product reviews and there are several sites that look exactly like this, and I mean exactly except for the name of the site.

They basically just change the logo when the other ones are found out as scams.


Here’s what I’ll show you below:



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Home Online Profit Education logo

Product Name: Home Online Profit Education (HOPE)


Price: $97

Owner: Heather Smith (fake)

Recommended? Hell no.

I have reviewed many of these types of products that just turn out all to be the same, they lure you into think you’re getting some work at home job but in fact, you’re not at all.

There is NO job in this and there is no real news stories that talk about this Home Online Profit Education product.

In fact, these people will use the exact website and clone it with different names but they are all the same.

You are paying $97 for some really bad training to teach you how to spam the internet with affiliate links.


Home Online Profit Education Sales Page


Then, you will be bombarded with huge upsells that cost thousands of dollars if you’re not careful.  I had one reader tell me she lost $15K to products like this.

The problem with this program is that you’re not even being taught how to use affiliate marketing properly and that you’re actually using their affiliate links and not your own.

Affiliate marekting is a great way to earn a very comfortable online income but they are teaching you so wrong.

You won’t even be using your own affiliate links (because you must apply to affiliate programs directly yourself, no one can just give you links) which means you are using theirs so that means you’re not going to be earning 100% commissions and only earning what they give you which is a tiny portion to what they get.

Besides, the methods you’re being taught to post the links on social media and forums online is not even the correct way to use affiliate links or use this great affiliate marketing business model.

In fact, you’ll probably get banned very quickly using their methods.

Anyway, they are not really interested in teaching you how to build an online business or make money from home.

They are in it to get your $97 and then get you to upgrade to other high ticket items, that’s the whole point of these programs.

Don’t fall for it!




There are so many red flags in these types of sites, I will point them out to you.


You will notice they use a play on words “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On:” making you think that this product has been featured on major news channels.

Home Online Profit Education Fake News


This product has not been featured on anything and they are just making it seem like their work at home opportunity has been featured on there but far from it.

If they were, the real news stories would be linked to those news channel logos.



This news video used on the sales page has been use multiple times on many other sites.  Again, it talks about work at home opportunities but does not refer to this particular product at all nor is it about this product in any way.

Home Online Profit Education fake news video


You can see this same set up at Simple Income Strategies and Automated Daily Income and many more!

This HOPE site is just another copy of those ones, don’t believe it.



This is just a sales tactic they use all the time on these sites to make you believe there are limited number of spots.

Home Online Profit Education Bad Sales Tactics


Believe me, they will not stop the number of people paying them $97 or have the chance to upsell you the more high ticket products behind the scenes once you join.

You can go back on that site multiple times on different days and still get the same number of spots left.

It’s a big fat lie.



This Heather Smith is not real as many of these types of sites use fake owners.  It’s one thing to use a pen name, it’s another to sell a product as a fake person.

Home Online Profit Education Fake Owner


The picture you see there is a stock photo you can find on Google like this which has more than 10 pages of results using this photo:

Home Online Profit Education Stock photo


Then, you can see that on another similar site like Auto Home Profits, this picture and exact same letter is being used as Shelly Davis:

Total Income Answer Same Program Elsewhere Shelly Davis



So if they have a fake owner, of course they will have fake testimonies like this one below who’s name is Jason T from PA on the Home Online Profit Education site:

Home Online Profit Education Fake Testimonies 2


Then I find him on another site for something else named Fred Johnson on Rise University:

Home Online Profit Education Fake Testimonies


Which is it buddy?  Get your name straight.


There are many more red flags to point out but there are just too many and I think you get the point.




According to my 11 Ways to Spot A Scam post, yes I would call this a scam because it has more than 2 of those 11 ways to spot a scam.

The worse part of this program is that it’s not going to really teach you how to make money online and teaching you the wrong way to use affiliate marketing which is real shame because that’s a great business model to use, as I use this everyday to make money online.

The real scam is to get you in the door so they can upsell you to many more expensive products that are up their sleeves.

They will put you in a lot of credit card debt with programs and things you won’t need or know what to do with.

Moreover, your information will not be safe with them and you will get majorly spammed and get maybe even more scams.

I would be very weary of this product if I were you and stay far away from it.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I highly do NOT recommend this Home Online Profit Education.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Online Profit Education is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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