Is Income Online A Scam Or Easy $379/Day Posting Links?

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Is Income Online by Kenzie Anderson a scamAre you interested in Income Online at but wondering if Income Online will scam you with this link posting system?

Kenzie Anderson makes it sound very easy to make money online but is this even a real system?

I’m glad you’re here because my Income Online review below will show you exactly what you’ll be getting into and whether this Income Online system will even work.

There are actually tons of these link posting sites and they all do a disservice to people who are truly looking for a way to make money online.

My Income Online review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Income Online Logo


Program Name: Income Online


Price: $97.95

Owner: Kenzie Anderson

Recommended? No

Income Online is a system that Kenzie Anderson found that supposedly allows people to make money from posting links and they only need about an hour a day to do this.

It’s a work at home opportunity that anyone would be interested since that’s what making money online is all about, being able to work from home.


Income Online Sales Page


Kenzie goes into her story and how she was in debt and needed to find something that will give her flexible hours for her kids while still making enough money to get out of debt and make a living for her family.

The Income Online system is her solution that has given her a lifestyle beyond what she dreamt of and tells you that anyone can do the same.

She goes on to tell you it’s all very easy and all you have to do is post the links to products that companies are dying for you to do for them.

You are told you’ll get an average of $15 for every link you post, and how the more you post, the more you’ll earn.

But the only problem is that this system won’t work for you too much, nope.

I’ve been an internet marketer since 2016 and have reviewed many of these link posting programs such as these:

They all promote the same thing and they are all wrong about this link posting thing and I will show you why in the next section.




All of these link posting systems are set up the same way and trying to mislead so many people what this really is because the real business model doesn’t work like what they tell you.

What This Business Model Really Is

“Link posting” is really affiliate marketing which is the process of earning a commission for driving sales of products you promote via your affiliate links.

The affiliate links come from signing up to affiliate programs that companies like Walmart, Apple, Amazon, etc, offer and you can get these links for free.

However, these companies aren’t desperate like Kenzie Anderson tells you they are, this is just another way for companies to have their products promoted.

The Income Online system then tells you that you can take these links and post them all over the internet to make money.

You actually don’t make any money just by posting the links, someone needs to click on it and then BUY the product or service you’re promoting in order to earn your commission.

Depending on what you’ll promote, each link is not worth $15 each, it all depends on the affiliate program that you signed up to.

The range that you can earn is vast and wide, you can earn as little as a few cents or you can make hundreds or thousands so you really can’t just offer an average number like $15 per link.


Can You Make Money From Posting Links?

The short answer is that you can but posting links all over the place on the internet isn’t going to earn you the riches that Kenzie claims.

This would really be called spamming and you won’t be able to do much of that on any social media platforms for too long before you get banned or kicked out.

Most online forums don’t even allow posting of links anymore because people abuse it.

You won’t be making much money posting links like the way they are saying because people aren’t just going to click on any links on the web these days and you’re certainly won’t be earning anywhere near $379/day doing it like this.

The only way you can make some money like this is if you have a huge social media following and people have a relationship with you and “know” you from your account.

A lot of social media influencers use affiliate marketing to make money as well but even so, you’re not making the likes of $379/day like that either.

To make $379/day from affiliate marketing, you need a much bigger online presence and build it properly as well (hint, I tell you how later).

Just spamming links is not the right way to make money from affiliate marketing and you’re sure not going to make much money doing it like that.


Red Flags

There are many red flags to this product that I’m going to show you here so you can avoid other products that are scammy with similar red flags.

There are seriously a LOT, but I will pull out the main ones for you to check out.


Red Flag #1 – High Income Claims With Hardly Any Work

It claims you can make $379/day by just working 60 minutes a day, do you really think you can make $11K+ a month just by working 1 hour a day?

Income Online Red Flag #1

How long do people work in a day for a job?  8 hours.  Wouldn’t everyone quit their jobs and do link posting if this was true?

I can tell you right now, this method from Income Online will NOT earn you $11K+ a month.


Red Flag #2 – Income Online Doesn’t Know Affiliate Marketing

Quite frankly I don’t even know if Kenzie knows how affiliate marketing works because she’s listing companies that don’t even have affiliate programs!

Income Online Red Flag #2 Companies with No affiliate programs

Like Netflix does not have it, I checked, and Blockbuster hasn’t been in existence for a few years now.

So you won’t be posting links for companies like that but it’s disturbing to see that they listed these companies to post links from.

How can you even trust this system even works??


Red Flag #3 – Kenzie Anderson Is Not Real

No she isn’t, and if you have reviewed as many of these as I have, you will see that this system keeps changing the names of who the real person behind this is.

Income Online Red Flag #3

They also change the branding of this system multiple times to evade negative reviews like mine.

This picture of Kenzie has been used on multiple link posting systems as seen here:

Online FastCash Fake Owner

Cash From Home Mary Rogers Fake Owner


Home Online Profit Education Fake Owner 2

Online Income Fake Owner


You really can’t trust anything on this Income Online site.


Red Flag #4 – Limited Availability

Scarcity sales tactic is often used in these schemes, and you will see that no matter when you come back to their site, it’s the same number of limited availability.

Income Online Red Flag #2 Fake Limited Availability

Trust me, they will not limit the amount of $97.95 they can collect.

Don’t believe it, many companies do not limit how many affiliates they have, especially not by city as their site claims.




I would consider this a scam because this Income Online system will not deliver what it claims on their sales page which is very misleading and deceiving.

They also try to gain your trust by using fake news logos and video to make you think their system is in the news but nobody is talking about these guys on the media.

They even try to tell you that you can make $225 in your first hour and these types of lies are just to get you to give them your $97.95, don’t do it!!

Income Online Lies

They are also telling you an old method that’s not going to work today, especially in the long term, and will only get you frustrated and lost.

You will be scratching your head why you’re not making $379/day as it claims you can do so easily.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Income Online by Kenzie Anderson.




If you really want to build an affiliate marketing business properly, then you’ll need comprehensive, real step-by-step training.

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Without having a bigger online presence, you won’t be making much money in affiliate marketing and you’ll need to learn how to attract the right people to your online business which is also taught in the training I used.

I’ve been doing this since Sep/16 and it’s been so awesome to see my online business grow, if you can understand this post, I don’t see why you can’t follow the training and do the same as I did but you can build it on a topic you want.

Oh, expect to work more than an hour a day, this is the real deal so dedicate as much time as you can if you want to see those $379 days.

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Income Online by Kenzie Anderson is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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