Is Link Cash System A Scam? Will Just Share The Link Work?

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is Link Cash System Just Share The Link a scamJohnathon Crisper came out with yet another Link Cash System but is it a scam or can you really make $3,576.72 per day?  Is it as easy as “Just Share The Link”? Or is this really “The Lifetime Link Share System”?

There are so many names to this system that you don’t know what you’re really buying or if this guy is even for real so I’m glad you’re on my review so I can show you how this really works and if this will make you any money.

My review will cover the following sections:



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Program Name:  Link Cash System (aka Just Share The Link / The Lifetime Link Share System)

Price: $47

Owner: Jonathon Crisper (?)

Recommended? No.

There is no doubt that Jonathon Crisper makes this Link Cash System sound really easy to do and it’s a topic that many are familiar with: social media and big names like Zuckerberg/Gates.


Facebook Cash System sales page


But, don’t be fooled because that that’s exactly what he wants you to think.

This is not his first rodeo, this is a rehash of his old system called Facebook Cash System and my opinion of this system won’t differ too much from that one.

Link Cash System is supposedly a system that he found through a “loophole” he overheard at some Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates meeting.

In reality, he’s just telling you how to share affiliate links to make money on the internet.  He tells you how you can “Just Share The Link” and make ridiculous amount of money but that’s not how this works.

You don’t make money just by sharing links, there is a more complicated process to it which I’ll go over in a bit.

However, I can tell you right now that the way this system tells you how you can make money with posting links is definitely NOT the way to do it.

You will certainly not make $3,576.72 per day and not even the $500 – $1,000 per day he claims later in the sales video.

In fact, you really don’t know what to trust here as “Jonathon Crisper” from Orange County, CA doesn’t even exist since you can’t find this guy connected to these systems in real life anywhere.

It’s fine to have a pen name on the internet if you’re a writer or something but when you’re taking people’s money and selling a system, you should show your name & face and not hide like a coward.

So, to me, this is a huge red flag and you should really think twice before submitting your payment.

This is no different than other link posting products like Legit Online Jobs or Facebook On Fire.




In this section, I’m going to go over what this link sharing thing really is and why this guy’s system won’t work for you.

But before I go into that, I want to let you know how Link Cash System really works and that is to just mislead you into opening your wallet and give him your $47.

Think about it, if this guy has a system that is really worth while that can make you $1K per day, why would it cost so cheap?

Why is he even selling it?  Why not keep it to himself?  Also, if this system can really make you $1K a day or $3K+ a day, wouldn’t this system cost thousands of dollars, if not millions?

Food for thought.


What Link Sharing Really Is

Let’s get to the bottom of what this really is which is affiliate marketing and whenever I see products like Link Cash System abusing this business model by misleading you on how you can be successful with affiliate marketing by just posting links on the web, it makes me just livid.


Affiliate Marketing on laptop


Affiliate marketing is such a great, legitimate way to make money online, something I use everyday to make my living online so I kind of know how this works.

But, when you have products like Link Cash System tell you that all you have to do is “Just Share The Link”, it is totally wrong.

Building a successful business using this business model and making big money with it is entirely possible but not in the way this system is telling you.

You cannot make much money from posting your affiliate links on Facebook or Twitter or online forums.

You can make some money, very little, but not the kind of money the Link Cash System is telling you.

Also, just posting the links don’t make you any money, you need to have someone click on it and actually BUY or DO something that will trigger the commission for you.

There are different ways to make money with affiliate marketing and it depends on the program you sign up with and what it says on how you can make money.

Sometimes a person need to buy something, submit an email, or have some kind of other action.  What you’re doing is referring people to certain websites to take action on.

The amount of money you can make vastly ranges from $0.01 to hundreds, or thousands, per link, if your business is set up properly and you put in a lot of hard work and time.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as the Link Cash System make it seem and a lot more is required to make the kind of money you’re looking for.


Why Link Cash System Won’t Work

For $47, the kind of training he will provide you will likely not be that good as it’s probably outdated/reused and low quality since he’s telling you to just post links all over the web.

You won’t be learning much from this guy behind Link Cash System, he’s not in it to help you, he’s not in it make you successful.

He’s in it for your $47 + whatever upsells he has inside for you.

Posting links all over the web can:

  • get you banned!
  • lose your accounts!
  • lose followers!
  • lose friends!

You also have no trust factor when you’re just posting links everywhere without much education to the people who will see your links.

People are way smarter these days on the internet and they are not likely to click on your link on some forum because they are worried they can actually get viruses or get scammed.

If you think about how this Link Cash System was marketed to you, nothing can be trusted from this guy as there’s no such thing as a loophole in Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates’ businesses.

Those kinds of successful people ain’t going to let nobody, let alone this guy, get a piece of their pie.

It’s laughable to think he can use this sales tactic and people will believe him.




It really depends on how you define a scam.

I can tell you right now you cannot make the kind of money this system tells you, so from that angle, I will define Link Cash System as a scam because the marketing he’s using is highly misleading and untrue.

A big system called Digital Altitude recently got sued by the FTC for deceptive marketing tactics amongst other things so you need to be aware that this is really illegal to market like that.

As well, this guy is just telling you lies like being in a meeting with Zuckerberg and Gates.  Yeah right.

On the other hand, if you try this yourself, you can make a little bit of money if you get lucky, so in this sense, you may not see this as a scam.

I know I’ve tried doing this on Facebook myself (on my own, not with this product) and yes I’ve made a little money but that’s it, a little bit of money.

Not only that, if you use this method, you always have to keep finding new places to spam at because you can’t do too much at one place to avoid being banned.

This is a horrible way to use affiliate marketing because you’re always chasing the money.

You’ll always have to find ways to “share your link” but if you just build this business properly instead, you will find that the money will come to you, which I’ll detail more below.

From everything I’ve discussed above, I highly do NOT recommend Link Cash System, Just Share The Link, or The Lifetime Link Share System.




To properly build an affiliate marketing business, and really enjoy making more than just pocket change, you really need to build a presence on the web.

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When you have the right education, business tools, and support, your journey won’t be as hard and you’ll know that you’re on the right track.

Yes, it’s not as easy as just posting your links all over the web, but with some good work effort and time, your online business will really take off and you’ll be able to make the kind of money you’re looking for that is dependable and recurring.

If you are able to read and understand this post, you’ll be able to learn and build your online business just like I did.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Link Cash System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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