Is Money Finder USA A Scam Or Unclaimed Funds Here I Come?

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is Money Finder USA a scamDo you think you can find some money at Money Finder USA or is Money Finder USA a scam that’s just a time waster?

It may be fun to find money you didn’t think you have but is it worth going though Money Finder USA?  Is it going to find any money for you?

My review below will show you everything you need to know but the quick answer is that they will not find any money for you per se, I will reveal below what I mean.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Money Finder USA logo


Program Name: Money Finder USA


Price: Free

Recommended? No

When you land on Money Finder USA, you are lured by the fact that they may have some insight on how to find your unclaimed money and that they can even find it for you.

You may have unclaimed funds, it says, so it doesn’t mean you do, you just may.  If you feel that you have some money that you never received, this may be a way to find it.


Money Finder USA home page


Unclaimed funds could be any asset that is rightfully yours because you either inherited, bought it, received dividends or stocks you never claimed, or checks not cashed for whatever reason.

There are national registries where they list the amounts of unclaimed funds that people are owed and usually you would just need these registries to get your money back if you do find yourself on there.

The national registries are legitimate and the funds are usually sitting in some bank or some other authority that you’ll need to proof your identity to in order to get your unclaimed money back.

So where does Money Finder USA fit in anyway?

They really don’t, they are not a service that you can use to get your money back or find any unclaimed funds or assets for you.

They are there just to give you the links to two national registries of unclaimed property which you could have just searched out on Google.

Money Finder USA does not provide any other added value to you or the search for unclaimed funds.

You may then wonder what Money Finder USA is for anyway?  Well, this is not uncommon but they are there to collect some of your personal info and to make money from you.

There are many other schemes like this such as the Trevor Harris unclaimed money scams and NorthAmeriCorp.




This Money Finder USA site is total BS and if you’re not used to analyzing sites like this, you may have missed why they are not a good site to use.

Everything on their site points to one thing, which is this form they want you to fill:

Money Finder USA form to fill


Purpose Of Money Finder USA

After you fill out that form, you will be taken through offers and advertisements, one after another, and this is done on purpose to make you go through these so they can make money if you click or do any actions to those ads.

Here are some sample ads and offers I had to go through:


You are shown ads that they think may be of interest to you like applying for credit cards, getting your credit score, insurance, and more things you may not even care about.

One of the ads even told me I won $50,000 but of course that’s not real.

Basically, if you take on any of these offers you are shown, then they will make money, and this is basically why this site is there for.


Finally The Info You Wanted

After you pass all the BS (ads), you will finally get to a page where they tell you there are two registries that will help you find your unclaimed funds:


But even when I’m on this page, the ads still pop up at this point so they are really wanting to make money from you signing up for any of those offers they show you.

On this same page, they also have two other resources to help with families get financial assistance or get loans with bad credit, both of which if you sign up, they will also make money.

So everything on this site is geared for them to make money, and the only two info you needed could be really found on the web without jeopardizing your personal info.


Spam Galore

You’re not done.

Or, should I say, they aren’t done with you even after you’ve gone through everything because there’s more they can earn from you.

Remember that form you filled out?  Well, that info you provided them will be sold and shared with multiple companies and you’ll be receiving live calls and sms texts about more offers and ads.


Money Finder USA Form Confirmation, Your Consent


Of course, they will earn money for offering your personal info to those partners.

When you filled out that form, you had to confirm that your info is accurate and that you consent to calls and texts, so most people will not even read and just check it to go to the next step.


Money Finder USA List of Partners your info will be shared to


But, there’s actually a link you can click on to opt-out which I want to point out here so you don’t have to get blasted with spam.


Money Finder USA Form Opt-Out Of Spam


You just have to click the link to open the opt-out box to check out to opt-out.  Of course, they make it hard for you to opt-out.




Thumbs DownAll Money Finder USA wants to do is make money from you by offering you two links that you can actually find online without going through their site.

They are set up to make you think you are going to find unclaimed money for yourself or have their help to find your unclaimed funds but all you’re getting is being bombarded by ads.

You really don’t need to use this site and you’re better off Googling to find the government sites (legitimate) that will give you the lists to the unclaimed funds.

Is Money Finder USA a scam?  It depends on how you look at it, but for me, and only for my personal opinion, I feel they are set up to mislead you for sure so for that, I will call this one a scam.

There’s really no point to this site and you should not use it for any amount of time since you won’t be getting any value from using it and will compromise your personal info.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Money Finder USA.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Money Finder USA is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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