Is Tube Crusher A Scam Or Easy $3K Today? [Honest Review]

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Is Tube Crusher A ScamIt’s exciting to hear that sales video on Tube Crusher isn’t it and be able to earn thousands today or is Tube Crusher a scam that’s going to waste all your money and time?

Glad you’re at my HONEST review as I’m NOT affiliated with them and will not want you to purchase this garbage.

Any Clickbank product I’ve ever bought into only gave me huge disappointments and this Tube Crusher is no different.

I will show you in my review below why this is not good detailed out in the following sections:



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Tube Crusher Logo


Program Name: TUBE CRUSHER


Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended? No

Here’s Tube Crusher with their sales video trying to tell you that you can go on YouTube today and start making thousands of dollars.


Tube Crusher Sales video


It tells you how so many people are making millions of dollars on YouTube and why you’re not making any.

Tube Crusher says it has a system that will catapult you “from YouTube rookie to wealthy vlogger” without doing much work like 15 minutes a day.

Tube Crusher says he is a YouTube superstar but of course he hides his identity.  I’m sorry but that’s not very convincing.

The thing about Clickbank products about making money online is that, that is all they’ll do, LIE.

They always sensationalize what they know about this and that but when you get inside it’s total garbage.

This creator of Tube Crusher won’t know that much at all about how to make millions on YouTube because if he did, he wouldn’t need to lie to people like you.

He would show his face and tell you about this YouTube channel and how he did it.  He wouldn’t be behind some sales video hiding himself.

I’ve reviewed so many Clickbank products that make their product sound like out of the world but when you buy them, it’s nothing but disappointment.

Check out these that I’ve actually bought into and discovered duds:




How Tube Crusher really works is that it won’t work because they really don’t have the expertise to tell you how to be a wealthy vlogger.

The creators of this product is only interested in one thing and that is making money for themselves and not really helping you.

I have bought into too many of these types of products not to know better.  All you’ll get when you buy this product is some generic material about making videos, or worse, you’ll see them taking other YouTube videos and putting in the members area as their own (YES I’ve seen this happen too, MORE THAN ONCE!).

Sometimes the PDF you get is just a PLR they bought for $10 and just rebranded as their own (which is allowed to do) but the information is outdated and generic and nothing that will catapult your success as Tube Crusher promises.

They will tell you all sorts of high income claims that has nothing to do with YouTube users like how Google owns YouTube and makes how many billions a year, but that doesn’t mean you can start a YouTube channel and just start making thousands of dollars.

They also always use something that is familiar to you but not really how how to make money from it.

Nobody just gets rich from opening an YouTube account and working on it 15 minutes a day isn’t going to get you far either.


The Reality Of Making Money On YouTube

Yes, you can make money on YouTube but it’s never going to happen overnight or today like Tube Crusher is saying.

It’s not even going to happen in the next month or next year but eventually you can make 5 figures a month, or even more.

The reality is that it takes a long time to earn those figures that Tube Crusher is talking about.  YouTube has so many rules on there nowadays that you can’t even have ads on your videos unless you’re an established channel with certain number of views and criteria before you can even make money from ads.

The other way to make money on YouTube is recommending products and having an affiliate link in the description of your videos but that only works if you have built up an audience.

Building up an audience for your YouTube channel is one of the things that will catapult you to making a lot of money on YouTube, but again, this takes A LOT OF TIME to do and a LOT OF WORK, not just 15 minutes a day.

The lies that Tube Crusher that they tell you about how much money you can make TODAY or tomorrow on your brand new YouTube channel are absurd.

NOTHING can make money on YouTube any faster, there are no systems that can jump over YouTube’s real policies and rules.

Also, videos just don’t go viral, they have to be exceptional and only happens to a few, you will not be able to bank on this to make thousands of dollars on YouTube.


Will You Make Money With Tube Crusher?

Not likely because all they are providing you are a bunch of lies and misleading jargon.

They just want you to chase that shiny object and make you wish you don’t have a 9 to 5 to go to.

Just look at their video testimonies, they are fake, their “system” doesn’t work because these are not real users of their system.

They have hired actors to do their testimonies and I have found them on a freelancing site called where you can hire people like that to make videos for you for as little as $5.

You can make them say just about anything, just check these out:

Tube Crusher Fake Testimonies

Tube Crusher Fake Testimonies


Tube Crusher Fake Testimonies

Tube Crusher Fake Testimonies


So, yeah, they did NOT make figures in their first week or first two weeks, or any weeks for that matter.

Any product that tells you that you can make such amounts should be huge red flags to you because there will be NO systems that can do that for you.

In order to make money online, you have to work hard at it and learn from legitimate sources.




Yes, this Tube Crusher is a scam because it’s not going to deliver what it says which makes it a scam even though you can garbage for your money.

When you are being sold on lies and misleading information, this is a definition of a scam to me, in my opinion.

They can’t just make false claims and get away with it, it doesn’t happen with other products we buy so why should this be any different?

They cannot trick people into buying something, and these scams really do nobody any good by doing this.

Unfortunately there are a sea of these on the internet and so I make it my mission to tell everyone to stay away as much as possible but I know I can’t save everyone.

I hope you have read this and know that I’m talking from real experience.

I’ve been working online since 2012 doing various things including building a YouTube channel and while mine hasn’t gotten anywhere much, I know what it takes to build it up and this is a true testament that not every channel could just make thousands of dollars overnight.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Tube Crusher.




I have left my YouTube channel since last year because I was concentrating on building my online presence first which is more important than building a channel at this point.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Tube Crusher is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Is Tube Crusher A Scam Or Easy $3K Today? [Honest Review]”

  1. Thanks for your honest review, it’s refreshing and good to know what to watch out for. I will check out your guide.


    • You’re so welcome Laura and thanks for coming to my post today. Glad you are checking out my guide as well, it’s what I used to build my monthly 4 digit online income. Hope you found out how you could get me as your Personal Coach!

      See you on the inside!

  2. I can not believe you call out others for scams when wealthy affiliate(who I paid over 1200 for everthing) and worked a year trying did not make a penny. I think most people would make hundreds more with a sign around their neck. Tried Wealthy Affiliate need food money. What a joke. How much did you get for promoting the scam wealthy affiliate? They look professional, they are at taking your money….

    • Hi James,

      You were at Wealthy Affiliate for one year, so $19 for first month, then $49 for 11 months equals $539 or $588 if you did $49 x 12 months. There are no other costs on there except if you want to buy a domain which is $15/year around.

      Not sure where you got $1,200 from. See, I took advantage of the Yearly Membership and only paid $359 for my first year.

      Why you didn’t make money in a year is probably you didn’t follow the training closely like I did. In my first year I made a little like $483, then in my next 11 months, I’ve made $14.6K, I’m in my 24th month now and it’s looking like another 4 digit month.

      You can check out my entire progress on my profile at Wealth Affiliate here (for free guys!).

      Why most people who join Wealthy Affiliate or ANY (Legitimate) PROGRAM fail is because they don’t know that this online business takes TIME to grow and because most people don’t see much money coming in that first year, they stop working on their websites and once they stop that’s it, another dying blog website.

      For me, I never stopped, I started slowly and then kept ramping up til I was publishing daily. Then publishing daily for 10 months straight.

      If you don’t stick with it or put in the work, nothing will work for you.

      Best of luck to you when you check out the next system,


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