Shareify Review: Can I Make $1,928.50/Month With My Hobby?

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Shareify LogoToday I will share what Shareify is (pun intended), one of the latest make money online products that came out recently.

In my honest Shareify review, you’ll learn if you can actually make $1,928.50/month with this “new” system.

I have analyzed their product and researched up & down the internet sphere to bring you the most updated info on this product.

You will see that Shareify is actually not as bad as all the other crap that I’ve been reviewing lately and that there is actually some substance here!


Here’s is what I’ll take you through:



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Shareify productsProduct:  Shareify


Price: $10 + Upsells

Owners: Stephen Gilbert along with Fred Barton and Greg Jefferies

Shareify is a video training program that shows you how to take any of your hobbies or skills and earn $5- $10 repeatedly!

Their training shows you how to create short tutorial videos showing others how to do what you know.

Sharing your skills will help others learn while you make passive income since you only need to create the tutorial video once but still sell it over and over again to many people.

It’s a great way to sell your skills and make money from your everyday knowledge and know how.

If you’re good at making a great dish, training a dog a certain trick, or knowing how to repair a bike, you can share this knowledge and earn money.

This can work in any niche and it wouldn’t take long to make a short 10 minute tutorial video about what you already know.

This product shows you how to set everything up with their step-by-step, over the shoulder video training, so there is really not much guess work in this.

However, will it make you $1,928.50/month?  Read on.




Initial Product Price: $10 – $14.95


What’s Included:

  • Quick Start Blueprint – This step-by-step blueprint will give you a fast overview of what’s involved and get your started right away.  This blueprint will be a quick way for you to reference back if you forgot anything.  As long as you follow this blueprint, you’ll make money with this Shareify method.
  • Easy-To-Follow Video Training – The training will take you through all the steps you need to get yourself set up and shows you how to make the tutorials, what you’ll need, and where you will be making money with your videos.


Three Upsells:

  1. $27 Double Your Profits – They will show you how to repurpose your content on other digital teaching platforms.
  2. $37 DFY Shareify Creator – This done-for-you system offers you quick templates on creating your videos and you’re basically just filling in the blanks.  You’ll also get a DFY niche cheat sheet and DFY ad creator.
  3. $67 1-on-1 Coaching with Greg Jefferies – Greg will offer 4 1-on-1 sessions with you to learn more on how to maximize your profits.

Shareify Upsells


I usually don’t like programs that have upsells, I wish they would just package the whole thing and sell it at a higher price or something.

These upsells can be useful but like the first upsell, I’m sure you can research this yourself once you are more familiar with how this all works.

The second upsell may be good for people who wants some templates to give you a quick start in your video making but it’s not hard to just start recording on your phone and tell others what you know.

Third upsell is well, annoying, I hate having to pay to have access to the owners and get support!




This is really a rare program, other than my #1 recommendation of course, that has a decent amount of good aspects to it.


  • It’s simple and easy to learn.
  • You won’t need to worry about traffic or buying any.
  • You’re just sharing knowledge you already have.
  • Not a huge investment of time (well, this actually depends, read on).
  • Good for newbies.
  • Cheap course.
  • Real way to make some passive income.
  • No list building.
  • Works in any niche.


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  • The earning claims are not realistic as they show you a video on their home page that disputes the $1,928.50/month claim on the same page.
  • Training is a really thin, you get what you pay for.
  • No website to also promote your tutorials on your own.
  • Not a brand new method as they claim, this has been around for years.
  • No support.
  • No community to ask questions to.


Shareify $1900/mo claim


The worst thing I wanted to point out is the fact that they claim you can make $1,900+/month while showing a video, on that same page, where they log into the educational platform (where you’ll be selling your tutorials) to show you how much they’ve earned.

None of the months you see in their account is over a thousand dollars (see below or click link in previous paragraph to see actual video which is 2/3’s down the page)!

How could they make such claims then?  The actual document they show that has that $1,928.50/month amount is from God knows where:

Shareify Fake Earnings


The real earnings in the video are more like this:

Shareify Real Monthly Earnings

It also gets less per month as they scroll down to Jan 2015, when they started the account it looks like.

Showing these real earnings is great, not sure why they have to say $1,928.50/mo when it’s not true.




To answer this question, I would have to ask you whether you will be willing to put in that work and wait for it.

As you can see above, you can definitely make money with this Shareify method but to make $1,928.50/month, you may have to make a lot of tutorial videos and it will take time to get to that amount.

If you are willing to put in that effort, then that’s great, you will eventually make that much money.

The earnings they showed in the video (as pictured above), the “Royalties” column is what you make from your videos, you will have to do more work to get those “Premium Referrals” like various promotions and such.

As well, the “Total Earned” of $6K is made over 2 years time.  In the video, I can see that he scrolled to the bottom to Jan 2015.

I think it’s possible to make $1,928.50/month with this system, but you will have to make a lot of tutorials and it will take a few years.

Taking a few years to make $2k/month is not a bad thing either, making money online does take time.




Shareify is an okay product, it’s not the best way to make money online but it’s a great way to supplement your online income.

I always say affiliate marketing is a much better way to make money online, and you can learn everything about it right here at my #1 recommendation:

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You’ll have a better chance on making a job replacing income with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and building an affiliate marketing business than using the Shareify method.

How I see it is that while you’re building your authority website at Wealthy Affiliate, you can use Shareify to supplement your income or as a diversification way of making money online.

I wouldn’t use Shareify as your money maker.

Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you want to build an online business that generates a full time job income and you’ll learn so much more there than in the Shareify training for sure, not even comparable really because Wealthy Affiliate is actually a training platform that has a huge number of community members waiting to help you out too!



If you have any questions or thoughts about Shareify or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my readers’ comments!


Let’s make money online!

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