Simple Money Sites Review: A Scam Or Millionaire in 92 Days?

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Is Simple Money Sites A ScamLooking at Simple Money Sites and wondering if you should go for it or if you’re trying to find out if it’s a scam?  I’m glad you’re questioning it because your suspicion and gut feelings are correct.

My review below of Simple Money Sites will show you what this product is really about and why you probably shouldn’t join it.

No program will make you a millionaire in 92 days and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I have review hundreds of these types of products, and this one is sophisticated because it really is packaged really nicely.

However, again, it’s not what it seems, doesn’t matter how well they brand this and market it.

My review will take you through the following:



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Simple Money Sites Logo


Program Name: Simple Money Sites


Price: $97 + $10,000’s

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

Simple Money Sites is yet another product with a long drawn sales video about how you’re going to be a millionaire with their magic sites that will just bring you tons of money.


Simple Money Sites Lures with Millionaire in 92 days


They talk a lot about people becoming millionaires in the beginning of the video but that has nothing to do with their product or program.

Of course there are people becoming millionaires every year, but they also worked their butts off to get there, and not by buying this product, I can tell you that.

The product even tries to claim that this 33 year old became a millionaire in 92 days from only working 1.5 hours a week!

That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.

There are many more lies in this product just to make you want to jump in on their deal and give them your $97 but not so fast.

Are you going to be really buying the Simple Money Sites program?

Or is there a hidden program behind this site like so many other scams I’ve reviewed?

The answer is, yup, this funnels into MOBE, a high ticket program that’s at risk of being shut down by the FTC since a similar company is already being sued by the FTC and has halted their operations.

How I know it’s MOBE is by looking in their Purchase Agreement, I see their signature “21 step training in 21 days” with the $500 Guarantee in their clause:

Simple Money Sites Is Really MOBE, MOBE Clause

There are other aspects of the program that they have mentioned in the video as well which I’ll go through in greater detail but this product is totally misleading you and hiding the truth.

If you’re going to go into a business opportunity, shouldn’t you know about all the facts before you go into it instead of being tricked and deceived to give them your $97 and then find out you’re about to make a huge mistake?!

Oh it gets even better…




How this Simple Money Sites really work is make you feel like you can have it all without barely doing any work but is that really the reality here?

Of course everyone wants an easy way out but guess what?  There really isn’t an easy way out.  Any real success like making 4 – 7 digit figures come from real hard work and time to build up to.

No one just gives you a cheap system that can just dump money into your bank account and that’s what this product is trying to tell you that you can put in $5 and it will spit out $100’s for you.

You can even tweak it to give you $1,000’s?!

Not that easy.  I know about websites and how they work.  The $5 they are referring to is buying traffic.  Buying traffic is actually not that easy and you must come up with high converting campaigns to get any sales out of them.

You’ll be paying way more than $5 to perfect your ad campaigns, most people pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each money for paid traffic.

I personally know someone that had to put in $4K – $5K before he started making any money from buying traffic.

So although buying traffic is a quicker way to get your landing pages seen (the only way, you won’t get free organic traffic like my website does, I paid nothing for you and many others to come visit my site), you will have to have money to play with first.


What MOBE Is

The MOBE program is the real program behind it and don’t ask me why their members don’t just promote it as it is but have to hide it.

It’s obviously NOT that good or else, why else do they need to hide it?  One search about MOBE online and you’ll see TONS of negative reviews.

Anyway, MOBE is a high ticket program where you have to pay for all the products you want to earn commissions from.

Their products are definitely not cheap since you will be able to also earn high commissions if you could sell them yourself as well.

Just take a look at their prices here:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


Therefore, if you don’t want to miss any commissions (if you don’t buy in, and your referral buys it, you don’t get the commission) and want to be able to make commissions from all of them, you’ll need to put in over $64K plus $295/month!

Yup, that’s no chump change.  You have that kind of money lying around for you to fool around with?

After you buy your products, the person that brought you into the system will make a commission which is the person behind Simple Money Sites, in this case.

Then your job now is to go out there and mislead more people with template sites like Simple Money Sites to join this MOBE system and the cycle repeats.

You are also told you’re getting a 24/7 sales team plus a personal coach/mentor if you “act now” as personal coaches are limited.

Simple Money Sites Provides a Fake Coach

Don’t be fooled, the sales team and coach/mentor are the same person!

Your coach is the sales team for the person that brought you into the program and your sales team will be the coach of your referrals.

They are just sales rep who also makes a commission when you buy those high ticket packages so nothing is what they seem to be in their sales video.

They can’t even get their regular price right:

Simple Money Sites More Lies

What can you really trust on their site? Nothing.


Why It’s WAY Harder Than It Sounds

The investment here is not easy for the average person to also join you in this madness of just getting people to join so you can make commissions and they do the same thing as you.

You will need to recruit massively to find the very few who can afford such a program that’s highly unethical if you ask me since no value is created and you’re just passing money around from a new member to an existing member.

The Simple Money Sites’ sales video does a disservice to you making you think you can build this business with only working 1.5 a week, you’re definitely going to lose all your money if you do that.

You’ll be putting in loads of hours to try to get your template landing pages seen as well as spending even more money on promotions.

Before you know it, you’re knee deep in debt like one of my readers because she chased the dream of making fast money.




Thumbs DownYes, I consider Simple Money Sites a scam because it’s not what you’re buying.  You’re really buying into a program you probably would not have joined if you knew the whole truth.

To me, that’s a scam.  There are some that say this is just a funnel, but if you are being fed you’re buying “Simple Money Sites” then that’s what you should by buying.

You don’t buy anything else in life expecting one thing then getting another.  No, you buy Brand A because you want Brand A, not so you can actually end up getting Brand Z.

It’s totally misleading and deceptive, and again, these practices are not cool by the FTC.

Therefore, I can’t bring myself to recommend this to you because this is not the way to build a valuable online business that helps others.




I’ve been reviewing so many programs and products out there, and unfortunately, there are more scams than not.

The more you want fast money with no work, the more scams you’ll run into.

You will find that wanting to make money online quickly is just a pipe dream and if you really want to make money online it will take time and hard work.

That’s what I’ve been doing, taking a lot of time to learn how to build my own online business that helps people and putting in lots of hard work.

The result is a life where I can work from anywhere I want that has a wifi connection and I’ve been at it since Sep/16.

The longer you want fast money without putting in the work and time, the more time and money you’ll waste chasing the shiny objects.

The real deal of how I learned to built my site and run my business from anywhere is all explained in my free guide:

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Anyone who wants to make money online needs to know this stuff and it’s not that hard to learn when you have the right guidance.

My guide will show you where you can get that comprehensive training for it, show you exactly what you’ll be getting into, and nothing will be untold.

You will be able to build an online business on a topic of your very own so you don’t have to do what everyone else does.

You’ll also get real help and no one has any hidden agendas, in fact, you’ll be able to get help from not only from me, but a community of like-minded people and the owners as well.

Stop getting scammed and start building something REAL!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Simple Money Sites is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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