Simple Wealth Creators Review: Scam Or $2,450 A Sale?

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is Simple Wealth Creators a scamI just came across a relatively new product called Simple Wealth Creators and wanted to see if it’s a scam or if I can really make $2,450 a sale.

With so many scams on the net, it’s best to do some research like you have to see if it’s a program worth joining and to make sure you know all the details.

Don’t get tricked and there are tons of sites out there that do just that, so I’m glad you’re here to see what I’ve found about Simple Wealth Creators.

In my Simple Wealth Creators review, I will take you through the following:



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Simple Wealth Creators Logo


Program Name: Simple Wealth Creators


Price: $597 – $3,597

Owner: Not Readily Found

Recommended? No

Simple Wealth Creators is a program that offers up to 70% commissions for selling high ticket packages but you will need to buy in at the level you want to earn at.

You’re basically recruiting people to do the same thing you do and it’s a pay to play game.


Simple Wealth Creators home page


Just to mention, I’m not affiliated with them in anyway so this is my unbiased review on this Simple Wealth Creators program.

So how do you pay to play?

You must buy into the suites that you will be making commissions on.

They have 3 suites:

  • Starter Suite @ $597 your cost.
  • Deluxe Suite @ $2,097 your cost.
  • Premium Suite @ $3,597 your cost.

Once you have bought into one of these suites, you can start to sell them.

Well, more like promote them because you don’t have to close any sales, they do it all for you so this part is what draws people in, you don’t have to close any sales yourselves and in fact you won’t be able to as the FAQ says, they have to do it.

Therefore, getting leads will be your job and how you will earn your commissions.

Before we take a closer look at how it all works, I just want to mention that I like how Simple Wealth Creators is ethical and not do business like other high ticket programs like MOBE and Aspire who train their affiliates to trick people into joining their system with fake sites.

It’s refreshing to see that Simple Wealth Creators is really the system you’re being told to join and they are actually being upfront with all the costs involved!  Wow, how about that!

As you can tell, I’ve been reviewing far too many fake systems and fake programs! Lol




Let’s continue to see how this Simple Wealth Creators works once you join one of the Suites.

Now, your job then is to promote this system to others and you will make the following commissions for the level you’re at if your referrals end up buying in too:

  • Starter Suite earns you $350.
  • Deluxe Suite earns you $1,400.
  • Premium Suite earns you $2,450.

If you bought into the Starter Suite you can only earn $350 on anything your referrals buy.  So if your referral buys the Premium Suite, you still only make $350 and the rest of the $2,100 commission will go up to the sponsor above you that is at the Premium Suite.

Once you are at the Premium Suite, you can earn full commissions as above on all three suites.

From all the information I researched, you don’t have to buy in at each level.  You can start at the Premium Suite, paying $3,597 in one go, and you will be qualified to make commission on ALL Suites.

If you start at a lower level, it’s more costly to you to upgrade later because there’s a $97 admin fee you have to pay plus you will owe your sponsor the difference between the suite you have and the suite to which you are upgrading, so starting at the Premium Suite makes a lot of sense.

However, they only take cashier’s check or money order, so you’ll need to have $3,597 sitting around.


How Do You Promote & Recruit?

Many ways, and you will probably want to use every way you can because this part will be the hardest part of the system.

From the methods I see they train you on like social media, YouTube, webinars, sales funnels and paid traffic, it sounds like you’ll always have to go out to get leads.


Simple Wealth Creators Products


Doing it this way will be very costly because you’ll end up needing to use paid traffic because traffic from those free sources will not get quality leads, at least that’s my experience and that’s trying to get people into a free program, never mind trying to get them to pay $597 – $3,597.

They don’t teach you a free way that can bring in highly targeted leads which is something I know how to do.  If you know this method, you don’t have to always go out to get leads or pay for them, people will be coming to you instead.

Just like how you came on my website today.

So, paying for traffic works and can be quicker than what I do, but the risk is much higher because if you don’t know how to advertise or know how to do split testing to develop a high converting campaign, you will be spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in advertising.

Therefore, you can make money with Simple Wealth Creators, but it’s not for beginners in the making money online field, it’s just too risky.




I’m happy to say that Simple Wealth Creators is not a scam but I still don’t recommend such pay to play programs for people who are just starting out to make money online.

This type of program is good for people who’s been in the industry and has built a great following either on social media, an online business, a huge email list, and have the know-how to bring in thousands of leads.

If you are just starting out, I have a much safer, less risky business model you can learn that will bring you highly targeted free traffic to your online business.

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In any business, you need to work hard at it for it to succeed.  Whether you join Simple Wealth Creators or what I recommend, you won’t see results if you don’t put in the time and work effort into it.

So many people who want to make money online want it quickly and fast, but guys, there are no magic systems on the internet, there are just opportunities.

That’s why there are scams out there, because you guys keep looking for the next shiny object to try.

If you stop believing there is such a thing as a push button system or fast cash on the web, then you can stop getting scammed today.

Learn a real way to make money online and stick with it until you see results.  My guide shows you a place where you can learn and apply the blueprint to making money online.

If you learn it, apply it, work at it, you CAN make real money online that you can depend on for years to come.  I know it works because I’ve been using it since Sep ’16.

Let me show you how:



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Simple Wealth Creators is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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