5 Tips To Learn How To Start A Blog With WordPress

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5 Tips To Learn How To Start A Blog With WordPressToday, I am going to explain to you the five tips to learn how to start a blog with WordPress. Some people think that it’s simple to create a blog. It’s like they can easily materialize the ideas in their heads with a snap of their fingers.

How I wish it were that easy.

True, you can set up your WordPress blog in less than 30 minutes, heck the SiteBuilder I use can even create one in less than a minute. However, other aspects must also be considered to make your blog successful.

This is the reason why I came up with this guide to help you, particularly those who just started to build their online businesses.

The following 5 tips are essential to getting yourself on the right track to success and what I have used myself to reach a 4 digit online income:


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Niche Selection

One of the first steps to become a successful online entrepreneur is to choose a profitable niche.

A niche is a business you’ll be in that focuses in on a particular group of people you’ll be serving and the product types you’ll be recommending to this target market to help them solve their pain points.

The key to finding the niche that works for you is to focus on a particular market that you’ll be willing to work on for a very long time.


Tips To Learn How To Start A Blog With WordPress


Focusing on one niche will direct all of your concentration in one direction. You know what will attract your targeted audience. You will determine faster the right way to approach them and get sales.

Since you’re knowledgeable about your products, your clients will trust you and will likely purchase from you more than a few times.

So, find a niche you know and love > narrow it down, come up with a more specific niche > search for products that have high demands.

As long as you’re willing to research this niche, you won’t have to start out as an expert.  To become an expert in your niche, you just have to want to learn about it and really dive into learning how to help the people in your niche.

Serving your niche to help them figure out how to fix a problem or help them discover new things to improve upon will all establish trust with your audience.

The more trust you can garner, the more likely you’ll be able to get sales because they will be more willing to click on your links if you’re providing them with value which leads to my next section…



Offering Value

A strategy that many successful bloggers use is to make sure that the content of their posts addresses the appropriate topics that offer value to your readers.

By valuable, your readers should be able to learn something for coming to your post.  Give them reason to click on your post, offer them free information they can really use.

Readers will naturally follow someone who isn’t out to open their wallets, so it’s a matter of providing as much value as you can to your visitors first, then may do a soft sell at the bottom of such post after giving lots of value.


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You need to let the readers see that you’re not just giving them fluff to read, but real information they can use and apply to improve or understand something they didn’t before they came to your blog.

This is why keyword research is one of the main components to having a successful blog.  If you’re good at keyword research, you’ll be able to find your niche’s pain points and help solve them for the people in your niche which will drive a lot of visitors to your blog if you’re using such keywords.

If you’re able to help people, people will trust you more, the more you’ll be seen as an authoritative voice in your niche.

The more authority in your niche, the more people will buy your recommended products, the more money you’ll earn.



Content Creation

In creating your blog posts, you must come up with a plan, a full-detailed method that you should always use. You must write your plan like how you’re going to write an entire book.

When writing a book, authors always emphasize on the introduction. So, with your posts, you must create strong introductions. They will play a huge role in keeping your readers interested.

Depending on the topic, you can keep your readers interested in many ways:

  • Pop a question
  • Create a comparison
  • Show statistical outcomes
  • Define the existing problem
  • Explain a situation clearly
  • Provide a quote from an expert
  • Provide an example

Same goes with your conclusion. It should be as strong as the introduction. What you’ve written on your opening paragraph must connect well with the end. They’re like a bridge – point A must connect properly to point B.

When you keep providing fresh and useful posts, your traffic will increase, as well as community engagements and leads.

Make sure you can create a publishing schedule you can keep because search engines like seeing consistent fresh content from blogs.

Even if you deliver content on a regular basis, you should never discount on quality. It must be unique and valuable at all times.

Take note though; you won’t achieve Google’s top 10 in a matter of days. It will take patience, commitment, and time.



Consistent Hard Work A Must

Among the five tips to learn how to start a blog with WordPress, hard work is the most important. If you don’t work hard enough and devote a significant amount of your time, all that you have learned becomes useless.

All successful bloggers are disciplined. They manage their time and priorities properly. They always find time to write unique and useful posts regularly, comment on other sites and reply to their readers.

Bloggers spend time learning new things. They devote some of their time reading other posts and discussions in online forums to pick up further information, new strategies, and tools that they can use to improve their blogs.

Even with my years of experience, I still see myself as a learner. I continue to read other blogs and participate in healthy discussions. It’s an effective way for me to improve, not just as an online entrepreneur, but in other aspects as well.

Many blogs become just abandoned or inactive because people end up not taking it seriously they don’t work on it consistently.

If you don’t work on your blog, you will end up losing the rankings you’ve earned on search engines and your blog will suffer in traffic as a result.

That’s why working hard on your blog consistently is highly important to the success of your blog.



Training Is A Must

Thumbs UpBlogging isn’t easy, and if you want to be successful, you need to have the proper training. A lot of people think training isn’t necessary.

It’s just blogging, how hard can it be?

As you can see, when I was just starting, I thought I could do it on my own. I did try. It was hard, but I believed in myself enough to think that I will be fine without any help.

However, I soon found out that didn’t work and when I wanted to try blogging again but also make money from my blog, I wanted to find something that will teach it to me right.

That’s when I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to give it a try. I thought about how a few extra help can go a long way.

Signing up for Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision I’ve ever made in my online career! The courses they offer are organized so beginners can follow them easily, comprehensive as well as step by step.

They also have a fantastic online community. The members are very helpful that you can finally feel that you are not alone in your online career journey.

This training platform has all the tools you’re going to need in making a WordPress blog. All topics related to successful blogging will be covered in your training including how to use keywords, how to use affiliate programs to monetize your blog, how to get ranked on Google, use social media to gain more traffic, etc.

Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to earn money online through affiliate marketing. After all, it was why you created the blog in the first place, right?

So, signing up is like hitting two birds with one stone! It doesn’t end there.


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If you join with the green button above, even with the Free Starter membership account, you’re going to get two free websites so you can start with your online career right away!

They have only 2 membership options a Starter & Premium, since Starter is a free membership, you basically get a limited version of the Premium but still get the 2 free websites, first 10 lessons of both courses, plus keyword research tool.

The Premium membership is $49/month, $234/6-month, $359/year, and opens up the entire platform for you.

There are many other benefits and features you can enjoy once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate like:

  • Live Chat for instant support
  • Live Weekly Webinars to interact with an expert live
  • 2 Main Training Courses:
    • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
    • Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons)
  • Thousands of tutorials & lessons on top of the main training above
  • Superb Fast Hosting included
  • SSL Certificates & Private Domain Registrations
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • Site Builder, Site Content, Site Feedback, & Site Comment
  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching
  • plus more here…

But, will it be a lot better if you get to experience the benefits yourself?  I know you have nothing to lose from checking it out since you can sign up without even taking your credit card out.

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 years now and I’ve built a 4 figure a month online business with it.

I’ve also reached Super Affiliate status on there in Aug/18 so I know their training definitely works and have been helping me make money for my family.

I know I can help you with my experience so join with me here and I will tell you how you can be eligible for my free coaching services on your profile after you sign up.

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your WordPress blog today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the top 5 things beginners should consider before making money with affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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