Top 3 BabbleType Complaints That You Should Be Aware Of

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Top 3 BabbleType Complaints You Should Be Aware OfWanting to try BabbleType but want to find out first what the complaints are from other users?  I have looked into BabbleType and put together this review to ensure you can get all the info you need to know.

There are many ways to make money online and one of these ways is to earn money on BabbleType.  It’s something you can do from home and at your own schedule.

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Let’s take a look at BabbleType in the following:



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BabbleType Logo


Program Name: BabbleType


Price: Free

Owner: BabbleType LLC

Recommended? No

BabbleType is a transcription service for companies who wants to get their audio files to be converted into text and they cater to the market research industry specifically.


BabbleType Home Page


As they receive work from clients, they pay people like you and me to perform the actual work of transcribing audio dialogue to text documents.

This work can be done from anywhere since it’s all online and you have a timeframe of 22 hours to work with for when the assignments are due.

This provides an opportunity for us to work from home and do this job at our own schedule which sounds great at first but let’s look at how it all works, which looks very similar to Scribie.


Types of Jobs Available

  • Transcription – This is the main service that needs to be perform which entails you taking an audio file and converting it all into text.  This could be one person talking or multiple and in different topics.  All you have to do is write down word for word what is said on the audio file.
  • Translation – This is the same as transcription but the audio will be in a non-English language and the written text will be in English.
  • Proofreading/Quality Assurance – This ensures the transcriptions and translations are done properly and accurately.  You will be reviewing both the audio and text to make sure they match up.

BabbleType Apply For Work



You need to be native speakers of the language you will be assigned to so you must be fluent in the language as well as knowing proper grammar and have high accuracy in your work.

In the case of transcription and proofreading, you will need to know English.  If you are translating, you need to be native in both the language you are translating from and English.


How Much Do You Get Paid?

  • Transcription – For this you will get $0.40 – $0.60 per audio minute.  For example, for a 10 minute audio file, you will be paid $4 – $6 for transcribing it.
  • Translation – For Spanish & Portugese, you will be paid $1.30 per audio minute, and $1.40 per audio minute for other languages.  You will also get paid $1.60 per audio minute if you can transcribe in an Excel-type transcript with question matching.
  • Proofreading/Quality Assurance – Proofreading from an English audio file is $0.13 per audio minute and $0.18 for translation transcriptions.

From the looks of everything, it’s pretty straight forward but let’s see what happens when you’re doing the actual work and see what people are complaining about.




Here are some of the biggest complaints you should be aware of so you can decide for yourself if you should apply and try this out.

These complaints are common amongst these types of sites and not surprised to find the same.  Sometimes it’s better to try something else.


#1 Low Pay

As you seen above, the pay is by audio minute so that means a 10 minute audio file is worth $5 on average, but it will take you a lot more than 10 minutes to transcribe that audio file.

You have to listen to it, pause it, type it out and then maybe even rewind and listen to it again to check if you did it right.

If the audio file is not clear or if someone has a heavy accent, you will have to rewind it several times before you can hear clearly what they are saying.

Therefore, a 10 minute audio file can take 2 – 5 times longer, maybe even more, to do the actual transcription so are you willing to get paid $5 for 20 – 50 minutes of work?

Most would say no and that’s why this is one of the biggest complaints.


#2 Poor Audio Quality

The quality of the audio file will make a huge difference here on how fast you can do your work so if the quality is not good, it can really make it hard for you to work faster.

If the volume is low or if the sound has feedback in it, you will need to rewind the recording more than once to figure out what they’re saying.

Most complained that the files are just plain hard to hear in general so it sounds like the audio files are very low quality.


#3 Work Not Being Approved

There are complaints about their work not being approved for little to no reason or they will find ways to make excuses to not approve the work that you’ve done and submitted.

They do this so they can reduce your pay in half!

So could you imagine working for half an hour and you think you will get paid your $5 for your 10 minute audio file but you get rejected so you’re now only getting paid $2.50?!

Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt, I wish they had chances for people to correct their mistake at least once so their rate will not be reduced.

This part is the worse when you’ve already done the work just to find out you’re not going to be paid fully.




I don’t think BabbleType is a scam because they do pay you even if they have their stringent rules on rejecting your work and only paying you half.

Some would say they are a scam because of this low pay / easy rejection but that’s the thing, you need to play by their rules.

So although BabbleType is legitimate, is it worth your time?

I would have to say no it’s not worth your time because you just never know if they don’t like something about your work and you’ll be out of luck in your pay.

It may not even be your fault because their audio files are such low quality.

But, there is no harm if you want to try it out for yourself and you may get lucky with getting better audio files.

This could be good for a little side money if you have some extra time to waste but if you want more than that, I don’t think this is the right path for you.

With all the complaints, I do NOT recommend BabbleType.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding BabbleType complaints or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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