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Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador littlemama coachYes, it’s true, I’m a Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate and have been a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador for a while as well.

I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years now and what a journey it’s been!

I’ve only just recently achieved the Super Affiliate status last month in August and what a wild ride I’ve had.

Building an online business is a lot harder than everyone thinks, and if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no way I would have been able to do built what I have today.

In the following sections, I’ll go over:



If You Want To Be Coached By A Super Affiliate
Of The Best Training For Affiliate Marketing:

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To be a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador, one must be very active and helpful on the platform as this is a pay-it-forward system.

When you sign up on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will have a ranking number assigned to you and usually it’s a huge number, million something since they have over a million members that have gone through their platform.

As you start going through their training and start to engage with the community, you will see that your ranking will move higher and higher, meaning your huge number will go smaller and smaller.

The more you help others and be active on the platform the higher the ranking you will have.

The more influence you have over the community, the more ambassador credits you gain and the higher your ranking gets.

As of this post, I’m ranked number #8 and have been an ambassador for over 200 days, although they’re not all consecutive days.

Here’s a list of the top 10 as of this post:


I couldn’t screenshot it all but ambassadors are anyone who is Rank 25 or higher, the top 25 members.

We don’t get any prizes or money for being an ambassador, but it’s the recognition some seek.

I’m not one of those and how I got Rank 8 is because I’ve been documenting on there about my progress and people love success posts so I get a lot of likes and comments on them (influence).

Besides that, I do help a lot of members on the platform and so my activity is very high on the daily there.

The ranking system could be distracting for some and they will do things on the platform just to gain some ambassador credits instead of working on their business.

Don’t let this be a distraction because once you work and gain success, you will be flying up the ranks if you blog about it on the platform like I do and then you’ll naturally go up the ranks without having to even try.

I do engage with everyone that comes to my posts because I do appreciate their time and support, it’s so fun to meet so many like minded people.


I’ve always worked on my business and that’s why I have become a Super Affiliate!

Everyone who signs up automatically becomes an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate as of course they would have an affiliate program, as that is what they teach.

Their affiliate program is detailed here if you’re interested, it’s a great lucrative program if marketed right.


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate Announcement
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My website here has made over 300 new premium sales for Wealthy Affiliate this year so far and when you hit this 300 magic number, you become a Super Affiliate.

Once you become a Super Affiliate, you get invited to their private, all expenses paid, Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, NV which happens the following year near end of January.

I can’t wait to go next year!  I’m going to be meeting the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, our Webinar host Jay, and all the other Super Affiliates who could make it!

It’s always a fun party from the looks of it and they go all out with fun events to do, villas to hangout in, Skyloft to meet at, fancy dinners, and much more.

It’s going to be an incredible experience!




Simply, their training works.  These are skills you get to learn that will take you places you never thought you could.

My one website here, all the techniques I’ve learned and executed can be applied to any niche I now choose as I continue on in my journey to reach my next goal of earning a 5-figure monthly income.

I’m already half way there, that’s the crazy part!

I’ve been there for exactly two years tomorrow and I’m already half way to a 5 figure monthly income, it’s really an incredible business. (View income proof here.)

The techniques are evergreen and will last through any search engine updates as long as you have followed the training closely.

You are learning techniques that makes your online business work for you while you sleep or eat.

What I mean by that is your online business will attract its own free organic search traffic and visitors will be coming to you instead of you going them with advertising, if you build it right.

On my high days, I’m having almost 2,000 visitors a day on my blog here these days and I’m hoping that continues to climb monthly.

This is all a result of the Wealthy Affiliate training courses, so is it worth it?

Let’s see:

  • My annual membership costs $299 (Black Friday rate, hint hint!  Get your free account here first though so you can get started now and get your site set up already with your 2 free sites. Otherwise, the annual membership is $359, still a no-brainer since the monthly fee is $49/month.)
  • So far 8 months in 2018, I’ve earned over $18K.





Yes you could succeed without a coach like I did, didn’t have a coach, I signed up under just the owners.  Of course they help me too, but they don’t have time to be my mentor.

I didn’t have someone I could just go to with questions and have a short discussion about issues.

With the owners, their replies take a little longer as you can imagine how many messages they get so it’d be nice to have a dedicated person, I think anyway.

I’m not discounting the power of Wealthy Affiliate’s community who I relied on the most without a coach which I’m loyally indebted to.

I know what’s it like without one, and I know my referrals appreciate all the help I give them.

I always seem to supply them with the exact thing they need within a 24 hour period.

This is a service I’m offering for free to you if you sign up through my buttons and links on this page.

I can show you things and guide you through the training like no other, as well as giving you tips on how to get around the platform and find the right resources you need.

Come start your new online career with Wealthy Affiliates and me as your coach!


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If you are still on the fence and want more details on the platform, please visit my make money online guide which details out everything you will get with your Free Starter and Premium memberships.

Remember that this online business is a real business, therefore only those willing to work hard for it will succeed.

Those who are too busy or can’t give this at least 20 hours a week, just sign up for the free (for life) membership and see what’s available but don’t upgrade until you are ready for it.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador program, Super Affiliates, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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