Want To Build A Remote Digital Agency? Follow These Steps

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Steps To Building a Remote Digital AgencyA digital agency is a profitable, complex and exciting business.

Successful players in the market get a huge income and grow rapidly. But the level of competition is also high.

We recommend using modern ways to find clients and optimize the work of staff to create such a business.

How to open a digital agency, to become successful and get satisfied customers, read our article-instructions.


Perform market analysis

What services are most in demand? Of course, you will not be able to calculate exactly how much money you will receive, for example, SMM-promotion or a dashboard design as a kind of business.

But if hundreds of projects on this type of work appear on freelance exchanges a day, it is possible to claim indirectly – the sphere claimed.


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Use SEO-analysis.

With the help of Google Ads. For example, the request to “order the promotion of the site” collected more than two thousand impressions per month. Not a bad number, you can fight for customers.


Look at the competitors.

How much do they work? If there are five companies in the market that work for decades – the niche can be overheated. If only one company, but it cannot cope with orders – try it.


Step 1: Register a Legal Entity

If you want to work part-time without quitting your main job and provide services to your friends and acquaintances, you don’t have to worry about taxes.

Such relations are formalized on the basis of a civil-law contract, and taxes are paid by the customer.

But if you plan to regularly provide services, earn and pay salaries to employees and in general to understand in practice how to open an advertising agency on the Internet – it is better to work officially.


Step 2: Hire Staff

You will need several specialists to complete your first orders.

As the agency grows, you can expand your staff.

At first, hire staff based on capital. If you have very little money, use freelancers. If possible, hire people on staff.


How much to pay

The average cost, even on a remote format, cannot be determined. Look at the portfolio of specialists.

Pay attention to the internal qualities of the employee – how well he has discipline and subordination.

An advertising agency is a creative business, recruitment of personnel in this business is one of the most difficult stages.


Who is it that you need?

1. Designer. We need to create any creative visualization. Web designers create the appearance of sites and think about the logic of their use.

2. Copywriter. A specialist is responsible for the text in advertising – will come up with posts on social networks, write texts on the website and develop a prototype of landings.

3. Targetologist. Will help to promote business by means of social networks. He will find the right audience, develop an ad and run advertising for a small budget.

4. Manager for contextual advertising. Like the specialist above, such a manager launches advertising – in this case, with the help of  Google Adwords services. He knows what users are looking for online, and offers them ads based on their own needs and wishes.

5. Sales managers. We need sales managers to promote your services. First, they will be engaged in cold search methods – leave feedback on freelance exchanges, call potential customers. Then, when the agency will earn a reputation – to process incoming requests from customers.


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Step 3: Make Your Own Platforms


On the website of the advertising agency need: a directory of services, the page about the company, portfolio, and blog.


Catalogue of services

Tell us what you can offer to the client. Perhaps a person will come to your page for design, see other services and decide to give the whole project to you.

Tell us about the company – successes, projects, positive feedback. Why exactly do you need to give the order?

Describe the benefits of working with you, tell us how you will solve the problems and objectives of the client.



On this page place your cases. A case is a story about your successful projects built on the mechanics of “task > solution > results”.

Show your expertise in the blog – make reviews of useful services and other people’s creativity, publish articles-instructions, make virus posts.

Use your blog as a way to promote yourself in search engines – write texts with keywords that users use to search for something on the Internet.


Client feedback.

Ask customers to write a review of their work with you.

You don’t have to do a lot of funny stories, even if they point to shortcomings.

Get feedback, and post the best reviews on the site.


Social networks

Facebook can find clients of any business. Create platforms in social networks, tell about the life of your agency.

Share funny incidents, publish interesting creative ideas that are not included in the projects. Users love stories about living people, not about companies – give them that.



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