What Is 8 Minute Profits? Make Hundreds In 8 Mins? My Review

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8 Minute Profits ProductsAre you excited for this 8 Minute Profits Review that promises hundreds a day in just 8 minutes?  Or are you thinking, “Is 8 Minute Profits a scam?”

Well, I’m here to uncover what this is all about and show you if it’s really worth buying this product.

Everyone wants to make money online and making money fast is what people like to hear, but 8 minutes?  If it sounds ridiculous to you, you may already know how this review will go!

They make this product sound so easy to do and so simple to follow that any newbie can do it as well.

This product claims you don’t need:

  • Facebook Ads
  • PPC
  • PPV
  • Solo Ads
  • YouTube Traffic
  • SEO or Ranking Websites
  • To do anything offline

Gee what else is left then?  To earn money online, you’ll need to have targeted traffic to your website so it’ll be interesting to see what they recommend for traffic in this product.



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I will take you through the following:




8 Minute Profits LogoProduct: 8 Minute Profits


Price: $4.95 + Upsells

Owners:  Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick

This 8 Minute Profits product is about showing you a system that you can make money quickly.

It’s a video training course that teaches you an “unheard of” way to get traffic to your landing page so you can collect emails and build your email list.

Once you build your email list, you can email those people to promote them with affiliate products and earn commissions when they buy from the links in your emails.

This process of promoting other people’s products and making a commission from it when someone buys from your affiliate links is called affiliate marketing.  It’s a great model to make money online with for sure!

The premise of this product is to teach you how to get this “highly targeted” traffic to your page that will convert at a very high rate so you can make it rain with hundreds a day!

If you think this is all sounds great, let me dive into it a little more.




As of this post, the price is $4.95 but I’ve seen it for $5.95 – $9.95… nonetheless, under $10.

What’s included with the initial price:

  • 8 Part Video Course – Each video is not even 5 minutes long so it’s straight to the point which shows that this system is so simple, you can finish this course in less than an hour.
  • Fact-Action Cheat Sheets – Easy to follow cheat sheet so you can have a quick reference until you reach success.
  • Case Study – They also show you how they put it all together and show you how much money they’ve made using this system.



These types of products never go without upsells before you can access members’ area and 8 Minute Profits is no different.

8 Minute Profits Upsells

  1. $27 Email Swipes – Done for you email swipes that promise to convert your readers into customers in no time.
  2. $27 More Hidden Sources – 15 unsaturated traffic sites they use on a daily basis to pull fresh targeted leads.
  3. $197 Masterclass Series – A mastermind class for the members of the 8 Minute Profits to learn even more from the owners.




Let’s take a look at their method in detail here and then I’ll give you my thoughts about it afterwards.

8 Minute Profits Fast Results8 Minute Profits Method:

This “unheard of” traffic source they claim is essentially pay per view, so when they say this method does not involve PPV, then it’s a little deceiving.

They teach you to advertise at companies that pay people to click on ads and view them for 30 seconds.  So all you have to do is create an ad and submit it to this type of company.

Once approved and you’ve paid for how many views you want, then you’ll start getting views very quickly on your ads.

The people viewing your ad will get around 2 cents for each view and you’ll have their attention for 30 seconds.  They can click on your ad to go to your landing page if they choose to.

You are basically banking on them clicking on your ad to go to your landing page and submit their email to you.

Thus, you’ll be able to build your email list and, if your email series is ready to go, you’ll be making money when they buy from the links in your emails.

This whole process of getting your ad submitted and getting email opt-ins can be very quick and thus their name of 8 Minute Profits.


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Will This Method Work?

Well, first of all, the people looking at your ads are totally non-targeted.  You don’t know who they are, where they live, or anything else about them.

You have no control who gets to see your ad and you just basically hope the person viewing your ad will click on your link.

Because they are not targeted, even when they click on your link, you will not have a high conversion rate of them actually opting into your email list.

Remember these people are getting paid pennies to view your ad, so they have no motivation than to just view your ad, let alone click on your link and opt-in.

Although this method of advertising could be super cheap, the conversion rate is so low that it won’t be even worth your any of your hard earned money doing it this way.




Can I make $100s/day with 8 Minute Profits? No.If I can make hundreds in 8 minutes, I wouldn’t be writing this post!

The process of setting up a landing page, email autoresponder, email series (very time consuming), and highly attractive ad (must be very tempting for better chance of conversion) will already take more than 8 minutes.

Even if you don’t count this set up part as your 8 minutes and start it when your ad starts to show, it will take more than 8 minutes to:

  • have those people look at your ad;
  • decide if they want to click on your link;
  • view your landing page (which could take more than 8 mins just right here);
  • decide if they want to opt in;
  • opt in with their email;
  • read your first email;
  • and buy immediately with that first email???

Who buys right away like that?  Do you?

That whole process alone will take more than 8 minutes so no, you cannot make hundreds a day using the this 8 Minute Profits method.




My verdict for 8 Minute Profits is highly not recommended as the method teaches you how to get non-targeted traffic which is a big problem and a huge waste of money.

It’s certainly not for newbies either if you don’t know how to set up the whole landing page, autoresponder, and email series which the training does not include any step by step instructions for that.

8 Minute Profits is not a product that will properly train you to make money online.


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  • A Community for Support
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Everything is step-by-step with clear action tasks to apply to your website after each lesson.  This is truly what you’ll want if you want to build an affiliate marketing business!

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Let’s make money online!

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