What Is Affiliate Bootcamp And How You Can Make Money Online As A Beginner

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Wealthy Affiliate - Affiliate BootCampIf you’re a beginner looking to make money online, you need to know what Affiliate Bootcamp is!

Firstly, I can tell you what it is NOT, it is not a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme.  Secondly, if you are really dedicated to making money online and want to learn how to do this, Affiliate Bootcamp is for you!

When I say dedicated, I mean you really need to work hard at it, learn everything there is to know, and be patient for results.

If you can do that, there’s really no limit to how much you can make online with Affiliate Bootcamp.  I will show you results too.


I will take you through the following:

  • What is Affiliate Bootcamp?
  • Things can you learn in Affiliate Bootcamp
  • How much can you earn from it?
  • A Video walk through
  • Results from others who’s completed it
  • Final Thoughts




Affiliate Bootcamp is an online course for anyone who wants to start an affiliate marketing business in the make money online niche promoting mainly Wealthy Affiliate.  You can promote other make money online products as well on your website, but the focus of the course is on Wealthy Affiliate as this is where the course is provided.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform for starting an affiliate marketing online business and they have two courses, Affiliate Bootcamp being one of them.  The other course is called Online Entrepreneur Certification and that is also for starting an online business in affiliate marketing but for any niche you wish to choose.

My site, Work Anywhere Now, is a product of this Affiliate Bootcamp course and it’s still in development as I haven’t finished the course yet.  You will see where I’m at in the video walk through below.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate to take their courses using a Starter (free) or a Premium ($49/mo. or $359/yr. which is a $229 savings) membership.  For more about Wealthy Affiliate and all the other things they offer, as well as the different types of training, you can read more in detail HERE.




There are seven phases or courses to Affiliate Bootcamp:

Affiliate Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate


Each of the seven phases have 10 lessons in each phase along with tasks in each lesson that you can take action on and apply right away on your website.

Each lesson is also guided with a video and detailed explanation of what to do.  All lessons at Wealthy Affiliate is go at your own pace as well which is great for beginners.



The first phase is about getting your website started.  From using the free websites available with your free membership or finding a custom domain, you will be guided to set up your website and have WordPress installed in under 30 seconds!

Then you’ll be already setting up a strong foundation for your website with three themed pages and learning how to write content.



Phase 2 talks about content writing a lot as this will be your ongoing work on your blog.  You’ll learn about keywords and understanding how to write well that converts.

Also, you’ll be learning how to use affiliate links and how to put them into your blog so you can make money from people signing up on your links.

You’ll also learn about internal linking and the importance of it.



You will learn about social media and how to set them up.  As well, you will learn how to write content that will be socially engaging so your blog posts get shared.

This phase will teach you how to optimize your website so it’s search engine friendly and learn how to add Google Analytics.

You will also be encouraged to keep writing more content with suggestions and using Jaaxy, their very powerful keyword search tool.



This phase is more about branding and taking advantage of images and videos on your website.  Making your website and your social profiles have all the same logos and images.

You will also learn more about Pinterest and how to take advantage of this social media platform.



Phase 5 kicks into high gear and you’ll learn how to understand your audience better.  Writing content with intent and even learn how to make comments converting.

You’ll also learn more about videos and how they can be a huge traffic source for your website.

This phase basically is planning how to get more referrals in by introducing more tools and help.



This phase introduces other search engines and the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

You’ll learn how to set up your first ad campaign, how to track its conversion rate, and how to build landing pages.



This final phase is about scaling your business as you will have a traffic generating website by now and you will take advantage of more PPC tactics to catapult it even further.




Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is a great one as you could be earning a recurring commission if your referral goes monthly or big annual commissions if your referral go annually.

As a Premium member, you will earn $23.50 per month for a recurring referral and $175 per year an annual referral.  There’s also an opportunity for referrals to take advantage of the huge one month discount if they upgrade to Premium within seven days, you will earn $8 for this if hey take advantage of this offer.

As a Starter member, you will earn half of what a Premium member earns, so it’ll be $11.75 for a monthly referral, $87.50 for a annual referral, and $4 for the first month discount if your referral takes the offer.

Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program


As you can see above, there’s a conversion rate of 12.5% of people upgrading to Premium from a Starter membership.  I actually have been experiencing a 30% conversion rate currently and hope that keeps up. 😉

The last box on the right is an average of what you can earn per Premium signup.  Some people stay for a long time like years, some short like two months, so this is an average of what you can expect someone to stay around for, 5 months.

If people drop out of the membership but signs up again later on, you will have that referral for life.  I have heard many do come back as they’ll soon find out there’s nothing better than the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

If people are serious about making money online, this is the place to be, it really sells itself and I, myself, have an annual membership.  It just makes sense in the long run (saving $229 a year by going annual) especially if you really want this online business and build passive income!



If you are a member who can make 300 premium referrals in a year, you get to go to the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conferenceall expenses paid!

You’ll get to sit down with two owners Kyle & Carson and learn more tactics on how to boost your business even more in the coming year with a 3 day conference.  You’ll also get to meet the other super affiliates too. Check out this post for more info.

This is definitely one of my goals!!




I will take you inside Wealthy Affiliate and walk  you through the entire Affiliate Bootcamp course so you can see what it looks like and see for yourself what you can learn.

I hope you will enjoy watching it:

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UPDATE Jan/19:

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 years now and in 2018, I earned $40K from this blog you’re on right now, Work Anywhere Now.

My income proof is in this post I wrote and you can read the full story if you click the image below:

2018 In Review - How I Made $40K with Affiliate Marketing


It’s been an incredible journey and I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for it!

There is no doubt that their training works not just in promoting Wealthy Affiliate but any niche you want to go into.




What I’ve learned from all these (and more) success stories is that it takes time to be successful with an online business, give yourself a year at least to start seeing consistency in your results.

It doesn’t mean you won’t get any results before a year, but if you want to make $1,000/month or more consistently from this niche, it’ll take about that long or a year and a half.  But you will earn something along the way for sure.

My income reports will show you will earn something small in the beginning but what they also show is that the website is growing as the months go on.

Anyone who thinks you can retire in 30 days or in 100 days is lying and just want your money.

Other niches can make you a consistent income faster and so you can do the Online Entrepreneur Certification course at Wealthy Affiliate instead.


We all start somewhere and if you can stick with it and continue applying all you’ve learned in the Affiliate Bootcamp course, then you’ll be golden and you will succeed!  I hear this from successful members all the time.

Why most people don’t make money online with their blog is because they will quit just before the success starts or they don’t have the right training.

Invest in yourself and do the training at Wealthy Affiliate, whether Affiliate Bootcamp or Online Entrepreneur Certification course.  You will succeed if you stick with it.

There’s absolutely no other online training courses that come close to what they offer.

If you’d like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate see this post HERE, but if you’re ready to sign up, just go HERE!  I’ll see you on the inside!



Let’s make money online!

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  1. Hi thanks for all this wonderful information on Affiliate Bootcamp. I really appreciate it and I found it to be helpful for me to build an online business the right way. I will check out the training there soon. Thanks for sharing this article I will surely come back to see your other articles.

    • You’re welcome Alham, hope you’ll sign up for this wonderful course! It has sure helped me and I know it can help build a great business in the make money niche. The courses are easy to follow and if you’re serious about making money online, this is the course to go! You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate here as they have much more to offer you than just this course. I hope to see you on the inside where you can get personal help from me. 🙂

      Best to you!

  2. Hi,

    I found this article very detailed and informative for anyone considering joining WA. I can see where you’ve made WA your niche for entrepreneurs just starting out and needing help on where to build the skills needed to grow a business online. This course will be perfect for me and anyone else who wants to get their online business started.

    Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Davida, Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your thoughts on this course and Wealthy Affiliate. This sure is the place to learn and build skills to make your online business a success. I have learned so much in there and their training has made my site so much better in many ways. I’m so grateful I have this, and really want to sure with others who also want an online affiliate marketing business.

      Best to you,

    • Hi Evan,

      Yes it is. What happens to some people who sign up at Wealthy Affiliate is that they can’t decide on a niche of their own because they can’t pin down a topic or niche they are really passionate about. But, there are others like myself who really like this niche already and want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

      In either case, you are taught how to make money with Wealthy Affilaite’s affiliate program which is a very generous program with commissions rates of over 45% plus recurring and lifetime commissions for all your referrals.

      The make money online niche is very competitive however, so that is why they have this training to ensure their affiliates will still have a chance to get in there and be successful with it.

      Thanks for asking this question,

  3. Hi Grace.Apologies if this may sound like a stupid question,but just wanted to make sure.I was once a premium member,but couldn’t continue at that time(Dec 2014) because of affordability.I will be in a better position soon financially an I’m thinking to resubscribe.My question is:I had a website when I cancelled.It will obviously not be there anymore,right?When I resubscribe,Can I just build another site again?


    • Hi Jaco, You can certainly build another site again, that’s not a problem, but let me ask Site Support and see if your old site can be recovered from that time. Look for another answer here a bit later today when I get an answer from Site Support. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you on the inside!

    • Hi Jaco, I don’t have your domain so Site Support couldn’t search it for me. When you resubscribe, you should just ask them if they have your old domain to recover. If not, then start a new one. I hope this helps!



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