What Is Internet Jetset About & Does It Even Work?

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So there’s this “big shot” internet marketer named John Crestani that released this product called Internet Jetset back in Dec 2016 and I wanted know what Internet Jetset is about.

I would think someone as experienced as John can produce something of substance and I hope in my research I will find some good things to say about his product.

In this Internet Jetset review, I will take you through:



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Internet Jetset Logo

Product: Internet Jetset


Owner: John Crestani

Price: $47 + Upsells

Internet Jetset is a training program for making money with affiliate marketing.  The video course is about 8 hours long and there is actually some substance here.

You will be learning how to get free traffic from Google, YouTube, and Facebook to make money with affiliate products.

He also shows you how to build a WordPress website and teaches about niche picking.  Not only using big niches, but also teaches you about using small, obscure niches, which is refreshing to see.

You will also learn how to pick affiliate products and where to go to find them.  He’ll have several suggestions of affiliate networks to get great products to promote as well.

As a beginner, you will probably not earn as quickly as he does because this training is not comprehensive which I’ll go into more below.

As a main course without any upsells, this product is better than a lot of other products I’ve reviewed, however, I still don’t think it’s the best affiliate marketing training out there.

I will dive into more of this product to let you know why that is.




MAIN PRODUCT: $47 one time fee.


Internet Jetset Video Course


You will see above that you’ll get video training on all those topics and as you go into each module you’ll get several videos explaining each concept.

The total training you’ll receive is about 8 hours and there is some good information in there.  You’ll learn how to promote good affiliate products on channels like YouTube and Facebook.

The training takes you through signing up with Amazon Associates and then getting an affiliate to a product you like.

Then you take that link and promote it to your Facebook friends, and if they buy with your affiliate link, you’ll make commission.

This is why he said you can make money within 2 hours of buying this product which will get people excited to try to make even more money.

Another module is building websites to get free traffic from Google to your website so you can make money from readers on your blog.  Teaching you about keywords and how to make review posts.

Finally, the course takes you to making videos on YouTube to captilize on that free traffic as well.

There are also parts of the course where he teaches you how to be a mindful business person and not to be distracted with statistics too much or having the “shining object syndrome” where you go off on tangents instead of focusing on your core business.



There are only two surprisingly but they are expensive:

  1. $187 Xtreme Case Study Archive – this is detail accounts of several case studies where he shows you how things have been promoted and made money in various unique niches.  One video also interviews a popular copywriter Ronnie Sandlin and you can learn from him how to elicit a strong pschological response in your headlines.
  2. $47/month JetsetLive – you will get monthly live webinars, one per month.  However, they are not really live as he says.




There are more good in this product than most products I have reviewed but this one still comes short on several aspects which I’ll dive into with Pros and Cons of Internet Jetset.


The good and the badPROs:

  • Legitimate training of affiliate marketing;
  • Uses free traffic methods;
  • Price is good for what you get;
  • Good for beginners;
  • You get more info than a lot of other products I’ve reviewed.



  • Still not the best affiliate marketing training I’ve seen.
  • He doesn’t explain how Amazon works that well: Amazon Associates requires that you have a website to sign up with, so you’ll have to do that before applying for it.  They also don’t look at your application until you’ve earned your first commission and even then they can reject you if your site is too small.
  • Doesn’t provide more in-depth training for long term growth.
  • Don’t have domain registration in their membership area.
  • The methods used are not new.
  • Doesn’t have a website builder.
  • Doesn’t provide website hosting.
  • Doesn’t provide a community for help.
  • Doesn’t have much support that I can see.
  • The Facebook method is a very short-term earner method.
  • YouTube videos alone will take a long time to build your audience so not sure if you can make money within 2 hours of buying his product.
  • Doesn’t have a keyword search tool.
  • Monthly webinars aren’t Live so you can’t interact with John.
  • No direct access to John.
  • Building small niche websites is not going to be loved by Google.
  • Doesn’t have training to build authoritative sites which is loved by Google.
  • Doesn’t teach you how to write content that will bring you the amount of free traffic you’ll need to earn a full time income with your blog.
  • This affiliate marketing training doesn’t have it all.




Can Internet Jetset Make Me Money?Sure you will earn some money from this Internet Jetset product, but not sure you will earn as much as you think.

Here’s why:


You will be able to make some money faster if you use the Facebook method, which is something I’ve done myself and it works but not the way he teaches in this product.

In his product, you will need to have a lot of friends on your account for this to work as he teaches you how to make a Facebook Page and have your friends like it.

He actually says you’ll be better off using Facebook Ads (… here we go again, paid traffic) if you really want to make more money.

Yeah, I know that dude, been there done that.  He doesn’t even teach you how to share those Facebook Page posts to Facebook Groups in your niche!  That’s where you’ll have a higher chance of making any money on Facebook without advertising on there.

I know Facebook, if you don’t pay, your Facebook Page posts won’t get seen.  So, if you want them to get seen without paying, you need to share them to Facebook Groups.



YouTube is a great way to get free traffic but that free traffic takes a long time to build.  Any YouTuber can tell you they didn’t get tons of traffic just uploading a video on their channel.

You’ll need to upload tons of videos, create that audience for your channel, then you’ll start to get some good traffic.

This method will work, but this will take time to build.



Building websites is certainly the best way to get targeted free traffic from Google no doubt.  However, this product teaches you how to build small niche sites which will not get you that much traffic.

Why?  Because Google likes to see sites that know what their talking about, with lots of helpful content, and one that is trusted by its readers.

Throwing up a website with a few pages isn’t going to get you anywhere with Google.  You’ll need to build a site that has solutions to people’s problems in your selected niche.

Your site will need to become the authority voice in your niche to have Google trust you and rank you high enough to bring you the high volume traffic you’ll want.

You’ll need to know how to use those long tail keywords, where to look for those, and use what kind of writing techniques that will bring you that free traffic from Google.



Internet Jetset can bring you a little bit of money using the Facebook method without paying advertising if you can do it with what *I explained* to you above.

This product falls short on several aspects as just explained and in the Cons section above but it has some good information about affiliate marketing, how it works, and where to find products.




There’s one place that can offer you all the things that are on the Cons list above.  The one place that has step-by-step training on how to build your website from the ground up.

The one place where you can get your domain name registered, hosted on highly secured servers, SSL certificates included and even get free websites to start!

The one place that will teach you all about affiliate marketing by building authoritative sites that Google will love.

The one place that includes a free keyword search tool and learn a specific technique on how to choose the keywords that will bring you boat loads of free Google targeted search traffic.

The one place that has a community of over 800,000 members that you can get help from at a moment’s notice in Live Chat.

The one place where you’ll get to contact the owners anytime for help.

The one place that has true Live training webinars on a weekly (not monthly) basis where you can interact with the teacher and other members who’s attending.

The once place you can even start for FREE!


Where Is This One Place?

This awesome training platform that I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate!  You will seriously not find any other training platform that has more training than this one place.

You really just need this one place to build your online business and make a long term passive income stream.  All the tools and training you’ll ever need is in there.

I have written a full detail review on them and you can check out what you’ll be learning at Wealthy Affiliate here:

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I’ve been a member myself since Sep 2016 and can’t believe how much I’ve learned not only from the training itself, but from all the experienced, successful members in there!

I will be available to help you too and you will have full access to me with private coaching included.

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I’ll see you on the inside!  Don’t worry I will be able to find you and will send you a message as soon as you get in there. 🙂


If you have any questions or thoughts about Internet Jetset or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not be shy to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my lovely readers!  🙂



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